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Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road? All You Need to Know

A sedan or saloon, best known as the passenger car, is equipped with a separate compartment for passengers, engine, and cargo. A sedan is available in a three-box configuration. Can you drive a sedan off-road?

You can drive a sedan off-road if there is sufficient ground clearance. However, for a very harsh terrain, most AWD sedans don’t have the enough clearance. You also need to make your sedan ready to off-road by undergoing certain modifications related to tires, winches, lift kits, and light bars.

The sweeping characteristics of the sedan are related to its fuel efficiency, low profile driving, optimal passenger arrangements, and more. The factor of ground clearance cannot be ignored while off-roading, but sedans do not offer high ground clearance. The issue of ground clearance needs to be addressed before taking a sedan on an off-road trip. 

How to Properly Modify Sedans for Off-Roading?

If you are an off-road enthusiast and want to take sedan off-roading, you can have a smooth off-road trip because the sedan can deal with mud, hills, and other difficulties imposed by off-road trips.

You do not need to change your vehicle for off-roading. By following the below-delineated steps, you can adequately modify your sedan vehicle for off-roading. After proper modification, you can take your sedan vehicle on the off-road trip, and you do not need to buy a brand-new vehicle for off-roading. 

1) Fostering Sedan Ground Clearance:

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

Ground clearance is the area between your vehicle tires and the dirt below those tires. It is the primary factor in determining the success of your journey. It’ll be best if you increase the ground clearance of your off-road.

You can augment the ground clearance of your off-road vehicle with a lift kit. As far as off-roading is concerned, lift kits are the most crucial upgrade for an off-road vehicle.

You need to know that commonly sedans do not offer high ground clearance. But you can modify that feature and have a smooth off-road trip. Based on high ground clearance, many options are available in the market. You can select the best possible option for your off-road journey.

Sedan Ground Clearance:

If you are an off-road enthusiast, you can select any of the delineated options after analyzing the key specifications of these vehicles. You cannot ignore the importance of ground clearance while taking the final decision about selecting your vehicle.

Sedan Vehicle

Ground clearance

Ford Aspire

6.9 inches

Honda Civic

6.7 inches

Honda Amaze

6.7 inches

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage

6.3 inches

2022 Subaru Legacy

5.9 inches

2021 Nissan Leaf

5.9 inches

2021 Toyota Avalon AWD

5.9 inches

2022 Volvo S60

5.8 inches

2021 Honda Accord

5.8 inches

2022 Toyota Camry

5.7 inches

2021 Volkswagen Jetta

5.6 inches

Ideally the ground clearance for off-roading should range from 8.8 inches to 10.8 inches or higher.

2) Upgrade Tires for Proper Grip:

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

If you are wishing to venture off-road, you need to upgrade the tires of your off-road vehicle. That is the most important upgrade because tires with a deep tread provide a strong grip.

After accomplishing this modification, you can drive your off-road vehicle readily through mud, sand, snow, or ice. During an off-road trip, you need to drive your vehicle across different terrains.

It is not wise to compromise the quality of tires. Tires are the most crucial physical features of any vehicle that need to be perfect. You should go for the selection of high-quality tires.

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3) Addition of a Winch:

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

Winches are used to yank vehicles out of mud or other sticky situations. During your off-road journey, if your vehicle gets stuck in any challenging situation, winches will help you get your vehicle out of that situation.

You can use X-Bull synthetic Rope winch for your off-road vehicle. It will provide you with a sense of safety as well.

Winch Size for Sedan VehicleWinch Size for Specially Designed Off-Road Vehicle
 Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier can use a 9,000- to 9,500-pound-capacity winchFull-size trucks like a Ford F-150 or Chevy 1500 require at least a 12,000- or 12,500-pound-capacity winch

4) Provision of Roof Rack during Off-Roading:

If you are willing to take any other equipment with you during the off-road journey, you can adjust this with the help of a roof rack. The primary purpose of the roof rack is to secure your personal belongings on the top of the vehicle.

You should use this feature for having a smooth trip. These sorts of modifications are necessary to make your vehicle ready for enduring hardships imposed by an off-road journey.

Roof Racks of the Sedan:

Sedans are already designed with factory-installed roof rails. You can expand the vehicle gear-hauling capability by adding the best roof racks onto the existing rails.

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

How To Pack a Roof Rack For Off-Roading?

Other Modifications for Sedan for Off-Roading:

Modification for Off-RoadingImpact of Modification
Suspension and BushingYou can strengthen your off-road vehicle by replacing the stock suspension of your vehicle with hardware and bushings. But you need to spend a lot of money to achieve this modification.
Skid PlateA High-quality skid plate served as an armor in protecting the radiator, engine pan of your off-road vehicle. You can use this modification for the provision of more safety.
Light BarLight bar is one of the most important modification that you should not ignore. It provides you the vivid sight of the road otherwise you can fall a prey to vulnerable incidents.
Bull BarBull Bar is used to secure the front edge of your off-road vehicle. It will help you to clear a path more easily. You should go for this type of modification.

