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Best Off-Road Fog Lights for Cars and Bikes- Complete Guide

We all are aware of the term off-road driving. Whether someone is on a bike or a car, off-road driving is always the best experience for all. Those who love to travel and wander across off-road terrains are always conscious about the accessories they put up in their vehicles, such as tires, shockers, brakes, and lights. Off-road fog lights are extremely crucial if you want to attain an excellent off-road experience over rugged or unexplored terrain. What are the best off-road fog lights for cars and bikes? 

To have the best off-road experience, one has to get the best off-road fog lights. For this purpose, our guide will give you the details of the best off-road fog lights for cars and bikes, which will help you to select the best ones from them. Some of the best off-road fog lights are:

  • Jagger LED Round fog light- Waterproof Off-road driving light for car and bike
  • EASEZAP LED fog light- off-road driving lamp for cars and cruiser bikes
  • Casago LED Fog light- off-road driving flood lamp for cars and bikes
  • Typhon 9 LED Bar fog light for off-roading 
  • Andride LED Fog light off-road driving

5 Best Off-Road Fog Lights:

So, let’s discuss the features of these best off-road fog lights:

1. Jagger LED Round Fog Light- Waterproof Off-Road Driving Light for Car and Bike:

Best Off-Road Fog Lights for Cars and Bikes

This round fog light from Jagger is a must to consider if you plan for your next off-road experience. These LED lights ensure complete safety for yourself and your loved ones. This off-road fog light contains 16 LEDs which are of premium quality. They ensure concentrated spot beams for further visibility and are best for nighttime.

Other than this, it also includes a prompt cooling aluminum alloy heat sink and top-notch quality heat conduction fitting accessories. Some other special features include:

  • This LED round off-road fog light is waterproof by nature and works best for the off-road terrain having the chance of rainfall.
  • This off-road fog light is dust-resistance and offers a long shelf-life too.
  • This product has a lifespan of more than 30000 hours due to its heat conduction fitting accessory.

2. EASEZAP LED Fog Light- Off-Road Driving Lamp for Cars and Cruiser Bikes: 

Best Off-Road Fog Lights for Cars and Bikes

If you are an off-road enthusiast and demand better visibility along with a safe driving experience, then this product is for you! EASEZAP LED fog light is made for you! This superb fog light includes 12 LEDs of 72 watts and is considered the best addition to your car or a bike.

If you demand excellent visibility at an off-road terrain at night time and during extreme and volatile weather conditions, then this off-road fog light will work best for you. These lights are easy to install and come with an adjustable bracket that can easily be fitted. Some other special features include:

  • EASEZAP LED fog light off-road driving lamp is manufactured by using the supreme die-cast aluminum housing.
  • This fog light is best for cruise bikes and cars and is highly appreciated for its water resistance and quakeproof nature.
  • It is also anti-explosive in nature and is dust-repellant too.

3. Casago LED Fog Light- Off-Road Driving Flood Lamp for Cars and Bikes

Best Off-Road Fog Lights for Cars and Bikes

If you are looking for off-road fog lights which can work best on a wider viewing area, then Casago’s Cree LED Fog light off-road driving flood lamp is the best! You can easily go for your adventure drive at night without any worry about safety as these lights ensure a wide viewing area.

These fog lights are equipped with high-intensity CREE LED chips and a patented reflector. Some other features include:

  • These LED Fog lights offer A-Okay aluminum alloy with die-casting material, which has high thermal conductivity.
  • These off-road fog lights perform a longer period when needed.
  • The high-intensity patent reflector ensures a wider viewing area during the off-road drive on any rocky terrain.

4. Typhon 9 LED Bar Fog Light for Off-Roading:

Best Off-Road Fog Lights for Cars and Bikes

If you are a person who prefers the off-road fog lights, which can withstand extreme temperatures and can be through a gush of rain or chilly winter nights, then Typhoon 9 LED bar fog light is the best option! These amazing fog lights can help you to drive through the unchartered terrains without any worry of damage.

These lights hold 9 LEDs of 15 watts each which are available with fixed brackets. These brackets help you to place the lights anywhere on your bike or car. Some other features include:

  • These Typhon 9 LED bar fog lights for off-roading can withstand extreme temperatures and are waterproof.
  • These lights are dent and vibrant resistant.
  • These lights are made up of robust aluminum casing.
  • The fog light offers an elongated visibility area that trims off all the chances of a collision on an off-road endeavor.

5. Andride LED Fog Light Off-Road Driving

Best Off-Road Fog Lights for Cars and Bikes

If you want to ride freely on your adventure tour, especially on steep terrain, the Andride LED fog light off-road driving is the best one to consider! The ideal positioning of such lights is the handlebar of the motorcycle, roofing of the car, leg guard or headlight, and indicator panels.

