Are Off-Road Tires Good On the Highway?

Off-road tires will not perform as well on paved roads as their construction is not optimized for that purpose.

A car with off-road tires will have a harder time accelerating, braking, and handling turns at high speeds

Off-road tires are designed to be used on dirt, gravel, and other surfaces that are not paved.

Off-road tires are heavier and higher than on-road tires. Because of this, there is a trade-off between on-road and off-road performance.

Since off-road tires have thicker treads and a higher profile than on-road tires, they are harder to accelerate, handle turns at high speeds, and brake.

Off-road tires have thicker treads and a higher profile which creates more surface area for traction which can make off-road driving easier.

Mud terrain tires can take on all types of tough terrain, but they are primarily designed for off-road uses. These are the perfect tires if you want to explore rough territory

The mud tires are durable tires that will give you a longevity span of 40,000 miles and a minimum never less than 20,000.