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How Long Does It Take to Lift Jeep Patriot?

All sort of Jeeps and crossover SUVs work best for off-roading, but Jeep Patriot sometimes act as a family vehicle rather than an adventure crossover SUV. With the installation of the lift kit, it performs energetically. In this article, I’ll discuss: how long does it take to lift the Jeep Patriot?

It takes a maximum of 3-4 hours to lift a Jeep Patriot, after which a 2-inch lift kit makes the Jeep Patriot capable enough to perform well on the off-road track. However, the time depends on the brand and type of lift kit and installation type.

On the other hand, large lift kits require more time and prove as challenging as this kit, so choose the lift kit that does not hinder the vehicle’s performance.

Installing The Lift Kits of Jeep Patriot:

The installation process for other jeeps varies, and for Jeep Patriot, its difficulty level depends on the inches of lift required by the owner of the vehicle. It is easy to lift the jeep below 2-inches, but higher lifts require special tools and skills. Jeep Patriot can be lifted through two methods:

  1. Through a simple lift method
  2. Through shock or strut replacement method

1. Through a Simple Lift Method:

A person can proceed with their Jeep Patriot lift after replacing the damaged components and installing the suspension assembly back into the vehicle. It is recommended to fit the spacer bolts in the mounting points at the top position of shock with the help of stock nuts in a triangular tab. 

Then, he/she can re-install the assembly into the wheels after the spacers and perform this procedure in reverse. Here are the following steps:




Step 1

Installing the Control arms

  • Install the grease nipples and bushings, which will help swap the upper control arm or a camber arm. Remove the large bolt and disconnect the control arm from the bottom by loosening the bolt using a wrench.

  • Adjust the new control arms side by side and install them. Plug the holes using a cap screw as grease nipples will hinder the installation of a new control arm. Please put on the rear wheels and set them to the front and back end.

Step 2

Installing the front spacers

  • It is recommended to install the front spacer one at a time. Lift one of the front corners of Jeep Patriot using a jack stand and remove the wheel from that side.

  • Undo the nuts by holding the top region of the strut and shift the engine bay.
    It is necessary to support the steering knuckle while you disconnect the strut, and it will prevent the vehicle from falling free.

  • If such a precaution is not adopted, it will let in the detachment of the CV axle, and the axle will pop back into its place.

Step 3

Disconnecting the sway bar on vehicle

  • A person can disconnect their sway bar using a wrench and Allen key. Undo the sway bar nut and use the Allen key to keep the bolt.

  • Move the bar toe to get out of the vehicle from the route and remove the bracket holding. Remove them using the brake lines and free them from the knuckle.

  • After this attempt, large pair of the bolt is left, which holds the bottom of the strut. These bolts are in the center of the brake line and sway bar brackets; Sway bar brackets are behind the brake rotor.

  • It is mandatory to disassemble the front strut if you desire to replace the parts. You might require a special wrench or socket-style tool and a spring compressor. These are needed for the strut bearing.

Step 4

Attaching the sway bar adapter on vehicle

  • Front spacers are bolted at the top of the struts. These are bolted using nylock nuts and washers that are preset in the lift kit of your choice. All that matters is the attachment of the sway bar adapter to the strut using hardware that comes in supply with the lift kit.

  • Don’t forget to place the factory hardware back in place after equipping the strut with a spacer and sway bar adapter. Ensure that the brake lines are not subjected to excess tension, so bend the bracket after installation. Set the Jeep Patriot on the ground and install the wheels.

  • Install the rims and tires to your lifted Jeep Patriot and release the tension from the brake lines. Make sure to attempt to test drive to check whether the lift kit is installed correctly and works appropriately.

2. Through Shock or Strut Replacement Method:

There are some recommendations for using this method, and it is mandatory to understand their importance for proper working.

Using two jack stands instead of one is advisable to replace the shocks and struts. A person should start from the back of the vehicle for replacement, such as installing an RRO lift kit in a vehicle.



