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How Much Does It Cost to Lift A Jeep 4 Inches?

Jeep lifting is becoming a common custom for the jeep owners and gives a better build-up to the Jeep for off-roading. Off-road enthusiasts prefer to lift their vehicle to 2-4 inches. How much does it cost to lift a jeep 4-inches?

The average cost required to lift a jeep to 4 inches is between $1000 and $20,000. The total amount depends on the type of lift kit, brand, and suspension height. The suspension lift kit raises up to 4 inches costing in between $1000 and $5000 with extra charges for the alignment and balance.

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Reasons for Lifting the Jeep to 4-Inches:

There are various reasons behind the lifting of Jeep up to 4-inches. Here we will explain some of them:

  1. Increase in the off-roading performance
  2. Installation of big tires
  3. For cosmetic purposes

Jeep is one of the best vehicles for off-roading. The suspension lift improves the off-roading performance of the vehicle.

The lift kit increases the height of the Jeep, which further increases the Jeep's approach angle, clearance, and articulation. In addition, it helps to climb over the bog obstacles and extreme terrain of off-roading.

Factors to Consider Before Lifting a Jeep:

Whenever you are deciding on the type of lift kit for the Jeep, you should put into consideration the following:

  • The preferred tire size
  • Your budget
  • Jeep model
  • Your driving style

1. The Preferred Tire Size:

We cannot fit large tires into the lift kits. It is easy to raise the Jeep that can adjust large tires in it and is an affordable method.

If you are using big tires for your vehicle, there is no need to lift the kit. There are different methods of fixing the big tires in your Jeep, just like SUVs and trucks.

2. Your Budget:

It depends on the user’s choice to spend the amount for lifting according to their need. A person can spend thousands of dollars, too, for a lift to their Jeep.

Some tools for lifting the Jeep are required, including steering components, axles, oversized tires, drive shafts, and a winch.

People can afford in the range of $1000 and even more according to their budget, make up a plan for your budget and then match your expectations with it. Keep the performance and stability of the vehicle in your mind.

3. Jeep model

The suspension and body lifts depend on the Jeep model and vary according to the brand of lift kits. Suspension lifts are expensive because it requires various components for replacement. However, a person can decide to install the suspension lift for ease.

4. Driving style

Driving style matters the most in lifting the vehicle. You must look at the situation and for which purpose you will use the vehicle. If you use the vehicle for daily usage, lifting is not a good option. Jeep lifting is a good option for those who are planning for off-roading.

Pros and Cons of Lifting the Jeep to 4-Inches:

How Much Does It Cost to Lift A Jeep 4 Inches

Pros of lifting the Jeep to 4-inches


Cons of lifting the jeep to 4-inches


Offers big wheels and tires

  • Lifting the Jeep to 4-inches in height provides more space for adjustment of tires and big wheels.

  • The lifting in a vehicle creates a distance between the fender and the center of axle.

  • Lifting of vehicle to 4-inches raise the vehicle in height and increase the grip of Jeep during the off-roading situations.

High value of center of mass

  • The weight of the jeep automatically increases when the height is increased to 4-inches.

  • It can lead to roll-over during the performance of maneuvering. It can also change the direction of steering at high speed.

Provides a better angle of approach

  • Lifting of vehicle to 4-icnhes provide a better angle of approach.

  • Angle of approach is the highest angle in which a lifted vehicle can climb without an interference from the horizontal surface area.

  • There are better chances of climbing to extreme conditions as the angle increases. 

  • The approach angle is achievable through the suspension lift only as the increase in distance is required between the chassis and axle of the vehicle.

Can lead to poor fuel economy condition

  • Poor fuel economy is a significant issue that is seen due to lifting of vehicle to 4-inches height.

  • Less fuel economy is noticed when the lift is small and lower tires are fitted. But in case of 4-inch height with installation of large tires, poor fuel economy is observed.

Break over point

  • Lifting of vehicle to 4-inches provide a break-over point. It is an angle where the front and rear axles of the vehicle can drive without any interference of the vehicle.

  • The vehicle traverse as the angle increases and descend over the steep crest and twisting axles.

  • This angle can be improved using the suspension lift and for doing so the distance between the axles and chassis must be improved.

Entrance and existence of jeep

  • It is a normal task for off-roaders and Jeep owners to enter and exit their vehicle without any hassle.

  • But with the increase in height up to 4-inches, the process of entering and existing the Jeep becomes a hassle.

Angle of departure

  • Lifting of kit to a height of 4-inches provides a good angle of departure.

  • It is the highest angle of the ramp that can crawl the Jeep down to a plane surface.

  • The hills and obstacles get steep as the vehicle descend off from the area. In such scenario, suspension lift helps to expand the distance between the chassis and axles.

Wear and tear of vehicle

  • The additional height in your Jeep causes an extra weight to the axle.

  • Extra torque is connected to the steering column and drivetrain after the person installs big tires in their vehicle. This increases the strain on the Jeep.

Deep water wading

  • Suspension lift is useful for the deep water wading process.

  • The transmission breathers, differentials and transfer case are increased as the intake of engine is moved.

  • The suspension lift in this case lifts the vehicle chassis from the surface and allows the person to wade safely in the deep water.

Measuring the Height of Lift on Jeep:

It is recommended to measure the height of the lift before lifting the Jeep. The height of any lift is its length between the axle and chassis of the Jeep.

