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Off-Road Rims for Trucks and SUVs- How to Select the Best

In off-roading, a good set of wheels is critical because the extent to which you are going off-road depends on the wheels you are using. Good sets of wheels mean good performance on an off-road track. Now there are two components of a tire: an outer rubber layer and a steel or alloy rim over which the tire fits. In this article, we will discuss the inner part rim in detail—the relative importance of the rim, how its sizes vary, and how it changes the performance of tires. What is an off-road rim?

Off-road rims are defined as the external edge of an off-road wheel that holds the tire. It is usually made up of steel or alloy and is in a circular design upon which the rubber part is mounted. Off-road rims range from 15 inches to 20 inches.

Understanding Off-Road Rims for Trucks and SUVs:

The tire is the black rubber component; The rim is the strong steel or alloy piece to which the rubber bit is attached. A wheel is made up of a rim and a tire. Primarily, the wheels are divided into two main categories based on rims. One type is called steel Rims wheels, while the other is Alloy Rims Wheel.

Defining Steel and Alloy Rim Wheels:

Steel rims are constructed of steel and are rolled and pressed into form before being welded together.

Alloy rims are made from a combination of metals such as aluminum, nickel, magnesium, and a few more, depending on the brand and quality. Cast alloy rims are often of inferior quality and cost and are weaker.

There are gravity cast rims and pressure cast rims (both of which are often dubious aftermarket bargains) (generally more costly, more robust and the type supplied by most original equipment manufacturers and some quality aftermarket manufacturers). Forged alloy rims are the bee's knees in terms of strength, weight, and, regrettably, cost.

Mag rims may refer to anything from a general word for an alloy rim to an early form of making aftermarket rims out of magnesium combined with other metals.

Size and Weight Ratings of Off-Road Rims:

Irrespective of the sort of rim you choose, you must check that it is the exact size for the vehicle – width & diameter – as stated in the manual and that any legal alterations do not compromise with bumpers, brakes, or other parts.

Weight ratings are essential to consider; some cheap aftermarket rims are not rated or are rated in a sufficiently high manner to enable the vehicle to be packed to the lower deck for that dream trip. Every accident you have with uncut rims would most probably cancel your coverage as well, so don't take the risk.

Alloy wheels that are too cheap, untrusted, or unauthorized have no place on our roads. Don’t place yourself in danger merely to save a few dollars. Your life, the lives of your family, and mine are more essential than driving on dangerous rims.

The fasteners are an essential factor that many people neglect. Fasteners used on steel wheels are often unsuitable for alloy wheels and vice versa. If you replace rims regularly, you’ll need two sets of bolts.

Tire Size

Ply Rating

Rec-Rim Width (mm)

Section Width (mm)

Overall Diameter (mm)

Non-Skid Depth (mm)































How to Understand Wheel Numbers:

As an example, consider an 18 x 9 5/150 -35 rim.
Then, 18 is the diameter, while 9 is the width in inches.

5/150 = 5 is the number of stud/nut holes on the rim, and 150 is the Pitch Circle Diameter in millimeters, and – 35 = is the offset in millimeters outwards from zero that widens the wheel track with the track being not altered by more than 50mm. The rim offset may be zero, negative, or positive. The offset is calculated by measuring the distance between the face of the hub mounting surface and the rim centerline.

Steel Vs Alloys Off-Road Rims:

The metal vs alloy rim argument has raged whenever well since rims progressed from being made of wood. The discussion has raged around the campground, leaning on bull bars and drinking at the bar, whether steel can be hammered back into shape or whether an alloy rim is weaker or lighter than steel.

Significant Differences Between Alloy and Steel Rims:

Below are some of the significant differences between alloy wheels compared to steel wheels:


Most people believe that steel rims are the only rims that can be mended. In a nutshell, yes and no. Steel rim damage may occasionally be fixed on the side of the track with nothing more than a hammer.

