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Can You Drive Off-Road Without a License? Know in Detail

Are you wondering whether you can drive off-road without a license? Off-roading is not a usual driving activity involving regular motor vehicles and some newbies driving them after 18. It is a specialised activity – although it is all-time fun – yet it has some rules and some types of equipment that must be in vehicles to perform off-roading. Can you drive off-road without a license?

According to the Government of Canada and USA Transport Department, every driver operating any off-road vehicle must have a driver’s license only if he/she brings the vehicle on the road, highways and forest service roads. Typically, the license is not mandatory if you drive on private properties.

Therefore, it is very important to ask what type of rules are to be followed or the equipment that has to be there in off-road vehicles. In this article, we are going to discuss it in detail.

ATVs and OHVs with seats attached can come over roads only when roads are blocked or carry a person in an emergency.

U.S State Laws Regarding License During Off-Roading:

Below given are some laws of states in the U.S:

State Name

18 Above Age Permit Required?

Driver License Required?

Penalties of Violating Trail Regulation


Vary from trail to trail

Not required, but advised to have the license

Arrest, fine and cancellation of license


Not required

Not required, but advised to have the license

Vehicle impounding, jail, time

British Columbia

Above 16, age permit is required

Not required



Above 16, age permit isrequired

Not required

Fines and vehicle impounding


It is generally legal to drive an off-road vehicle on public lands in Arizona without a license, as long as the vehicle is registered and insured.

However, there are some areas where Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) are not allowed, such as National Parks and Wilderness Areas. Additionally, OHVs must comply with noise regulations set by the Arizona Bureau of Land Management.

Please visit the Bureau of Land Management’s website for more information on Arizona’s website and where you can and cannot take your OHV.

The rule regarding driving OHV off-road is that the government has allowed off-road driving without a driver’s license.

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It is unnecessary to have a license to drive an off-road vehicle in Atlanta, Georgia. There are no specific laws in place regarding the operation of these vehicles. However, it is always advisable to check with your local authorities to ensure that you follow all applicable laws and regulations.

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Canada State Laws Regarding License During Off-Roading:

In some provinces, such as Alberta, you do not need a license to drive an off-road vehicle on public land. However, in other provinces, such as British Columbia, you must have a valid driver’s license to operate an off-road vehicle.

Check with your local, provincial government to determine the specific requirements for driving an off-road vehicle in your province.

Other than this, the rules for off-roading are a little bit different. The government has eased the driver not to have a valid driving license for off-roading.

Importance of an Active Driver’s License in Off-roading:

Although the state has legal jurisdiction to ask for a driver’s license on public roads, the importance of a driver’s license is ever-present, either on-road or off-road. It is because a driver’s license ensures and guarantees that the one driving is capable of driving. They are medically fit and has a good mental aptitude to handle the vehicle in different conditions.

Now, this assurance of having a license gains momentary importance in activities like off-roading. The driver has to take momentary decisions, fine judgements and sometimes dangerous turns, which can be fatal for the driver if they are not careful.

A driver’s license is taken on roads, and if a driver fails to pass the basic test, how can it take the vehicle off-road? However, this statement is exempted to ATVs drivers as these vehicles are mostly operated off-roads, and those driving them are usually aware of the system of these vehicles.

So, it is advised to have an active driver’s license for all the off-roaders out there, even if the government requires it or not.

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Off-Road Safety Courses:

As we have mentioned above, ATVs and ORVs are exempted from having a driver’s license as these vehicles are not allowed to drive on motorways or public routes. However, there are some safety vehicle courses and guidelines that a driver must follow to have a safe and sound usage of these vehicles.

This course aims to develop a good understanding of the vehicle, its part, and the driver positioning concerning the vehicle. The course has contents approved by respective states and is modified to be available to the terrains. After passing the course, the drivers are well equipped to drive the ATV and ORV safely and can prevent them from getting in an accident.

