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Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading? All You Need to Know

In this article, we will analyze the essential features of hybrid vehicles and find the right idea for selecting off-road hybrid vehicles. Many off-road enthusiasts have a valid concern about the functioning of hybrid vehicles in pursuit of off-roading. Are hybrid vehicles good for off-roading?

Hybrid vehicles are good for off-roading as they are fuel-efficient, cover more miles per gallon, and impart instant torque to tackle difficult situations. Hybrid vehicles make up more than 2% of all cars in recent years. Ford’s F150 hybrid reaches up to 430hp and imparts 570 lb/ft of torque.

If you are an off-road enthusiast, you may have a decent idea about the term hybrid. You may also know that a hybrid typically uses an electric motor (EC motor). Other than an electric motor, the hybrid also uses a diesel engine and gasoline.

Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading?

Off-road vehicles are different in many terms as compared to vehicles for everyday driving. Off-roading is not without challenges. Off-roading is a complex activity; many off-road enthusiasts know about the damages imposed by off-road trips.

  • The advantages of hybrids are that they have a better power-to-weight ratio and more torque than their gas counterparts.
  • Hybrid vehicles can also be more economical with fuel consumption because they use regenerative braking which captures energy that would otherwise be wasted and stores it in a battery for later use.
  • The electric motor operates particularly when you drive your vehicle at a lower speed, and it shuts down when you speed up your vehicle.
  • The gas engine operates to impart kick start to your vehicle at a higher speed and provides you efficient functioning by charging batteries.

This chapter will analyze the importance of hybrid for off-roading. A comprehensive analysis of hybrid electric vehicles is depicted through the chart below:

Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading

How Does Hybrid Suit Off-Roading?

Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading

This chart will analyze the difference between Hybrid and non- Hybrid vehicles, and you can have a better understanding after skimming through this chart as follows:

Off-Road Selection Analysis




Source of Power

Hybrid vehicles drive power by both diesel engines and electric motors and sometimes by the combination of both.

Non-hybrid vehicles drive power only by their diesel engine.

Hybrid vehicles are a superior choice because of their dual source.

Performance Level

Hybrid vehicles are efficient because of the complex system of electronic and mechanical control that supports the engine.

Non-hybrid vehicles also perform well, but they can break down due to a single power source.

Hybrid vehicles are much more efficient in their functioning as compared to non-hybrid vehicles.

Environmental Impact

Hybrid vehicles are eco-friendly as they hinder harmful gasses due to the burning of fossil fuels.

Non-hybrid vehicles are notorious for emitting harmful gasses due to burning fossil fuels such as carbon monoxide.

Hybrid vehicles do not impart a harmful impact upon the environment; therefore, it is better to go with hybrid vehicles to protect the environment.

Different Hybrid Options:

The hybrid market has popularized after 2021; many off-road enthusiasts trust this option for their journey. The U.S market after 2021 has many off-road hybrid options available; they included these options because of the augmented demand for hybrid vehicles.

The most demanding hybrid options are as follows:

A) Toyota RAV4 Prime

B) Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid crossovers

C) The full-sized F150 Power Boost

Get a glimpse of Subaru Cross trek Hybrid crossovers with live manipulation:

These are the most popular options available because of their power capacities and torque imparting capability. You cannot go wrong with these vehicles. If you are planning to go off-road, you can select these options.

Off-roading is all about obstacles as it is not limited to a single terrain. Low-end pressure is always required to pass any obstacles during off-roading, and in this situation, provision of instant torque can make a deal to surpass these hurdles. 

You may have an idea about the provision of instant torque by electric drive trains. You can understand the dynamics by taking the example of wrangler 4xe.

Wrangler 4xeSpecs
Provision of TorqueThe hybrid powertrain of the Wrangler 4xe makes 470 lb/ft of torque.
Horsepower375 Horsepower

Environment-Friendly Off-Roading with Hybrids:

Most vehicles use fossil fuel for their functioning, but this is not the case with hybrids. You may have an idea about the eco-friendly aspect of hybrid. Hybrid mainly works on gasoline or electric motors; there is no need for fossil fuels for hybrid functioning.

Those vehicles which use fossil fuel for their functioning are responsible for the emission of carbon dioxide. A large quantity of carbon dioxide can cause global warming. The most important feature that adds to the demand for the hybrid is the provision of more efficient gas mileage than any other vehicle.

Off-road enthusiasts must consider these points before going for the final selection. The environmentally friendly feature of the hybrid can make the deal as it is the most crucial aspect that cannot be ignored easily. 

Economical and Financially Beneficial Off-Roading with Hybrids:

Before selecting another vehicle, you must have an idea about the financial benefits of hybrid. This feature of hybrid can attract most of the buyers. Many off-road enthusiasts can take a decisive step in selecting hybrids as they are environmentally charges free.

Many governments all around the globe have introduced several incentives for hybrid buyers. The main reason for this step is to make the environment pollution-free.

