10 Most Extreme Off-Road Paths of All Time

1. Rubicon Trail

This 22-miles long trail offers two trailheads, with the most popular head located at ‘Loon Lake,’ but you can start the trek from any two of the points.

2. Devil Punch Bowl from Colorado

The trail offers a breathtaking experience accompanied by an element of danger because of the extremely narrow vertical trek of Crystals Hills.

3. Holy Cross Trail

The reason that makes Holy Cross Trail among the most extremes in the world is the trek of almost 11,570 ft of rough road.

4. Hell’s Revenge Moab Utah

The maximum speed limit on this trail is 15mph, and it is open throughout the year. What else it offers you is the accessibility of dirt bikes and UTVs - except ATVs.

5. Poison Spider Mesa TrailHead

The trail comprised 13.5 miles of slippery path, slick rock ledges, and irregular stones that make the way more challenging and dangerous.

6. Shafer Canyon Road

the trail offers an intense experience of sheer top cliffs and slippery roads to challenging the gut of experienced off-roaders.

7. The Alexander Mackenzie Trail

The trail serves as an extreme off-roading location due to the mud deadfall, the water reservoirs, and the bogs crossings.

8. Whipsaw Trail

It’s a 64 mile, moderately trafficked, and adventurous trail with several loose and steep slopes, irregular hikes, and water-crossings.

9. Canning Stock Trail

Among the most remote and hardest off-roading routes globally, the name of Canning Stock Trail is on the top. The Australian-based route starts from the Halls Creek in the Kimberley Region

10. Binns Offroad Trail

Binns Off-road route spans over 2230 km with an exclusive off-roading trail of 2.191 km at the Australian Border. Adding with it, the trail requires a journey of 21 hrs from mount Dare to reach it.