It is the number in which the vehicle is lifted, including its standard height. Lifting of vehicles is often seen with the Jeeps due to the fun activities. Here we will explain some guidelines for measuring the height of the Jeep lift.

Finding the Location of the Spring of the Vehicle:

The vehicle’s spring depends on the Jeep’s making and model. The manual that comes along with the vehicle has a layout for finding the spring.

Measuring the Spring of the Vehicle:

The next step is to measure the full length of the spring. Then, start measuring from the base of the spring using a measurement tape.

Finding the Spring Spacer:

If you want to find the spring spacer, look it near the coil, The spacer’s location specifies the Jeep model and helps in recognizing the coil spring spacer, which is puck shaped.

Measuring the Spring Spacer:

You can measure the diameter of the coil spacer using a measuring tape.

Calculating the Total Lift:

If you want to measure the height of the lift, firstly, add the diameter of the coil spacer with a spring length. Their sum will provide the height of the lift.

Jeep Lifting and Gas Mileage:

The lift of the vehicle increases the height of the vehicle, which adds additional weight to the Jeep. This thing results in harm to the gas mileage. Here are some of the facts that will help and protect from gas mileage after lifting of vehicle:

The Jeeps exceeding the manufacturer's standard, including oversized tires, affect the gas mileage. It includes the increased capacity of vehicles.
The average MPG, called miles per gallon for a jeep, covers 22 cities and 29 highways.
A Jeep Wrangler in a lifted position can cover 18 cities and 25 highways.

The gas mileage is affected by the type of lift kits. So the brand and kind of lift kit affect the mileage in various ways.

Lift Kits Brands for the Jeep:

There are various brands of lift kits available in the market that will make you confused during your selection process for your vehicle.

It is recommended to look for those brands that have a high number of satisfied customers and are accredited. Also, look for the brands whose products can be trusted for their quality.

Here are some top picks for the lift kits that you can choose for your Jeeps.

  1. Lift kits by Teraflex
  2. Lift kits by MotoFab
  3. Lift kits by Skyjacker
  4. Lift kits by Mopar

1. Lift Kits by Teraflex:

Teraflex is considered a top-selling brand of lift kits that provides a variety of kits of different heights. The products by Teraflex are coated with a rust-resistant finish that protects them from corrosion. It ensures the vehicle’s maximum finish and fantastic performance on the off-roading track.

2. Lift Kits by MotoFab:

This durable lift kit is compatible with many Jeeps and their models. In addition, this lift kit includes products made of high-steel material, and their finishing consists of a black powder coating, making the Jeep stand out among others.

3. Lift Kits by SkyJacker:

This is an incredible lift kit for lifting the Jeep to an additional 4-inch height. The Skyjacker company provides a warranty for their complete suspension system included in this package. The parts of this package offer a new life to the vehicle.

4. Lift Kits by Mopar:

Mopar is considered the best manufacturer of lift kits and offers an incredible range of lift kits. In addition, this company provides high-performing parts of lift kits compatible with various Jeeps models. As a result, high-quality products are available in the form of lift kits for this vehicle.

Side-Effects After Lifting Jeep Up To 4-Inches:

The lifting of the Jeep to 4-inches of height can interfere with the center of gravity, damage the drivetrain, and causes premature failure of the Jeep. Here we will discuss some possible problems from lifting the Jeep to 4-inches of height.

Reduction in Power:

Lifting the Jeep to maximum height can reduce power and is not recommended for off-roading. Make sure to lubricate your axles during the lifting of the Jeep properly.

This will reduce the chance of speed reduction and MPG of the vehicle. In addition, a person can re-align the axles and suspension lift to prevent the loss of power.

Reduction in the Mileage of Vehicle:

As we discussed, lifting the vehicle to too much height can result in loss of power. It will also drastically affect the mileage per gallon of vehicle. It can lead to high fuel costs, adversely affecting the environment.

Issues with Steering and Handles:

Lifting the Jeep to up to 4-inches of height can create handling and steering problems for you. The vehicle’s center of gravity is an issue that makes it difficult to control the vehicle.

A person can add new track bars and control arms in their vehicle, which will help to prevent power and steering loss.

Effects on the Alignment of Tire:

The lift kits which are installed in an incorrect manner cause alignment issues in the Jeep. This results in the loss of control in the Jeep. A person can prevent this by adding new parts to the increased tire size of the vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much cost is required to put the 4-inch lift?

The installation and buying of the leveling kit require between $400-$2000. People can spend between $800-$4000 according to their needs. The actual price can exceed $1200.

How much cost is required to install a lift kit on Jeep?

The price for lift kit installations varies and depends on the size and type of lift kit and the amount of work needed. A person can expect to pay between $500-$1000 or more for the installation of the Jeep kit.

How much does the body lift cost for a Jeep?

The body lift kit system for Jeep TJ costs $12699. The rough country one-inch body lift kit costs $15995 and its auto part position is driveline.

Is the Jeep lifting process a worthy one?

The jeep Lifting process provides off-roading capabilities and gives more power to the vehicle to tackle the off-road terrain. In addition, it provides crawling ability on rugged terrain. So, lifting the Jeep is an excellent option if you want more off-roading capability.

How much does it cost to lift a 3-inch Jeep Wrangler?

The 3-inch lift in the Jeep Wrangler can cost around $353, including all the necessary equipment required for the proper lift. In addition, it allows adequate clearance for the installation of 37-inch tires.