Best Off-Road Trails Near Atlanta

Best Off-Road Trails Near Atlanta

Beasley Knob OHV Trail

The trail is challenging because of bumps, and for this reason, the trail may not be suitable for beginners.

Sarah Creek Road

The trail is marked for beginners and has a difficulty level of ease.

Horseshoe Ridge Road

There are rocks everywhere, and for this reason, the drivers are asked to have vehicles with good ground clearance.

Currahee Mountain Trail

The trail is full of dirt and gravel that reach the mountain height. The view from the above is fabulous, and drivers of moderate level off-roading skills can easily trek the height.

Rocky Flats OHV Trail

Rocky flat OHV trail is a 4.5-mile off-road trail available for all kinds of vehicles. However, the trail is primarily being used for 4wd vehicles because there is no parking lot available for the ATVs and dirt bikes.

Regency Oaks Walking Trail

This trail offers a variety of terrains and landscapes for drivers to explore. There are also plenty of areas for drivers to test their skills and navigate tight spaces.

The Doll Head

The trail winds its way through a series of hills and valleys, providing a challenging ride for experienced riders.

Path 400 Greenway Trail

The trail was built on an old railroad line abandoned in the late 1990s. The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership worked with the city of Atlanta and private donors to fund the trail’s construction.

East Palisades Off-Roading Trail

The trail is situated on the eastern side of the Chattahoochee River, and it offers stunning views of the river and the surrounding area.