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How Much Does It Cost to Lift A Jeep Cherokee?

The installation of the lift kit to lift Jeep Cherokee requires time and budget, and it depends on the brand, type, and kind of installation of the lit kit. Different lift kits cost an additional amount. In this article, I’ll discuss: how much does it cost to lift a Jeep Cherokee?

The estimated price for lifting the Jeep Cherokee is $500. A typical Cherokee lift kit can range from $165-$1000 without the installation process. It depends on the type of lift kit.

The lift kit is considered an extra component for off-roading vehicles, Jeeps, and crossover SUVs. Lift kits add some more capability and an aesthetic touch to the car. A lit kit for a Jeep Cherokee can range between $200-$2500 without the installation process.

Steps to Lift Jeep Cherokee:

Here below, we will explain some steps which you can use to lift the Jeep Cherokee:

  1. The first step is to raise your vehicle and remove its wheels.
  2. Next, remove the shock absorbers and sway bar inks from both sides of your vehicle.
  3. Remove the coil clip from the lower coil spring seat and lower your axle.
  4. Remove the coil spring, an optional choice, and control arms.
  5. Do not tighten and slightly install the new control arms and coil springs.
  6. Tighten the sway bar links and install your coil clip on the lower spring seat of the coil.
  7. Install the shock absorber and remove the sway bar from it.
  8. Equip your vehicle with the bracket and install a sway bar on it.
  9. Move the car’s rear side and remove the rear hocks by keeping the hardware.
  10. Remove the U-bolts and springs from the back side and install the new springs.
  11. Install the new U-bolts on the axel region and tighten them with shock absorbers.
  12. Install the wheels on your vehicle and lower them on the ground.
  13. At last, tighten the leaf springs and control arms, and we are done with this process.

Lifting a Jeep Cherokee:

It is easy to lift a Jeep Cherokee with a lift kit. If you want a smooth finish outlook, you can switch to big tires for your vehicle that can give you an excellent off-roading experience. 

It is not mandatory to do so; you can leave the car with previous tires too. Here we will discuss some height dimensions that will help you to understand how much height should be increased in a vehicle:




2-inch lift is one of the most popular one and Jeep Cherokee owners prefer this height.

3-inch lift kit is also a popular lift used by people. It is a wise option to install your vehicle with new coils, shocks and leafs. 

4-inch lift in the vehicle is also appreciated by majority of the people but it is not recommended for the Jeep Cherokee.

More investment is required to reach a maximum height and 2-inch lift kit does not significantly increases the height. But this lift is a cost-effective one.

The vehicle tends to droop more if these parts are not installed after a 3-inch lift.

The installation of additional coil springs and shock absorbers is mandatory after elevation to 4-inches otherwise the vehicle may result in mechanical malfunctioning.

Advantages of lifting the Jeep Cherokee:

How Much Does It Cost to Lift A Jeep Cherokee

There are various advantages of lifting the Jeep Cherokee. Some of them are:

1. Smart Outlook to Vehicle:

Jeep lifting provides a better appearance and charm to the Jeep Cherokee. Various exterior components add a customized look to the Vehicle and value a new look. A few inches of lifting in the Vehicle and height can enhance the Jeep, and it looks more aggressive than before.

2. Helps in Traveling:

Lifting of Jeep Cherokee helps to enhance suspension travel on both the on and off-roading trips. The suspension can help to absorb the stones, drops, and bumps and offers a pleasant trip to the owner.

3. Higher Efficiency on Off-Roading Track:

Lifted jeeps with large tires provide an efficient off-roading experience as they help to cross significant barriers, stones, and pebbles. Large tires offer more grip, help overcome the challenges of terrain, and provide more ground clearance.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Jeep Cherokee Lift:


Their influence on Jeep lift

Model of the jeep and lift

The models of Jeep lift kits varies with the working of a lift kit. There are different models of Jeep Cherokee and not each lift kit suits to them.

The model and construction of the vehicle affects the cost of lifting. There are different price ranges for lift kit in which the lower price can be $165 and higher price can reach up to $1000.

The amount of lifting

The amount of height or lift required by a person for its vehicle also determines the entire cost of the lift kit.

The expense is greater for the maximum height required by the owner. 2-inch lift for a vehicle is less expensive than the 4-inch lift in a vehicle.