Other than this, these vehicles are not mainstream and require some extra attention as there are no experts available every time for a newbie. These guidelines and safety courses will give them enough time to get hold of these vehicles.

What are the License Requirements of Driving Vehicles Off-Road?

As we have mentioned, some states have legalities of a mandatory driving license off-road as well, so we are here to check the requirement of getting a driver’s license for off-roading.

License Requirements of Driving ATVs Off-Road:

Below are some of the standards that are not under any license. But, certain states asked the driver of ATVs to follow them. These rules are generally related to safety, and some of them are by the parental guidance program for young ATV drivers. So have a look at it:

  • A driver’s license is a must for all the ATVs above 250 cc. It is due to the possible danger these vehicles can cause.
  • For ATVs, the driver must be over 16 years of age for getting a valid license. Below this age is not allowed to drive because they may not be able to handle the vehicle.
  • Moreover, for younger kids into off-roading, ATVs below 250 cc are allowed (kids version) but not without adult supervision. This is because these vehicles may be miniature versions of original ones, but they are not toys.
  • Other than this, safety courses provided by government websites are indispensable and are a must for everyone driving ATV.
  • Safety equipment and gear must be worn at all times to validate ATV’s license. Otherwise, a warning will be placed, leading to the cancellation of the license.

License Requirements of Driving Dirtbikes Off-Road:

Dirt bikes are not road legal. At all times, they have to be driven on off-roads, and for that, most of the states do not require any licensing to use. So, majorly you will not require a driving license to have these bikes driven.

However, there have been several steps taken by states which are frequently travelled by dirt bikers in the context of safety.

  • The number rule in this regard came in the form of parental guidance for young dirt bikers. All the dirt bikers below 16 must be supervised for Dirt Biking by any guardian or parent. This is to keep them safe and under control.
  • The second step is to make it compulsory for all the dirt bikers to take safety courses and learn about basic dirt biking techniques. This step is to prevent accidents and injuries done by ignorant drivers.
  • The third rule is applicable if you intend to bring your dirt bike on the street. In this case, the federal government has listed some laws to make the dirt bikes road legal, and that is through adding a headlamp, a tail light, two side mirrors and a regular stand – all this approved by the local authority.

The American Association for dirt bikes is trying its best to keep these trails running for dirt bikers. And, these rules are helping them in this regard. So it is advised to uphold these rules if someone enjoys dirt biking in America.

License Requirements of Driving Modified Off-Road SUVs, Trucks etc. Off-Road:

In this case, having a driver’s license is a must. It is because these vehicles are driven both on-road and off-road (in most cases). So whenever a driver takes the vehicle on-road, the vehicle should be registered and legal, and the driver must also have an active driver’s license. This is usually applicable in all states.

Now in a different context, if the driver is just driving the vehicle off-road and does not bring it to the on-road by himself. Then, they may not require a driver’s license as the state only caters for routes in the public domain.

Furthermore, the vehicle must be up to standards to meet registration requirements for off-roading, and authorities must pass the installed modifications.

However, in some areas, the drivers are asked to maintain annual fees to keep membership of trails underuse. In such cases, usually, the drivers are not asked to have a driver’s license, but an annual subscription in the form of a sticker or something is required.

Must-Have Skills for Off-Road Drivers Without License:

As mentioned above, off-roading is not a usual activity. And, it requires some expertise and pre-requisite that every driver must know whether they have an active driver’s license or not. So, in the given passages, we attempt to highlight the skills mentioned for every driver in off-roading.

Note: These skills are primarily for SUVs and other four-wheelers. However, the context of these skills is applicable in all the types of vehicles capable of off-roading.

1. Keep Momentum at All Cost:

The number one skill for off-roading is to know the value of momentum. Momentum is a friend of a driver as it will help him get away from almost any obstacle.