The government took this step because of the eco-friendly feature of hybrids. You can contribute to this task by selecting any hybrid vehicle other than the typical vehicle for off-roading.

Augmented Resale Value:

Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading
The resale value of hybrid has been increasing over some time. After 2021, the Hybrid market observed a hike in demand for this product. Most people are switching to hybrid. Typical vehicles impart damages to the environment.

As a responsible citizen, we also need to take care of the environment. The other reason which can attract the buyer is the fluctuation in the price of gasoline.

Many people are not satisfied with the price hike of gasoline; they are moving towards hybrid for their satisfaction. These are the few reasons for the increase in the resale value of hybrids. You can also contribute to protecting your environment by switching towards hybrids. But the final decision is up to you.

Conserve Energy:

Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading

Conservation of energy is the other feature that can attract the buyer to hybrid. These types of vehicles can run by consuming less energy because they are manufactured with lightweight material.

Other important features which help to conserve energy are their lightly built engines and small sizes. Conservation of energy is just observed in these types of vehicles. This particular feature is missing in typical off-road vehicles.

Many off-road enthusiasts can find this feature unique, and they can go for the selection of these vehicles. If you find any difficulty in selecting vehicles for off-roading, it is better to study every aspect of the vehicle.

Hybrid Regenerative System:

The regenerative system of hybrids can also be the most essential feature of this vehicle. A hybrid regenerative system works so that whenever the driver applies brakes, the battery gets charged automatically.

This is the best system to set your vehicle battery. This system is absent in many typical vehicles. If you are an off-road enthusiast, you can find this system very efficient.

Drawbacks of Hybrid for Off-Roading:

You must know the certain drawbacks of hybrids before proceeding to the final selection. Every aspect needs to be cleared; it can give you a better idea about the last section of your vehicle.

Nothing is perfect in this world; hybrids have some mishaps as well. This sample will analyze those specific drawbacks of hybrids as follows:

Imparts Low Power:

One of the most obvious drawbacks of hybrid is the provision of low power. Hybrid did not function on one component; it carries out proper functioning by combining both electric motor and a gasoline engine. The primary source that carries out hybrid functioning is the gasoline engine other than an electric motor.

We need to understand the potential of electric motors and gasoline engines as compared to conventional vehicles. These components can not generate much power.

We must understand that every vehicle is not suitable for this task. A high-quality vehicle can endure these challenges only.

Risk of Electrocution:

The risk of electrocution in hybrid is multifold because hybrids contain those batteries with high voltages. High voltage features can prove to be deadly dangerous in case of accidents.

The risk of electrocution is minimized in typical vehicles as these don’t contain high voltage batteries. You must take care of your safety in any case.

Price of Hybrid:

You must know the price hike of hybrids. The initial price of hybrid is much more than typical vehicles in most cases. These are the few drawbacks of hybrids, but you can ignore these disadvantages because of the mounting advantages.

Why Should You Buy a Hybrid Vehicle for Off-Roading?

If you are planning to buy a hybrid vehicle, you must purchase the most suited vehicle. Suppose you want to go off-road with your family, you must select the best available option.

Off-roading demands highly efficient vehicles, so you must go with a plug-in hybrid as they can travel long. You can choose any of the following vehicles for off-roading:

  • BMW X5 Plug-In Hybrid
  • Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid
  • Nissan Rogue Hybrid
  • Lexus RX 450h
  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  • Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
  • Acura MDX Sport Hybrid
  • Infiniti QX60 Hybrid
  • Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid
  • Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

Different Types of Hybrid Vehicles Used in Off-Roading:


Price (in USD)


Price (in USD)

Years to recoup

Hyundai sonata 


Hyundai sonata hybrid



Chevrolet Malibu


Chevrolet Malibu hybrid 



Toyota Yaris


Toyota Prius One



You must have valid information about the different types of hybrid vehicles and their functioning. Other types of hybrids are not manufactured similarly.

All the types of hybrid vehicles are different in functioning and performance. You should know the minor differences between these vehicles. This section will analyze the different types of hybrid vehicles used for off-roading based on the below-mentioned features:

  • Based on the degree of hybridization
  • Based on the drivetrain, every vehicle utilizes

There are many types of hybrid, but we will try to cover the most essential types of hybrid vehicles, such as full hybrid, mild hybrid, conventional hybrid, and plug-in hybrid.

Full Hybrid:

Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading

Full hybrid is referred to as the robust hybrid, full hybrid, or standard hybrid. The petrol engine is installed in these types of hybrids, and these engines function efficiently. But you must know about the working of this petrol engine, at low speed it shuts down, and the electric motor starts working.

Conventional Hybrid:

The most basic types of vehicles that are available in the market are conventional hybrids. This conventional hybrid utilizes primarily two types of hybrid technology. One of these types is the idle-off capability.

We must know about the idle-off capability that shuts down the engine when it is not needed to operate. This is the most crucial feature of this hybrid type. This type of hybrid works during heavy traffic and when you drive your vehicle at low speed.

