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How to Register an Off-Road Vehicle? The Complete Guide

Most off-road vehicle owners go for the registration of a vehicle soon after acquiring the vehicle. Registration of off-road vehicles has specific requirements, and owners have to meet those requirements. But the question is: How to register an off-road vehicle?

To register an off-road vehicle, you will need to follow steps:

  • Step 1) Select the appropriate form
  • Step 2) Complete the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) inspection
  • Step 3) Pay fees, complete application, and mail-id supporting documentation to the DMV

Responsible citizens always try to support their country or state by following general rules and regulations. The registration of vehicles also depicts the sense of responsibility, and civilized society tends to prioritize this task. This article will analyze the criteria to fulfill for registering your off-road vehicle.

Application of Tags, Permits, Plates, and Stickers:

Application of tags, permits, and stickers is carried out similarly in every state, irrespective of the law. Every state has its law criteria, but these points apply to every state.

A registration plate is compulsory, and it should be fixed at the back end of your off-road vehicle. It will help if you have an idea about the registration plate. These registration plates include the registration number and the state where it is registered.

These attainments can boost the confidence level of the rider. The front section of the off-road vehicle should be equipped with registration stickers and tags. These requirements are necessary for many states. You should not ignore these standards to be fulfilled. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Types of Off-Road Vehicles Which Can be Registered:

Register an Off-Road Vehicle

Registration for off-road vehicles is carried out under the off-road vehicle registration act. Every off-road enthusiast should have an idea about the types of off-road vehicles which can be registered. This article will analyze those types of vehicles and registration processes.

After skimming through this article, you will have the idea to carry out this task properly. Off-road vehicles which can be registered through this act are delineated as follows:

  • Snowmobiles
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Side by side ORVs
Type of Off-Road VehicleRegistration Act
SnowmobilesSnowmobiles are the type of off-road vehicle that can be registered through repealed motor vehicle (all-terrain vehicle)act.
MotorcyclesOff-road motorcycles can be registered under the off-road vehicle registration act.

Steps to Register an Off-Road Vehicle:

The first step to register the off-road vehicle is the appointment process. It will help if you have to make an appointment for the registration of your off-road vehicle. Registration of your off-road vehicle is necessary for vehicle safety. You should bring the required documents during the appointment, and these documents are delineated as follows:


A vehicle registration application is necessary to bring with you for the registration of your vehicle. If you lack application, you can not process the further steps.

You should bring every required document with you for the registration of your vehicle. If you have proper documents, you will not fave many difficulties in accomplishing this task; otherwise, it can be a big hurdle.


Another essential document that is required during the process is the New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS). The manufacturer of the new vehicles will grant this statement. If this document is missing, you can not achieve the final result. You should not ignore these documents for the accomplishment of the final result.

Bill of Sale:

Bill of sale is another important document you should carry with you to register your off-road vehicle. Bill of sale is used for the sold off-road vehicle, and it is attached on the back of the vehicle registration form.

You can not ignore the HST registration number if the seller is an HST registrant. You can not pounce to the second step without the signature of the previous owner. After completing this criterion, you can move to the next step.

Registration for Out of Province Off-Road Vehicles:

Off-road enthusiasts who have off-road vehicles from out of province should register their vehicles under their home jurisdiction to avoid any mishap. They can only carry out this process if registration is available there. They can easily carry out this registration if they have legal licensing.

But those owners who do not have any registration available. What should they do? They can avoid any problem by carrying the proof of ownership with them while riding their off-road vehicles.

Cost of Registration:

You can get an idea about the cost of registration. You do not need to pay the registration fee many times, the registration fee is one time, and it is user-pay. If you want to register your off-road vehicle, you should have to pay the registration, and they will provide you with the certificate of registration.

If you plan to drive your off-road vehicle on the crown road, you should carry proof of registration. During driving, you should display the number plate on the back and the sticker on the front. At off-road vehicle registration, you should bring proof of ownership as it is a compulsory document.

Registration Activity Fee
Registration (annual renewal required)$20.00
Late Fee for expired registration$10.00
Title for Nevada-based vehicles$28.25
Title if the vehicle is not registered or present in Nevada$43.25
VIN Assignment (if needed)$2.00
Dealer fee per registration or title application submitted (paid to dealer separately)$2.00
Duplicate Decal Fee$5.00
Duplicate Title Fee$20.00

Generic Documents Needed:

  1. Original title/certificate of origin – you will surrender this for the new title
  2. Copy of driver’s license, ss# card (or W-2), contact phone number
  3. Motor Vehicle Application
  4. Bill of Sale – to avoid paying sales tax

We suggest checking the local registration website as well for particular documents before we go.