For instance, the driver is moving across a sandy surface; now, if he stops the vehicle, then the chances are he may not be able to recover the vehicle again as the tires will not have any traction. In this case, the driver has to slow the vehicle yet keep it rolling to prevent this.

Now, this helps in other terrains as well. In the case of steep hills, if the driver keeps the momentum, the vehicle will have no problem climbing. Likewise, if the driver is passing through a river, slow and steady movement will help cut the flow of water. So knowing about momentum is very crucial; for off-road drivers.

2. Plan Your Navigation:

The next major skill that every rider must know is navigation. Navigation involves understanding the terrain as to how much effort the obstacles require and how many turns will get the vehicle to overpass the vehicle without a rollover.

With this, navigation also involves the knowledge of the route and the vehicle’s requirement by the path. An example of this can be mud-terrain which requires the vehicle to be equipped with tires and good ground clearance.

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3. Know the Vehicle:

This is important for all the off-roading vehicles out there, including ATVs, SUVs etc. The driver must know about every detail of the vehicle thoroughly. This is important as unless a good understanding of the vehicle is developed; the driver may not be able to get the vehicle to perform as they want.

Most of the vehicles perform differently under the same conditions due to their limited capabilities. If a driver is not aware of the vehicle, he will expect the vehicle to perform against its respective capacity. Ultimately, they are found making the wrong choice. So knowing the vehicle is very much important in this regard.

4. Use of Winch:

With all caution, it is still possible that you may get stuck somewhere. And, it isn’t easy to get out with your vehicle. Here, usually, a winch is used, and the driver connects the rope with a tree or somewhere as an anchor and pulls out slowly with its help.

This whole process may seem easy, but it is certainly not. Most drivers panic and do what needs not to be done like they give more throttle and the vehicle digs even deeper than the previous condition.

If the winch is pulled too harshly, the cable or the anchor support may get out of its place in a similar condition. So getting out after being stuck is a skill that every rider must equip himself with and develop a mental aptitude for this.

5. Know about Skidding:

Skidding is very much a problem for every off-roader. In this case, the drivers are asked to remain calm and steer the vehicle slow and smoothly to get a way out. In this case, we attempt to dig deeper into understanding skidding.

Broadly, skidding is divided into two main types: front and rear skidding. Now front skidding happens when the first tires are not getting enough traction, and the vehicle moves straight, even turning left or right. In this case, the driver must stop accelerating and let the vehicle go straight until the time its tires start getting traction.

In the case of rear skidding, the driver is asked to accelerate the vehicle as the rear wheels are not getting traction. The sudden acceleration will help get traction and get the vehicle in control.

These practices may look easy, yet they are very difficult to perform in practice. However, the drivers are advised to maintain calm to get things done easily.

Final Thoughts:

From the above discussion, it is evident that a driver’s license may not be required for off-roading. Yet, other factors have to be taken care of if the driver attempts to go off-road. Furthermore, the importance of a driver’s license must not be taken lightly as it ensures that a driver is fit to drive a vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you drive without a license off-road?

Yes, the rule states that the driver must have a license if they drive the vehicle on-road and to the public road, highways, or service roads. However, in the case of private property, the driver is exempted from having an active driver’s license. So since off-roading is not included in the public domain, the driver can go without a license.

Is going off-road illegal?

No, going off-road is not illegal. However, some rules may include timings of trails, the vehicle standards or the area concerns that can bar the off-roaders from going off-road by authorities. In the United States, off-roading has designated places, and drivers can freely enjoy these trails.

Can I drive on private land without a license?

Yes, you can drive on private land without a license. But, you need to get the permission of the landowner first. Other than this, the state does not regularise these lands, so a driver’s license is not needed in this regard. However, there are certain categories of private land, and the driver must check into this.

Can a 12-year-old drive a car on private property?

Yes, a 12-year-old can drive across on private property. However, certain states have passed laws that define parent guidance for kids to drive vehicles. So you need to check them out as well.