There are situations when you won’t repair a steel rim; it all relies on the extent of the damage. If you split a steelie, it’s the same as breaking an alloy rim. If it’s out of round and so severely damaged that it won’t retain air, toss it.

While most bends, fractures, and splits in alloy wheels cannot be mended on the track, some may be restored by professionals — regrettably, not near where the damage occurred. Liquid Metal Filler (and related products) may be used as temporary trackside remedies since they form a steel-like complex compound that attaches to alloy and can be filled and drilled. Still, they take time and usually need the tire removed to effect the repair.

This patch should only be used as a last option to get oneself out of difficulties since it is unlikely to be structurally solid. If an alloy rim is repairable, the experts will reshape, weld, x-ray, and confirm that it is suitable for the purpose.


So, indeed, an alloy can be repaired, but trackside repair work will get you out of danger. An expert's opinion will be required to decide if the injury is fatal.

Endurance and Durability and Price Factor between Steel and Alloy Off-Road Rims:

Regardless of the rim material, you intend to ‘use,’ you will get what you paid for. Cheap non-load-rated steel rims can bend quickly compared to brand-name load-rated rims, which will weigh considerably more and withstand hammering before bending.

Cheap alloy wheels may be porous and enable gradual air leaks, fragile and break or shatter quickly under the impact, and have no place on our roads at all.

Brand-name alloys may be lighter or heavier than certain steelies depending on the production procedure. Still, they will undoubtedly be more robust and considerably less prone to breakage than their low-cost equivalents.

Alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels, but not by as much as you may assume. Depending on the quality and production procedure, an alloy rim may be the same weight as a steel rim, but it can also be much lighter.

Price and Appearance:

In terms of appearance, it is entirely subjective. Regarding limited colour options, most steel rims are white, black, or silver; however, powder coating, spray painting, and plastic-dipping may return a wide range of colours and patterns to improve the appearance.

But keep in mind that rust is the number one enemy of steel rims. Even powder-coated rims that reside near the seaside can rust over time. When they do, you’ll need to think about cleaning and treating the wheel, whether that’s by repainting.

In terms of design, alloy rims offer many more alternatives than steel rims. Patterns, colors, styles, and forms… Well, they’re all around and will appeal to a wide range of individuals. Isn’t it true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Steel rims have a few styles but much less than aluminum rims. Some people like the appearance of the classic Sunraysia style; however, most only come in white, black, or silver. However, painting, Plasti Dipping, and aftermarket powder coating are simple tasks.

2 Points to be Taken Care of:

Off-Road Rims for Trucks

While buying wheels, these are the prerequisite that you must have in your mind before you buy any set of wheels:

Nuts and Bolts:

Wheel nuts must be tailored to each rim to ensure proper fit. It is important to note that the wheel nut face’s taper angle (typically 60 degrees) must be the same as the matching face on the rim.

In addition, the depth or length of the wheel nut must be suitable to compress the rim to the hub adequately.

Using the incorrect angle and length nuts can only result in a possible accident when a wheel wobbles loose on the road. Because the designs vary due to the differing mating faces and hub centres, alloy rim nuts are typically not compatible with steel rim wheel nuts.

Quality of Rubber:

On-road low-profile rubber is ideal for high-performance, street-oriented handling, but it is entirely inappropriate for off-road usage. That low-profile rubber is also prone to rim breakage – whether steel or alloy. Given that the tire sidewall has significantly less ‘give,’ it comes to the reason that your rim will withstand a lot more impact.

Off-road tires with a higher profile will absorb significantly more stress from striking rocks or other complex objects, thus safeguarding your rims. Sure, you should adjust your speed to the track conditions and slow down as required, but the higher the profile of your tires, the less damage you’ll inflict to your rims.

Off-Road Truck and SUV Tire With Steel Rims vs Alloy Rims:

Case Study:

1. Pro Comp Series 52 Vs Black Rhino Hard Alloy Alpine:

In this case study, we have attempted to take the top-of-the-line variant of both alloy wheel and steel wheel to compare their performance on off-roads.