Off-Road Vehicle Registration in the Different US States:

Off-road vehicles are not designed for road use. These vehicles are specially designed to tackle unpaved road conditions. You are legally not allowed to drive an off-road vehicle on public land without registration. You should register your bike soon after acquiring it; it will depict your sense of responsibility.

However, there are certain states where you can ride off-road vehicles without registration, but this exemption does not apply to all states. We have created a table to inform you about the rules of different states.

Name of StateRegistration of Off-Road Vehicle
AlaskaOff-road vehicles only operate in private property as they are not titles in Alaska but it is necessary to register your off-road vehicle in this state.
ArizonaYou can not drive off-road vehicles without registration in this state, you should register your vehicle quickly.
CaliforniaIn California, owners of off-road vehicles are required to go for registration once in two years.
GeorgiaYou can drive an off-road vehicle for the first 30 days without registration but after this time period you have to register your vehicle

Every state of the USA has its policy regarding the registration of off-road vehicles. Some states allow the owner to use off-road vehicles even without registration. But there are certain states where you can not drive your off-road vehicle without registration of your vehicle.

California is among the states where you have to register your off-road vehicle once in two years; otherwise, you cannot ride. All types of off-road vehicles are not required to register.

Those types of off-road vehicles which do not require registration regularly must have to display an ID plate. Registration of your off-road vehicle is necessary for the safety of your vehicle. You should not overlook that taken.

You should do this task efficiently; If you want to be safe and sound; otherwise, it can prove harmful for you. There are fewer chances of vehicle recovery if your vehicle is not being registered.

Registration Imparts Protection from Anti-Social Riders:

Register an Off-Road Vehicle
Graph depicting vehicle law implementation ratio

Registration of off-road vehicles is required to beat the thieves. During the lockdown period, the situation was critical, and the crime rate(seizing off-road vehicles and other types of vehicles) was augmented many times. The problem becomes dreadful with the increase of activity crimes.

Many motorcycles have been seized during this period. The police have been active during this period, but there is a need to restrict these crimes. One better way to protect yourself from this happening is by registering your off-road vehicle. Otherwise, you are also a contributor to these criminal activities.

Anti-social must be discouraged at every level; otherwise, it can turn out to be deadly dangerous for the public. We want to quote a few incidents that took place due to these anti-social riders.

Anti-social riders bring havoc to public safety as many accidents were reported daily. There are more chances of crime during the nighttime, and you should not proceed without having a registered bike.

Most of the time ambulance was being called to take the accident victims to the hospital, and off-road vehicle riders are primarily involved in accidents. There are several causes associated with anti-social ridding.

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Importance of Off-Road Vehicle Registration:

Register an Off-Road Vehicle

You can not ignore the importance of off-road vehicle registration. Off-road vehicle registration boosts the rider’s confidence; otherwise, it can be treated as illegal to drive the off-road vehicle without registration. There are more chances of bikes being stolen nowadays.

You can suffer a significant loss if your bike is not registered. You can not blame the police force for your loss. You will be responsible for this happening because you were not doing the right and sophisticated act. You should register your off-road vehicle after buying it.

Registration of your off-road vehicle is also a sign of responsible citizenship. No one likes to repeal the law; it will prove to be very costly. You will better understand the situation by putting yourself in that situation if you plan to go off-roading without registering your bike.

You are not doing the right thing. Suppose you suffered any mishap during your journey and your bike got stolen. It is not easy to recover an unregistered bike. You can not blame the police force. But if the same thing happens to you and you are driving a registered vehicle, there are many chances of recovery.

Registration on PNC( Police Registration Number):

PNC can be the platform to register your off-road vehicle. One best thing about this platform is that it offers free service, so you can easily register your off-road vehicle without any issues.

There are specific requirements for the registration of your off-road vehicle. You have to share your detail to carry out this process correctly.

You have to provide information about your residence and your bike engine. This is the easy way to get your bike registered.

Is Off-Road Driving Legal?