Using the jack stand

  • Jack standpoints are helpful in this aspect. They are flat surface items with an oval-shaped hole that reinforces a pinch weld. These help in positioning the jack in its proper place. It is a generous act to use two jack strands instead of one while accessing the rear shocks of the vehicle.

Removing the bolts and tires

  • If you want to expose the suspension, then it is better to remove both tires from the vehicle. It is also necessary to unbolt the 15-mm bolts from the top of the shocks present inside the vehicle.

  • You can do so after removing your vehicle's spare tire and the truck region's cover. Proceed to remove the bottom bolts after removing the tires and top bolts.

  • Make enough room for removing the shocks and spring through the lower control arm. The bottom bolts on the vehicle are slightly oversized in diameter, about 18-19 mm.

  • Drop the shocks using control arms and tilt them from the end first. Then, remove the bolts by holding the hub to the control arm region.

Using spring compressor

  • It is best to use the spring compressor to replace the springs and strut bearings. Use an interchangeable tool for extracting the strut coil, which is a worthy act.

  • It is difficult to undo the bolt that holds the strut bearing without the spring compressor, and discharging of springs gets difficult.

Benefits of Lifting the Jeep Patriot :

There are various benefits of lifting the Jeep Patriot. Here we will find some of the benefits below:

  • The lift to the Jeep Patriot can fix the wheel misalignment or any height disparity between the front and rear ends of the vehicle.
  • The lifting to Jeep Patriot helps mount the large wheel on the car and provides sufficient clearance to avoid the friction and rubbing of tires.
  • The lift to Jeep Patriot adds extra support to the front side of the vehicle and prevents the potential sagging of the undercarriage.
  • It helps to improve the pulling power, capability of the trail, and drivability for the owner. This lifting provides excellent help during the off-roading activities of mudding, rock climbing, and ripping through the dunes.
  • The lift in the Jeep Patriot adds an overall style and rugged appeal to the vehicle. This results in a tall stance that signifies the 4-by-4 badass look of the vehicle.
  • Suspension lift kits are easy to install in the Jeep Patriot and help balance both ends of the vehicle.
  • The lift kit offers large wheels on the Jeep and provides appropriate clearance to the vehicle that minimizes the friction process.
  • Suspension lift kits support the vehicle’s equipment and reduce dropping in it.
  • Lifting of Jeep Patriot provides maximum balance to the vehicle, reduces the brake pressure, and results in less wear and tear.

Tools Required for Addition and Removal of Lift Kits On Jeep Patriot:

How Long Does It Take to Lift Jeep Patriot
  • Pry bars are used for removing the pieces.
  • PB Blaster works well on the elastic mount, a form of penetrating oil.
  • A wrench set and a standard socket are needed for unscrewing the small pieces.
  • Stands and vehicle jacks are required to reach the suspension parts of the Jeep Patriot.
  • A torque wrench is necessary to fit the reinforcements to the proper torque in the vehicle.
  • A lug wrench is needed to remove the lugs, and it helps in saving time.
  • A screwdriver is compulsory for reassembling and unscrewing the components of the vehicle.
  • Hammer is required for the removal of old pieces.

Best Lift Kits for Jeep Patriot:

1. Lift Kit by Moto-Fab: 

The lift kits offered by MotoFab offer fantastic work and have excellent reviews for impressing consumers. The 3-inch lift kit by MotoFab works best for the Jeep models, including the Jeep Patriot and Wrangler for 2007-2018 models.

This lift kit provides a 3-inch lift to the front and the overall Jeep. In addition, this lift kit includes shock extenders for substantially raising the vehicle. 

This lift kit is made up of solid steel and is incredibly robust. It has a black finish that competes with the rest of the vehicle’s suspension system and reduces the chances of rust and corrosion.



This lift kit can be installed with bolting on mode.

The instruction manual that comes with this lift kit is poorly worded.

It is made up of steel and is a dependable brand used by a lot of people.

It has shock extenders in its kit that are useful for lifting the vehicle.