Observation 1:

The number one observation regarding these wheels comes in weight and their impact on performance.

The 32 pounds steel wheel (Pro Comp Series 52) is heavier than the Black Rhino Hard Alloy wheel, which weighs 16lb. This has an impact on performance as well.

First, the lesser the weight of the wheel, the lesser the force required to move it above an obstacle. Now, the entire set of wheels of the Pro Comp Series will almost be double compared to that of black Rhino. And this ultimately shows that alloy wheels perform better in this regard.

Observation 2:

The following observation is rust.

In this case, we have attempted to study the coat painted on both these wheels and how rust impacts alloy rims and steel rims over time.

Our observation yielded that both wheels have been painted with quality coating and have similar standing against rust - though alloy wheels do not rust but crude. Therefore, we have rated both these wheels equal in this regard based on the matt finish they have.

Observation 3:

The third observation in this regard is again linked with the off-road performance.

The thermal imaging of both these wheels shows that during extreme off-roading conditions of heat and cold, the Black Rhino contracts/ expands less than Pro Comp, which shows that alloy wheels perform better at extreme off-road conditions.

Furthermore, heat dissipation from brakes is also an important performance factor. In this context, our observations have been found out to be that the Black Rhino Alloy wheel performed better in terms of dissipating heat and the brake pads remain intact for a more extended period than the steel wheel tire, i.e. Pro Comp Series 52.

Conclusion of Case Study:

Both steel and alloy wheels perform well under extreme conditions. Yet, so far, the alloy rim performed better in many areas and maintained an edge over the steel wheel.

Best Off-Road Truck and SUV Wheels to Buy:

Below is a list of some exceptional off-road wheels available in the market. The wheels are rated according to their respective dimensions, load rating, and design. The list includes both alloy and steel wheel rims.

Wheel Name


Load Rating



Link To Check 

Series 52 Pro Comp


Rated as heavy load durable

Pitch circle diameter 139.7 mm

Series 51 Pro Comp


Rated as heavy load durable

Pitch circle diameter 139.7mm

Hell Dorado
(Topline Replicas)

24 x 10. inches /6 x 5 inches, 27 mm Offset

Standard heavy load durable

Dick Cepeck


Machined exterior with long time sustenance

139.7 Millimeters

Mickey Thompson Original


Single sheet design capable of off-roading

33 Inches

Cheap Set of Off-Road Tires – Below $1000:

The 305 NV Tyre:

This Tyre has an iconic Twelve-panel layout with a Way emblem on each side of the main cap. Its lip offset represents a real Beadlock rim and has replaceable lip fasteners in various colours.

It has a high applied load of 2,500- 3,640 lbs., with added durability (HD) 4,500 pounds – usage possible.

The Black Rhino Series:

The Black Rhino vehicle and SUV tire series are known for two kinds of vehicles:

The first configuration we created has reverse offsets that work perfectly with your High forklift or SUVs. This gives the Off-Road vehicle the aggressive approach that all these vehicles require. The next is a more road vehicle that you’d like to stand out from the rest via giving it a distinctive facelift. The excellent pitch of the wheels allows you to use it on your vehicle with a moderate lift or factory appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are good off-road wheels?

The wheels designed explicitly for off-roading are made with durable and heavy-rated alloys. Only these wheels are considered to be good for off-roading. To quote some examples: Series 52 Comp Pro and Series 51 Comp Pro, Hell Dorado Comp Pro Alliance, are among the top off-road wheels.

Do rims matter for offroad?

Yes, rims matter a lot in off-roading. It is because rims are the source of strength of wheels. Every shock that the rim bears, the wheel bears. So good quality of rim is essential for off-road use.

Can you Offroad with 20-inch rims?

20 inches Rim is not a good choice as the dimension of the wheel will be lesser than usual in the context of off-roading. This implies that you will face more bumps, less traction, and less control while off-roading.

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