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How Long Does It Take to Lift A Jeep Rubicon?

Off-road enthusiasts crave to upgrade their vehicles which is a never-ending process. Jeep Rubicon is considered a beast having an enhanced ground clearance. In this article, I’ll discuss: how long does it take to lift a Jeep Rubicon?

On average, professionals take around 7 to 15 hours to lift a Jeep Rubicon. However, for a non-professional, the time taken would be doubled. Therefore, the time of lifting the Jeep Rubicon depends mainly on the person, the type, and the brand of the lift kit.

Often it is seen that people who tend to travel over off-road terrains, or love to go on adventures, have the urge to modify their jeeps to bring the maximum performance capability to them. Therefore, this article will elaborate on how can a Jeep Rubicon be modified can be uplifted, what the cost would be over the project, and how long it would take to uplift the Jeep.

Time Required for Lifting the Jeep Rubicon:

All these upgrades and alterations require time, and more than that, these require mechanical expertise and physical effort. There is no specific time to upgrade and uplift a jeep Rubicon; it depends upon which type of lift the user is going for.

If the user is only going for a coil spring lift, it can be done in 3-4 hours. However, if the user is going for a long arm lift in which the wheelbase has to be changed, it might take more than 10 hours for the technical team to uplift the Jeep Rubicon.

Stock Height of a Jeep Rubicon:

The Jeep Rubicon has a stock height of 1-1.5 inches lifted from the ground.

The Jeep comes with a lifting height but is well equipped with soft leaf spring coils installed, providing a very comfortable ride for the driver and the passenger.

How Can a Person Uplift a Jeep Rubicon?

How Long Does It Take to Lift A Jeep Rubicon

To uplift a jeep Rubicon, it is essential to remember that the Jeep can be uplifted from its stock height to the desired height by following a few simple steps. Those steps are explained below.

  1. By changing the suspension components of the Jeep
  2. By installing tires of bigger size in the Jeep
  3. By installing stud bars and spacers in the frame.

Spacers are not used commonly and are not recommended by professionals. Therefore, mainly a jeep can be lifted by two methods only, by upgrading the suspension components and by installing tires of bigger size in the Jeep.

The components which are upgraded for uplifting the Jeep Rubicon are mentioned below:



Coil spring lift for Jeep Rubicon

  • If a person feels the urge to uplift their jeep Rubicon and finds that time is a problem and requires a quick and time-saving solution, then they can always go for a coil spring lift.

  • This is because this kit provides the vehicle with good, enhanced ground clearance and does not cost too much.

  • With this kit installed in the vehicle, the jeep can be taken to rough terrains, and without a vehicle having good ground clearance, it is challenging to travel on. The coil spring lift would eliminate the problem.

Body lift kit for Jeep Rubicon

  • Lifting the jeep Rubicon's body is impossible since the jeep comes with the fitted body over the frame.

  • It does not come in the market, unlike other jeeps in which a person can lift the body parts, so the only upgrade a person can do for lifting the height of the jeep is by upgrading the suspension parts.

Long arm lift kit for Jeep Rubicon

  • A long arm lift is considered the best choice for uplifting the height of the Rubicon among people who are automobile enthusiasts and who understand the importance of uplifting the vehicle

  • However, it is also important to note that the long arm lifts are the most expensive upgrades in the jeep Rubicon.

  • Other than this, it is also important to note that the long arm lift provides excellent ground clearance to the jeep and allows it to cross any obstacle in its way without any difficulty. Therefore, this lift is best for both off-roading purposes and daily drives.

Why Is There a Need to lift the Jeep Rubicon?

There are various reasons why people prefer to lift their Jeep Rubicon. Among all the senses, enhancing the vehicle and demanding a visual appeal provoke the desire to lift the Jeep Rubicon.

Lifting Jeep Rubicon is also beneficial for a better off-roading experience. Lifting offers a perfect ground clearance, room for large tires, and great articulation for the vehicle. It also helps maintain traction and flex the suspension for better stability on the off-roading tracks. In addition, lifting the Jeep Rubicon to the maximum height makes the vehicle an off-roading beast.

Besides the benefits of performing well on the off-roading track, lifting the Jeep Rubicon also helps in trailblazing daily.

Lifting of Jeep Rubicon provides a better appearance to the vehicle and makes it a hardcore jeep to perform well in daily rituals.

Method for Installing the Jeep Rubicon Lift Kit:

There are various methods for installing the lift kit in the Jeep Rubicon, but here we will discuss the authentic ones.

After that, you can follow this easy guide that will give you an idea for installing the Rubicon lift kit and the tools needed for the installation process.