A Class Registration and B Class Registration:

A class registration refers to the entire road registration of your vehicle. Suppose you are an owner of ADR-compliant motorcycles. In that case, this registration will allow you to drive your vehicle on public roads as you are not allowed to drive your vehicle without registration. 

This registration has the advantage of providing riders financial support in case of any personal injuries during an accident.

All the vehicles are not eligible for this registration level; only those vehicles which satisfy all the required criteria of this registration will be eligible to take advantage of this registration.

A compliance plate is required to carry out all the required equipment necessary for granting that registration. 

B Class Registration:

Those vehicles such as ATVs and other motorcycles that lack compliance plates are granted with B class registration level. This type of registration level is also referred to as the restricted registration level.

Those vehicles registered to the B class registration level are not allowed to drive on the roads. The owner of these types of vehicles is only allowed to drive their vehicles within public roads. 

Purpose of Off-Road Vehicle Registration:

The primary purpose of registering an off-road vehicle is to achieve the required off-road destination. Off-road vehicles are specially designed, and safety issues concern the off-road vehicle is the reason to register these types of vehicles.

But there are certain areas where you can drive your off-road vehicle without registration. Registration of your off-road vehicle can be done at any licensing platform. You should register your bike to tackle safety threats.

Third-party insurance is not included in off-road vehicle registration. It is better to have a proper idea about the expiry date of off-road vehicle registration on thirty September each year. Off-road registered vehicles are not allowed to drive on the public road as these were restricted to destined destinations.

Off-road vehicles can be operated within certain areas, such as race tracks. You can take part in a racing competition while driving your off-road vehicle. Off-road registered vehicles are allowed to drive through outfitter areas. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Green Sticker or Red Sticker?

Green stickers and red stickers are two different law terminologies. You should have an idea about these terms to carry out the process efficiently. If you are willing to drive your vehicle on public land, you can not do so without a legal pass.

You cannot drive on public land, but you can tackle this situation by acquiring a green sticker. A green sticker is a legal certificate that allows the owner of off-road vehicles to drive their vehicle on public land.

Green stickers are like a green signal for your vehicle to operate on public land. If your vehicle cannot meet the standards of safety established by a particular state, then red stickers would be granted to restrict your activity.

Do off-road bikes need to be registered?

You should register your bike as soon as possible if you are living in a risky state. In those states where criminal activity is maximum, you can not take the risk of not registering your bike.

Police compounds are full of unregistered bikes because of the high crime rate. You can not overshadow the importance of registration as this process can increase the chances of recovery many times. But if anything wrong happens to you and your bike is registered, it can be recovered within few days.

You should take this responsibility to make your state crime-free. By not registering your bike, you are just encouraging criminals to seize this critical acquisition from you. Because of lockdown, these criminal activities increased many times, and you can tackle these by following the law.

Are motocross bikes street legal?

Dirt bikes are not street legal in California. But the owner of dirt bikes can make it street legal by following specific steps. There are certain requirements for your bike to be street legal.

Your dirt bike must have a green sticker that indicates a green signal for this bike. You cannot drive this dirt bike without the green sticker as it is allowed to operate within public land.

Even in some cases, green sticker bikes would not possess the necessary equipment for driving these vehicles. You should have a vehicle equipped with the essential tools to impart proper safety.

If your bike has low-quality emissions and there is no way to convert them for high-resource use, they can be red sticker and banned. Street legal dirt bikes have the necessary condition to meet the state laws and are equipped with essential safety components.

What is an off-road title?

An off-road title is an indication that off-road vehicles are not allowed to drive across public land. If off-road enthusiasts are willing to drive their off-road vehicle across the public land, they must go for the registration of their vehicle; without registration, it is not legal to drive an off-road vehicle.

Off-road vehicle registration is compulsory because these vehicles are designed only for off-roading; off-road vehicles usually lack the components necessary for the safety of riders during on-road use. 

Where can you ride off-road vehicles legally?

 You can not drive off-road vehicles on every route. Certain areas are specifically designed for off-roading. But there are ways to drive the off-road vehicle legally on private land. You have to acquire the permit from the landowner, and you are allowed to do this activity; otherwise, you can not carry out this process.

Off-road vehicles are often associated with safety threats; state governments always try to restrict risky activities. If you are willing to drive your off-road bike on the road, you must fulfill the following requirements.

Your vehicle should have the following documents such as DVLA registration (log book), road tax, a valid MOT, fitted, working lights, and registration plates.

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