Best Off-Road Navigation Apps

All-in-One Offline App

You can pinpoint any location and get the details of this point. Its track, altitude, terrain, and many other details are given in this regard.

Gaia App

the application has a search option in which you can search about any trail, and it will become highlighted over the map. Then, the driver can easily have the information required for the trail.

Trail Offroad

The app is famous for its inclinometer as it accurately tells about the vehicle’s angle.

Alpine Quest

The maps are usually classical, topographic, and satellite-based. But the application keeps on updating, and it gives boundary maps, property maps, lake maps, and drivers.


The OsmAnd app has an awesome feature that is adding vehicle dimensions to the vehicle parameter option.

Avenza Maps

Avenza Maps is not a navigation app, yet it gives you a collection of maps that you can employ in your regular navigation applications.

Locus Maps

Locus Maps is a multifunctional application that allows users to track, record, share and alter routes given on the maps.

BackCountry Navigator XE

The prominent feature of BackCountry Navigator includes overlaying of maps.