Some other features include:

  • Andride Universal fitting 12 LED fog light comes with fixed brackets which help you to fit such lights anywhere on your vehicle.
  • These off-road fog lights are easy to install and ensure super visibility at night.
  • These lights also offer a far-stretched illumination having 36 watts LEDs versed on it.




Jagger LED Round fog light Waterproof

Waterproof Longer shelf life Dust resistance Heat conduction fitting accessory

Ensures complete safety due to premium quality 16 LEDs give more vibrance Concentrated spot beams give farther visibility

EASEZAP LED fog light off-road

Water-resistance Quakeproof nature Made up of die-cast aluminium Anti-explosive Dust-repellant

Excellent visibility for off-road terrain at night time Best for extreme weather condition Easy to install

Casago LED Fog light off-road

Longer life High-intensity patent reflector Die-casting material High thermal conductivity

Patent reflector Ensures safety due to flood lamps

Typhon 9 LED Bar fog light

Dent and vibrant resistant Robust aluminium casting Waterproof Elongated visible area

Fixed brackets Extreme temperature

Andride LED Fog light off-road

Easy to install Far-stretched illumination Fixed brackets

Best for steep terrain Universal fitting and can be fixed on motorcycles and roofing of cars

Benefits of Off-Road Fog Lights:

  • LED fog lights hold many benefits as compared to other fog lights. These lights last much longer than the halogen or HD lights, which is an advantage if you go off-road and last for about 30,000 hours.
  • LED lights won’t fail catastrophically as compared to traditional light bulbs. These lights get dimmer gradually and are safe while going off-roading.
  • The batteries of LED lights don’t drain quickly and are more energy-efficient than other methods.
  • LED lights have increased efficiency as they don’t generate much heat and are safer to use than halogen bulbs.
  • This energy efficiency is helpful in harsh conditions where there is a lot of dust in the environment.
  • LED lights can be recycled and are more environmentally friendly as compared to other lighting technologies. These are also less toxic than halogen and HID bulbs.
Best Off-Road Fog Lights for Cars and Bikes

Types of Off-Roading Lights:




Flood lights have a large square shape.

Spot lights are smaller than flood lights.

Light bar is arranged in a single row which gives them a rectangular shape.

Flood lights are surrounded by a reflector cup which helps to concentrate the light they produce.

Spot lights produce a concentrated beam of light.

The light bar holds characteristic features and provides a broad and clear view of road ahead.

These lights have an adjustable mounting bracket which gives a 60-degree field of vision and 45 degrees of motion.

Spot light also holds an adjustable mounting bracket and provide a greater degree of control over where the beam is pointed.

Light bars also have an adjustable mounting which is made of anti-corrosive material.

Flood lights are best for camping sites.

Spotlights are used to illuminate a specific object and you can also use them as fog lamps or lights.

Light bars are best for long illumination distances.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Off-Road Lights:

Before choosing off-road lights, you should consider some important things for selecting the best light, such as:

  • Pattern of beam
  • Bulb type
  • Color temperature
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Mounting position

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The Pattern of The Beam:

The pattern of beams is necessary to consider for choosing an off-road light. It is important to look at their use that either you’ll drive in terrain located in a snowy or rainy area. Or you’ll drive in a dusty area. You must consider all such factors while picking out the different beam patterns. 

Types of beam patterns

  • Floodlights 
  • Fog lights
  • Spotlights
  • Driving lights

Floodlights light up a wide area, but they don’t have much distance like high beams. You can replace them or can work in tandem with your headlights. Floodlights can also be used as backup lights. If you want to replace factory-installed lights, then the floodlights should be street legal. 

Fog Lights:

Fog lights are usually mounted below the headlight of the vehicle. They are extremely useful as they illuminate the ground in front of you. There is not a lot of distance between these lights, but during volatile weather conditions, these fog lights help you see the ground in front of the vehicle.


Spotlights are like high beams having a narrower focus. These lights are usually used in stage shows and are best to see far into the distance. These lights do a poor job of illuminating anything outside their focus. 

Driving Lights

Driving lights are not high in focusing the matter like the spotlights. These lights are much stronger and hold a wider pattern as compared to spotlights. Driving lights hold high beams for any vehicle.

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Bulb Type:

The feature of bulb type is often overlooked, but it holds great importance. Several types of bulb types can be used in off-road lights. Bulbs can be broken down into three categories having pros and cons.