2. 2.5-Inch Suspension Lift Kit by TeraFlex:

TeraFlex 2.5-inch suspension lift kit is worth considering, a kit compatible with all models of Jeep Patriot and Wrangler ranging from 2007 to 2014. This lift kit has all the essential components, including shock absorbers and steering stabilizers.

This lift kit can raise the Jeep to 2.5-inches and accommodate 35-inches tires in the vehicle. In addition, this lift kit helps to navigate the rugged terrain on the off-roading track and provides an aggressive look to the vehicle.

A steering stabilizer is designed to operate the vehicle’s upgraded suspension and wide tires. It helps in eliminating the front end and bump-steering during driving. Installation is relatively easy for this lift kit as it does not have many accessories.



This lift kit has a steering stabilizer

There is no exhaust extension with this lift kit that is a basic necessity for the models of 2012 and later models of Jeeps.

This lift kit comes with advanced shock tube

The springs that come with this lift kit are more prone to corrosion and rust.

TeraFlex lift kit has no concern with rubbing and 35-inch wide tires can be placed on the vehicle

The installation process of this lift kit is easy and simple

This lift kit is the effective one to reduce the bump steers and wobbles

3. 2-Inch Suspension Lift Kit by Rough Country:

The initial rough country lift kit has various characteristics, but this one is a suspension kit with series 2 that has different aspects. This suspension lift kit is compatible with the Jeep models from 2007-2018 and has comparable characteristics with the previous Rough Country lift kit.

The only difference among these is the price as it is a bit more expensive than the previous one. However, this Rough Country lift kit which is 2 in series, has all the necessary components that enable a person to spin the vehicle on rough terrains.

Are Rough Country Lift Kits Good? What You Need to Know



It is easy to install this lift kit as it has bolt-on approach system.

A person is demanded to frequently check and examine the vehicle after the installation of this lift kit.

There are all basic supplies for installation in this package

The lift in the vehicle through this kit weighs 24.8 pounds which is not an extra weight on the Jeep

There is a spring retention system in this Jeep

The Jeep owners who are looking for an alternative in their tight budget can go for this lift kit

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much time is required to install a lift in the Jeep?

Generally, a person can expect about 3-4 hours to install the lift kit in the Jeep. However, the amount of time varies on the size, lift type, and work required by installing the lift kit in the Jeep.

Is it a complex process to lift the Jeep?

Jeep lifting is not always an easy task, and it depends on the type of vehicle and its usage on it. In addition, jeep lifting alters the suspension and steering geometry after its installation.

How small amount is required to lift a jeep?

A person can expect to pay the amount in between the range of $1000-$20,000 for lifting the Jeep. The amount depends on the type of lift kit, brands, and suspension height. These factors significantly impact the amount required to lift the Jeep.

Do the lifted jeeps ride rough on the road?

Lifted jeeps should not ride bumpy roads. A person should not expect lifted jeeps to drive like an average passenger car, as they have springs, shocks, steering angles, and control arms.

How small amount is required to install a 2-inch lift kit in a jeep?

The amount needed to install a 2-inc lift kit falls between $400-$12000. This price is specified for the small truck lift kits. Large truck lift kits can raise the Jeep’s body to more than six inches and cost between $11000-$14000.

Does the Jeep patriot perform well in the off-roading conditions?

Jeep Patriot acts remarkably in off-roading situations. It can handle the various tracks and adverse conditions of the off-roading area. Jeep Patriot has two options an engine with a 4WD system and provides excellent traction control with a crawl ratio of 19:1.

How much mpg does a Jeep Patriot offer?

The Jeep Patriot offers an estimated 23 MPG in the city area, and on the highway, it provides 30 MPG with a 2-liter engine. The fuel economy is an estimated 23 MPG with a 2.4-liter engine in the city area, and on the highway, it is 28 MPG.

Is Jeep Patriot considered an actual 4-by-4 vehicle?

Jeep Patriot is regarded as both a 4WD and AWD vehicle. It comes with two 4-cylinder engines, and the transmission choices are CVT or a 5-speed manual.