Brand of lift kit

The brand of the lift kit also plays a significant role to the price of the lift kit.

The premium lift kits are expensive than the ordinary lift kits so brand matters a lot in perspective of cost.

Type of lift kit

There are different types of lift kits that determine the cost of kits. The common types of lift kits are the long arm lift kit, body and coil spring kits, and leaf spring lift kits.

The costs are different for each lift kit and prices varies with the addition of premium parts like the new axles and shocks.

Lift Kit on Jeep Cherokee:

It is necessary to check that your Jeep lifts securely, and you can follow the below steps to check it out. You can use a lift kit on your own to attain the maximum height.

Other than this, jacks or blocks can also raise the vehicle. It is better to adopt the safety methods, so your car does not come down and crash during installation.

The first thing before raising the Jeep Cherokee is the removal of wheels. Remove the bolts from each side of your wheel and pull off the wheel easily.

Start working on the front side instead of the rear one using a jack. Do not lose any original vehicle hardware and lift kit hardware, as they are essential components required to put the Jeep back in its original position. Here we will discuss some points to installing the lift kit on the Jeep Cherokee:
  1. Removing the factory parts
  2. Installing the new Hardware
  3. Moving the vehicle to the rear

1. Removing the Factory Parts:

Removing the factory parts is an essential step in installing lift kits; remove the shocks after pulling the wheels and remove the two bolts on each shock. Set the shocks and bolt aside after their removal. 

Move the control arms and connect the suspension to the frame of your Jeep Cherokee. Remove the four bolts present on the arm of your vehicle.

Set the arms after pulling them aside and inspect the ball joints and bushings. It is better to check them as they might need some replacement.

Replace them before moving on if there is some change required with them. Next, remove the coil springs, which is the last step. Four bolts hold the spring in its place. You can pull the springs off and set them aside after pulling them out.

2. Installing the new Hardware:

You can now install the lift kit in your vehicle after removing the original Hardware. Next, install the new shocks on your Jeep Cherokee, which is an essential and the first step after removing the original Hardware.

Avoid tightening the control arms until or unless the lift kit is installed. Also, avoid fixing the coil springs. After proper installation of all parts, tighten all parts and use a torque wrench that ensures that everything is fixed in its place.

3. Moving the Vehicle to Rear:

Remove the shocks from the vehicle and move the Jeep Cherokee to the rear side. Also, remove the springs and U-bolts and install all the parts in reverse order. Start with installing the springs, then U-bolts, and at the end, install the shocks.

Lower the vehicle back to the ground and can install the wheels back to their place after fixing all the parts, including leaf springs and control arms.

Attempt a test drive and check whether the vehicle makes any strange noise or not. If there is no strange or rattling noise, the lift kit is correctly installed in the car. In this way, you can easily lift your Jeep Cherokee.

Recommended models of Lift kits for Jeep Cherokee:

1. Rough Country 3-inch lift kit for Jeep Cherokee:

 The products manufactured by the Rough Country are always worth-trusty due to their specs. They are best for their performance, style, and protection. This 3-inch lift kit offers maximum ground clearance and has nitrogen-charged shock absorbers that are best for off-roading usage.

This lift kit for Jeep Cherokee provides maximum ground clearance up to 31 inches and comes in a metallic silver color. This lift kit is easy to install, and it takes about 3-4 hours maximum to install them. This lift kit has the following components in it:

  • OEM style rubber bashing
  • Premium shock absorbers
  • Front lifted coil spring- 2 in quantity
  • Piston rod with spring-loaded- 18 mm in size
  • Shock body- 54 mm

2. Lift kit by Rough Country for Jeep Cherokee Model 2011-2019:

This lift kit holds the best suspension lift kit compatible with all the models of Jeep Cherokee from 2011-2019. This lift kit will help your vehicle transform into an aggressive Jeep with perfect tire space and wheels larger than usual. In addition, this provides maximum ground clearance to the Jeep.

This lift kit maintains the factory ride quality of the Jeep Cherokee even after its installation. It is considered one of the best lift kits for the Jeep Cherokee, having the leveling between the front and rear sides of the Jeep. The components included in the Jeep Cherokee lift kit are the coil spacers and lift struts.