Simple Installation Process:

Here we will discuss all the tools needed for installing the lift kit in Jeep Rubicon:

  • Jack stands
  • Pole and lift jack
  • Sockets of size (15mm, 16mm, 18mm)
  • 3/8-inch ratchet
  • ½-inch ratchet
  • The wrench of size (14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm)
  • Removal tool- Trim panel

(Step by Step) Procedure of Installing Lift-Kit in Jeep Rubicon:

  • The total installation time required for fitting the lift kit in Jeep Rubicon through this method takes 3-4 hours and is a moderate process.
  • The first step involves the removal of the brake line bracket from the front side. It will help to avoid the pulling seen on the brake line. You can use an 18mm-sized wrench and socket to remove the sway bar from both sides. It will give a proper clearance to drop down the axle.
  • The next step involves the removal of shock, which you can start from the upper mount region.
  • Support the axle and disconnect the end link using a pole jack. Perform this removal process before doing any other steps further.
  • Remove the coil spring after lowering the axle and remove the lower shock from your vehicle.
  • Pull the axle down to make some more room for inserting the spring. Now, you can easily install the new Pedder springs.
  • Install the shock in the upper mount region and slip the shock after installation to the remaining hardware on the top part.
  • Slip the bust boot for protection from debris and water after securing the full mount.
  • Fasten the bottom region of stock and reconnect the factory end links using factory hardware. You can use an axle to realign and support the lift.
  • Tighten the bolt and factory nuts using the end links and reconnect the brake line bracket of the factory.

Rear Installation On the Jeep Rubicon (Step by Step):

  • Before removing anything from the vehicle, support your rear axle on the vehicle.
  • Remove the lower mount and bolts of 16mm from the top of the shock.
  • Now, the next step is the removal of the brake line bracket to add the slack for the axle without causing any damage to the brake line.
  • Remove the ABS wiring for the addition of slack in the vehicle.
  • Lower down the axle for removing the springs. Disconnect the sway bar to make more room to install the new Pedder spring.
  • Pay attention to the original spring sat and its lining, and place the factory spring pad on the new pedder spring.
  • Pull down the axle if you need more room for installation and install the spring.
  • Reinstall the sway bar end link and raise the backup of the axle.
  • Start from the upper mount and put the rear shock back in its place. Pull the next one and hold it in its place.
  • Lift the axle for aligning the mount at the bottom region after securing the top of the shock and fasten it tightly.
  • Reconnect the line bracket of the brake and plug back the ABS line.
  • Reinstall the vent tube after fixing all the components back on both sides.
  • The installation process is completed now, and the Jeep Rubicon can be lifted now. You are ready to take it to trails.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is lifting jeep Rubicon worth it?

The answer to this question is simple. Lifting a jeep Rubicon enhances the vehicle’s stock power, enabling it to tackle off-road terrains and even providing essential management to the vehicle in the most challenging terrains.

If a person is looking to enhance the off-road capabilities of the vehicle, undoubtedly, then uplifting the Jeep Rubicon is a good option and is worth it.

How much does installing a lift kit on a jeep Rubicon cost?

Several factors can vary the cost of installation of lift kits in the Jeep Rubicon. It depends upon the lift’s size, the kit’s type, and the amount of technical work needed for the job; usually, a lift kit in the jeep Rubicon can be installed somewhere between 500$-1000$.

Is it difficult to install a lift kit?

Installing a lift kit on a jeep Rubicon is not difficult at all. Every type of lift kit that is installed comes with instructions; for instance, a jeep with 35-inch tires would need a 4 inches lift. Precisely, installing a lift kit in a jeep is not a hard job to do at all.

How long does it take to install a 2-inch lift kit?

If the kit being installed is a spacer kit, it can easily be installed in 1.5-2 hours, while if the lift kit is of the suspension, then a more extended time can be needed ranging from 5-6 hours, all depending upon the expertise of the mechanic.

How much maximum lift can a person offer to Jeep Rubicon?

The maximum lift a person can provide to Jeep Rubicon is of 1.5-inch charge. The lift kit for Jeep Rubicon comes in a package having a 1.5-inch suspension lift with 35-inch all-terrain tires and other components.

Does the Jeep Rubicon sit higher after a lift than the Sport model?

Jeep Rubicon is a bit taller, about 1.5-inch than the Sport model. It has stiff tow springs that provide a bouncy ride.

Is it possible to add a 35-inch tire on the Jeep Rubicon?

The Jeep Rubicon has a 33-inch tire fitted to the body frame. Therefore, a person can upgrade the vehicle safely to the 35-inch tire while remaining within its operational specs.

Is it possible to fit 35-inch tires on the Jeep Rubicon without using a lift kit?

It is possible to fit the 35-inch tires on Jeep Rubicon without a lift. You can install these tires if you want to pass the gravel road and move your vehicle up to 2-inches, providing maximum ground clearance.

Does the Jeep lifting cause problems afterward for the owner?

Jeep lifting has some drawbacks, too, which are shown by Jeep. First, it provides slower acceleration than before. Adding oversized tires and raising the overall height of the vehicle results in a reduction in acceleration. This offers more space to reach a maximum speed on the highway.

Is it a worthwhile process to buy a Jeep Rubicon?

Of course, it is a valuable process to purchase Jeep Rubicon as it has the best components, including the gears, axles, and lockers, which are some expensive mods. In addition, jeep Rubicon offers the best trims, bumpers, and large tires.