An off-road enthusiast needs to modify the sedan vehicles. Otherwise, it is not easy for these vehicles to cope with off-road challenges.

We have mentioned those features that need to be modified before taking your trip off-road. Any negligence can cause severe damage. If you want to avoid any terrible incident, you need to take these tips seriously. But certain specifications influence the performance of sedans during off-roading.

Which Specifications Influence the Performance of Sedans during Off-Roading?

Suppose you are an off-road enthusiast and excited to take your new sedan vehicle off the path. You need to have accurate information about the factors affecting sedan capabilities during an off-road trip.

There are variant specs that impact the performance of vehicles differently. If you are willing to take your friends and family with you, you would not want to get obstructed in the mud. You need to understand the dynamics of these following factors; otherwise, you can end your journey in a mess.

The size of the engine and ground clearance impact your vehicle’s performance, and you need to adjust these features properly.

1) 8.5 inches Ground Clearance:

As we have mentioned earlier, the factor of ground clearance is deemed necessary in determining the success of your off-road journey.

In the off-roading scenario, your vehicle must be 8.5 inches above the ground to avoid any obstruction. Along with this factor, the suspension of an off-road vehicle also needs to be considered for having accurate results.

2) Size of Engine:

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

Off-roading is an intense activity; it requires the vehicle to be fully modified for enduring hardships during the journey. You need to drive your vehicle across the steep paths, and for this purpose power of the engine is necessary to surpass the challenges.

The sedan is available in four cylinders, six cylinders, and eight cylinders for generating immense power. But 8 cylinders sedan is not very common like the previous two. If you wish to have a smooth journey, you should take a six-cylinder sedan.

The engine of the vehicle determines the speed and performance of any off-road vehicle, and these components need to be perfect all the time,

How is Manual Transmission of Sedan Beneficial during Off-Roading?

In a manual transmission, you can adjust the gears to generate power according to the given situation. You can avoid overheating in manual control or putting too much heat on the ground.

If you are using this sedan feature, it will bring more safety and security from unwanted incidents. You cannot afford to take a risk when your family is with you. 

Comparing 2WD and 4WD Sedan: Which One is More Suitable for Off-Roading?

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

Both transmissions have certain benefits associated with them. It is not easy for any off-road enthusiast to neglect any one of them. Your decision should be based on rationality.

You need to select the optimal choice with the highest benefit and lowest cost. But as far as off-roading is concerned, you can rely on the four-wheel-drive compared to the two-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive is much better than the two-wheel-drive counterpart. There are certain features on the base of which you can take better decisions.

Can 2WD Go Off-Road?

1) Better Traction: 4WD Sedan or AWD Sedan?

As far as AWD is concerned, this vehicle uses only four tires to push the vehicle. AWD, such as Nissan Altima, is the one that used only four tires to propel the wheel forward or backwards.

On the other hand, as far as 4-wheel drive vehicles are concerned, they can switch the four tires or two tires. Both transmissions provide better gripping due to the top-notch traction impact. Traction is an important feature that cannot be overlooked during an off-road journey.

2) Entirely Rely on Tires:

You can use a 2WD sedan for off-roading, but you need to consider specific points. If you want to avoid any mess during the journey, it is better to have all-terrain, mud, or snow tires at your disposal.

You need to know that the 2WD sedan relies more on the front or backset. 4WD and AWD have more power to get out of the rut, and these types of vehicles are usually heavier.

But nowadays, many modern 2WD vehicles are designed in such a way to adopt more intense off-road situations. You can take both these vehicles off-roading, but if you have to choose the one, you should go for a 4WD sedan vehicle.

Selection of the Best Sedan for Off-Roading:

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

Sedan Global Sales :

To cope with the challenges of off-road trips, you need to select the optimal choice. This article will analyze many different options available in the market. After going through this sample, you will get the idea of selecting the best possible option.

In 2019, sedans or saloons were the second most preferred body type among consumers of passenger cars. Their sales totalled 18.85 million units, equating to one in four of the units sold for passenger cars (source).

You can also upgrade the quality of your vehicle by modifying certain features, as mentioned earlier in this article. These are the best options available in the market as follows:

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class:

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

The modern Mercedes-Benz E-Class is available with sweeping new features of adjusting ground clearance. Now, you can adjust the ground clearance of your vehicle. This vehicle comprises a roaring engine that can generate more horsepower.