Are Rough Country Lift Kits Good? What You Need to Know

3. Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit Supreme Suspension for Model 1984-2001:

Supreme suspension is a notable brand for lift kits and provides excellent quality and features. This lift kit offers a perfect style to the Jeep and is best for performance. This lift kit helps the large tires to run at pace having an adjustable 3-inches front and 2-inches rear suspension lift.

This lift kit is made up of tensile material of thermoplastic that offers a heavy-duty application to the working of lift kit for Jeep Cherokee.

It has carbon-steel lift shackles that provide a perfect lift and improves the pinion angle. The installation process of this jeep lift kit is easy and completed within 2-4 hours. The components in this jeep lift kit are:

  • Derlin Spring spacers- 2 in quantity
  • Rear lift shackles of carbon steel- 2 in quantity
  • Instruction manual for installation
  • Prop pack of Supreme suspension

4. Lift Kit By Rough Country for Jeep Cherokee Model 2006-2010:

This is a fantastic product by the Rough Country that contains the Suspension lift kit. It is considered one of the highest-rated lift kits featured on Amazon.

This rough country lift kit helps in increasing and improving the ground clearance and works with the leveling of the front and rear sides of the Jeep Cherokee.

It helps maintain the ride quality of the Jeep and is highly recommended for the 265/70 R17 tire size. It requires about 3-4 hours to install this jeep lift kit. This lift kit has the following components in it:

  • Front strut spacer- 2 in quantity
  • Front hardware
  • Rear coil spring spacers- 2 in quantity

5. Rough Country 4.5-inch Lift Kit for Jeep Cherokee Model 1984-2001:

This 4.5-inch lift kit by Rough Country is compatible with the model 1984-2001 and is considered one of the best due to its working. It has excellent features of an adjustable track bar, stainless steel brake lines, sway-bar disconnects, and a case drop kit.

X-Flex arms are adjustable with a diameter of 2.5-inches and 1.25-inches thread. This makes the application safe for the off-roading experience and is an excellent lift kit for Jeep Cherokee. The components included in this lift kit by Rough Country are:
  • N3 shock absorbers that are nitrogen charged
  • Adjustable front track bar
  • Quick disconnects
  • Lifted coil springs
  • Lifted leaf springs
  • X-flex control arms for a front upper, and lower position
  • Spring-loaded piston- 18mm in size
  • Shock body- 54 mm

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does installing a lift kit on the Jeep Cherokee vehicle cost?

The amount of Jeep Cherokee installation depends on the lift kit type. A lift kit can range between $200-$2500 without installation for a Jeep Cherokee.

Is lifting a Jeep Cherokee worth it?

Jeep lifting takes the standard off-roading capabilities and gives more power to tackle the off-road terrain. In addition, it offers more crawl ability on even the most challenging terrains. Jeep lifting is an excellent option if you are looking for more off-roading capability around the terrains.

How much amount is required to lift a Jeep?

A person can expect to pay between $1000-$20000 for a Jeep Cherokee lift. The payment depends on the type of lift kit. Different brands available related to lifting kits and suspension heights significantly impact the number of lift kits.

Why should a person not go for a lift kit for the Jeep?

The Jeep lifting offers more off-roading performance, including ground clearance and flexibility. It could hurt the fuel mileage while driving on the road, but this should not deter you from lifting the Jeep.

How much amount is required for installing a 2.5-inch lift?

For example, it might cost between $1000-$1500 for a spring lift, including the lift kit, installation, and alignment.

What cost does the 2-inch lift require?

Smaller truck lift lifts raising the body to two inches can cost between $400-$12000. Large truck lift kits that can raise the body to six inches or more can cost between $11000 to $14000.

Does the 2-inch lift kit affect mpg?

2-inch does not add too much to reduce the fuel economy. But bigger wheels and tires can raise the vehicle to add weight. It is no doubt that the impact on gas mileage is hugely significant.

Does the Jeep lifting affect gas mileage?

The gas mileage in a vehicle slows down and decreases as the person lifts the car. It also slows down with the addition of armor, larger tires, etc.

Will the lift kit void the Jeep warranty?

Some lift kits void the warranty, so checking the lift kit before installing it is recommended. The cost goes higher with a higher lift.

Which is considered the better: a suspension lift or a body lift?

A suspension lift is better than a body lift, where off-road performance is deemed necessary. A suspension lift provides room for oversized tires and increases the ground clearance under the frame.