Another form of hybrid technology imparts excellent speed to your vehicle, but you must have an idea about the dark side of this technology as well. The main drawback is the high consumption of gas. This type of hybrid primarily possesses a regenerative system to charge batteries.

Mild Hybrid:

Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading

Mild hybrid is the type of hybrid that can easily surpass the quality and performance of conventional hybrid. It can be the better choice out of these two hybrids. But it cannot completely satisfy your cause as it lacks maximum potential.

It can be the best choice, but you cannot expect perfect functioning from this hybrid type. Some features of Mild hybrid are the same as possessing by the conventional hybrid. Among these, essential elements are idle-off capability and electric motor.

But you should have an idea about the difference between these two kinds of hybrids. The significant difference is that Mild hybrids are more fuel economy as compared to other hybrids.

The major drawback associated with this kind of hybrid is the provision of less power to the vehicle due to a weak battery. Mild hybrid possesses a generator instead of a motor.

Plug-In Hybrid:

Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading

The most magnifying feature of a plug-in hybrid is the high potential battery. If you plan to go far with a plug-in hybrid, you cannot go because of the maximum capacity of battery power.

You can also charge the battery with the plug-in feature of this hybrid. Among all the hybrids, this is the most robust hybrid.

Comparative Analysis of Different Types of Hybrid in Off-Road Arena:

Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading


Mild Hybrid

Plug-In Hybrid

The electric range of a Full hybrid is 1-2 miles

The electric range of mild hybrid is 0 miles

The electric range of plug-in hybrid is 28 miles

The main source of power for the full hybrid is the engine but it can work on an electric motor as well

The engine is used but it gets support from the electric motor

You can cover long distances with a plug-in hybrid as it holds a larger battery

You can charge the hybrid battery from the engine

Electric power alone is not sufficient for the functioning of mild hybrid

The plug-in hybrid has the ability to run on electric power alone

Included Model: TOYOTA PRIUS



The Major Difference between These Types of Hybrids:

The main difference that distinguishes these types of hybrids mentioned above is the EV drive range. All the different types of the hybrid have not peered in functioning.

Standard hybrid can not impart maximum potential as compared to the plug-in hybrid. Most people consider these types of hybrids similar to each other, but the reality is different.

It would be best if you understood the dynamics of each of these hybrids. You can make the right decision in selecting hybrids only if you have a decent idea about the functioning of these hybrids. You can choose the best available option, which is cheaper to maintain and prove to be worth total.

Working of Hybrid Vehicles:

Are Hybrid Vehicles Good for Off-Roading

Hybrid vehicles comprise three significant components: an electric motor, a conventional engine, and a battery. Different types of hybrid work differently. This section will analyze the functioning of hybrid vehicles.

Parallel Hybrid Vehicles:

Parallel hybrid vehicles are the most common type of hybrid car. The source of power for this vehicle is imparted in three different ways, such as by the engine, electric motor, or by the combination of both.

The working of the engine or electric motor depends upon the speed of the car. If the vehicle is moving forward with a rate of 15mph, the engine will shut down, and the electric motor will be the only source of power. One of the best examples of these types of vehicles is the Toyota Prius.

Range Extender Hybrid Vehicles:

Range extender hybrid vehicles are comprised of the engine that expels power to batteries, this type of engine produces energy for the electric motor. The machine has nothing to do with the vehicle’s moving; it only provides power to the electric motor.

The most common example of these types of vehicles is the BMW i3 and Honda Jazz.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ):

Are electric cars good off-road?

The most important feature of electric cars that is the best suited for off-roading is the provision of needed torque. Torque is compulsory, especially when your vehicle gets stuck in the mud. You can take out these electric cars off-road. Electric cars possess additional features for the provision of comfort to their riders.

You can not go wrong with the selection of these cars. If you plan to go off-road with your friends and family, you can take electric cars with you; they will not leave you in despair. If your electric car is fully equipped, you can have a smooth off-road trip.

Do hybrid cars break easily?

Most hybrid cars are manufactured with highly efficient components. Hybrid cars are of different types, and they can endure abuses imposed by off-road trips. Hybrid cars work efficiently on engine power as well as electric motors. Most off-road enthusiasts are worried about the quality of components in these cars.

The details are well efficient; it is not easy to break them. Hybrid cars do not break swiftly, but the hardcore accident can put extreme damages to this car. If you are willing to buy a hybrid car, you can choose this vehicle.

Do hybrid cars last as long as regular cars?

Hybrid cars can endure challenges and damages imposed by daily traveling. Hybrid cars hold an extended warranty as compared to the standard use vehicles. The main reason for the more extended warranty of hybrid cars is their ability to last long. You can trust the quality of these cars.

So the hybrid cars do last long as compared to the typical vehicle. Hybrids cars are economical too; you can save your expenditure on petrol by using hybrid cars.

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