You can also have a choice between AWD and 2WD transmission. We have listed certain specifications of this vehicle, and these specs are delineated as follows:

Fuel TypeDiesel
No. of Cylinders6
Max. Power281bhp
Max. Torque600nm

After analyzing the key specs of this vehicle, you can go for the selection of this vehicle. But you should scrutinize all the available options and select the vehicle according to the selected terrain.

The Volvo S60 Cross Country:

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

The Volvo S60 Cross Country has unique features that easily surpass the traditional sedan features.

It could be the best option for off-roading because of these sweeping characteristics. This vehicle has excellent ground clearance, which is the primary factor in determining the vehicle’s performance during an off-road drive.

The Volvo S60 Cross Country holds a powerful engine that can generate the maximum power to surpass hurdles during the off-road journey. You can select this option based on these specs delineated as follows:

Key SpecificationsValue
Boot space380 liters
Fuel Tank capacity67
Body TypeSedan
Ground Clearance201mm

The 2022 AWD Dodge Charger:

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

The main feature of this AWD Dodge Charger is the power of six cylinders. It can be the best choice during an off-road journey. An off-road enthusiast needs to consider this vehicle as well.

As far as the engine’s horsepower is concerned, this vehicle has the capacity of generating 300hp and has become a suitable choice for off-road ventures. If you are planning to select an off-road vehicle in the sedan category, you can finalize your option after analyzing the key specifications of this vehicle as follows:

Key SpecificationsValue

2022 Nissan Versa:

Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road

You can select this vehicle for off-roading as it provides 6.8 inches of ground clearance. There are specific pros and cons related to this vehicle. Before finalizing your decision, you need to analyze the pros and cons related to this vehicle.

It provides its passengers with structural integrity, and safety tech ends. But there are a few drawbacks related to this vehicle, such as a sluggish drivetrain. Key specifications of this vehicle are delineated as follows:

Key SpecificationsValue
Transmission2 Speed CVT

You have an opportunity to select the best possible option available in the market. If you already possess a sedan, you need to modify certain vehicle features and make it ready for the off-road trip.

You can use the new tires and lift kits to foster the capacity of your vehicle for enduring difficult situations during the off-road trip. You can consider this point except buying a brand-new sedan. 

Concluding Remarks:

We can understand that sedans are not specially designed for off-roading, but we can modify them to tackle the challenges of the off-road trip.

It is possible to elevate the performance of these vehicles by minor tweaks, and after these modifications, these vehicles can perform better on slippery and hilly terrains.

We can conclude that those sedan vehicles are better, providing better traction and control while driving through mud and slippery areas. AWD and 4WD transmission can be the best to tackle these difficult situations. There will be a dire need to improve sedan ground clearance, and this is possible by adding all-terrain tires and lift kits.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Can any vehicle go off-road?

Off-roading is associated with bumps and hurdles. It is not easy to surpass the variant terrains without any damage. Your wrong decision can risk your life, and you cannot afford that. Technically, you can take any vehicle on an off-road journey, but you should not ignore the consequences of your decision.

Every vehicle is not specialized to endure the hurdles imposed by off-road trips. It’ll be best if you cross different situations while off-roading. Uneven grounds during the off-road journey will offer different challenges to surpass.

These rough driving conditions are better handled by the off-road vehicles specially designed to tackle these situations. It is advisable to take a specially designed off-road vehicle if you want to take your friends and family with you. The simple vehicle can fall prey to unwanted incidents that can bring havoc to your life. 

Can you go mudding with 2WD?

You can take your 2WD vehicle on the off-road journey. You need to enjoy every bit of your off-road trip. These vehicles are designed to tackle these types of situations. Mudding is an activity that is part of off-roading, and you can ace this by proceeding forward with a 2WD vehicle.

You can improve your vehicle’s performance by modifying the necessary components of your vehicle. In mud areas, tires are the crucial components that need to be perfect. Torque and Horsepower need to be adjusted to get your vehicle out of that mud.

But you will not be able to do everything as you could do with the 4WD vehicle. If you plan to go ahead with 2WD, you can pursue this decision without any worry.

What cars are high off the ground?

We have listed certain vehicles that are high off the ground, and these vehicles are as follows:

Range Rover can make you feel superior, and it is a particular type of vehicle,

Skoda Kodiaq, Rover Discovery, Volvo XC90, BMW X7, Ford Kuga, Audi Q7. You can consider the above options while selecting an off-road vehicle.

Can You off-road with AWD?

AWD and 4WD vehicles are two different categories of vehicles. You do not need to be confused between these two types of vehicles. Both vehicles have their pros and cons as far as off-roading is concerned.

You can take this vehicle off-road because of its specially designed features. These vehicles are designed to generate more power and cover long distances.

The primary factor that makes these vehicles suitable for off-roading is the provision of better traction and high ground clearance. If you plan to have an off-road trip with your friends, you can trust these vehicles.