Type of Bulb




They provide plenty of light and cover a large area. They are cheaper in price as compared to other bulbs They offer standard low beam and high beam headlights.

Halogen bulbs won’t last longer than usual. Halogen bulbs are extremely inefficient having a value of 3.5%. 3.5% of the energy produced by the halogen bulb is used in actual light while the majority of light is wasted as heat.


HID known as High-Intensity Discharge are an advanced type of bulb. They use tungsten electrodes and noble gas and are similar to halogen bulbs.

Major problems associated with HID are their durability and efficiency. HID bulbs last longer than halogens but are but cheaper than LED.


LED also called light-emitting diode off-road lights last exponentially longer than other bulbs. They are usually brighter than HID and halogen bulbs and are worth their price.


Colour Temperature:

Off-road lights containing light bulbs usually won’t give the same colour. Their colour range and temperature differ from amber to pure violet. The colour is usually determined by the Kelvin scale in which the specific bulb burns.

Pure Amber1000 K
Closer to yellow3000 K
Pure white6000 K
Blue10000 K
Pure violet12000 K

It has been seen that the majority of off-roaders prefer to use amber or white lights. You should choose the color according to your plan on driving. Here we will discuss some major colors, including white, amber, and solution.


White light is brighter than amber and is the best choice to consider during off-road driving conditions. They do not fare well in bad weather and exhibit poor contrast. The bouncing light from the snow, dust, or rain makes it very hard to see volatile weather. White light gives the most visibility in extreme weather conditions. 


Amber light has a dulling effect and is opposite to white light. The dulling effect of amber creates a hindrance to differentiate between trees and animals. It visually reduces dust and rain to a minor inconvenience. Amber light is best if you plan to go out in bad weather with lots of dust. 


If you cannot choose amber or white off-road lights, you can look for both! There is an option in which amber lights easily fit on the white lights. This will help you reduce the brightness output slightly. During an unexpected snowstorm, you can pop onto your amber light and drive safely on any terrain. 

Mounting Position:

The mounting of any off-road lighting depends on the kind of vehicle and the purpose of the fixtures. The higher the mount leads to further distance. The installation of light depends on the beam pattern.

Fog Lights

Flood Lights

Driving Lights

Spot Lights

Fog lights are low on the front bumper. They go well just above the wheelbase.

Flood lights are closer to headlights and are installed relatively low. Flood lights can pick up the slack when headlights aren’t cutting it.  

Driving lights are more or less next-level high beams. They are adjusted below the factory headlights.

Spotlights are mounted on as much higher position as possible on a vehicle. These lights are considered the most recognizable off-road lights because of their position on the vehicle.


After deciding the type of your light, there comes the decision regarding fixtures. The number of off-road lights depends on various factors, including:

  • Your preference regarding lighting conditions
  • Typical conditions you encounter
  • Their usage daily
  • Price


You might often wonder that why you need off-road lights when your vehicle comes with good lights. Off-road lights can be expensive but are worth buying. Here are some cost-effective ways to get off-road lights without paying extra money, such as:

  • You can use the combination of white and amber lights
  • You can install 3-4 spotlights instead of a full rack
  • You can stick to your factory-installed fog lights
  • You can purchase LED bulbs that run longer than usual

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which are the best fog lights for bikes?

Some best fog lights for bikes include:

  • All extreme EXL3FWS imported 6 LED Fog light
  • Petrox 15 LED white bike LED light
  • OtoRoys 12 LED fog light

Are the LED fog lights considered legal?

LED bulbs are great as fog lights, and in fast-moving traffic, those extra seconds could prevent an accident. Any sort of LED bulb used in sidelights, fog lights, or brakes is not road legal.

How many lumens should be there on fog lights?

Brighter lights cost more, and it depends on your choice that how willingly you pay for a brighter light. The average brightness for fog lights is between 1500-2000 lumens.

Which bulb is considered best for a fog lamp?

Halogen bulbs are considered the best fog lamp, although they are older technology. The major advantage of using a halogen bulb is that this light comes as standard. 

Which color is considered best for fog lights?

Yellow color is considered best for fog lights because it is easy to process. The yellow color is less frustrating and is best for bad weather. The main purpose of yellow light is that it improves visibility. 

Which LED color is best for your eyes?

Yellow color is considered the best contrast against blue light and is known to protect the eyes’ retinas. It is advisable not to expose the eyes to any light source. 

Is warm white or cool white better for your eyes?

Warm white is better and more relaxing than cool white. Warm white reduces the appearance of imperfections and softens the skin tone.

Which light is better: LED or halogen lights?

LED light bulbs are superior to halogen, last ten times longer, and consume 85% less electricity. 

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