Are Three Wheelers Legal?

Three-wheeler ATVs were one of the most popular ATVs in late 90s, but ceased production because of extreme liability––also known as the All Terrain Cycle or ATC.

People have been complaining about the lack of safety features on ATVs, and as a result, 3-wheeled ATVs got banned from the market

Cars may have started out as just a fun ride, but without solid safety standards, riders were exposed to a lot of potential risks. There was no suspension or large size car for riders to get in and enjoy the ride.

A majority of the injuries were reported by children, and the size three-wheelers are more appropriate for them. Large ATVs and quads are not as easy to control in larger spaces.

One of the main reasons why three-wheeled ATVs are so dangerous is because they're deceivingly large. They can easily be mistaken for a bicycle and make it difficult to react in time if you see them coming.

Three-wheelers have been a menace on safety in the country. There were almost 10000 reported deaths in the period of 1982-2009 which makes them far less appealing.

Manufacturers have agreed to stop selling the new models of three-wheel ATVs and return them back from customers who don't want them.

The government sued the car manufacturers after a press release and banned the product in 1988 due to increasing numbers of injuries and deaths.