Can You Drive a Sedan Off-Road?

You can drive a sedan off-road if there is sufficient ground clearance. However, for a very harsh terrain, most AWD sedans don’t have the enough clearance.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The modern Mercedes-Benz E-Class is available with sweeping new features of adjusting ground clearance.

The Volvo S60 Cross Country

The Volvo S60 Cross Country holds a powerful engine that can generate the maximum power to surpass hurdles during the off-road journey.

The 2022 AWD Dodge Charger

The main feature of this AWD Dodge Charger is the power of six cylinders. It can be the best choice during an off-road journey.

2022 Nissan Versa

You can select this vehicle for off-roading as it provides 6.8 inches of ground clearance.

The sedan is available in four cylinders, six cylinders, and eight cylinders for generating immense power.

Sedans are already designed with factory-installed roof rails.

In a manual transmission, you can adjust the gears to generate power according to the given situation.

Four-wheel drive is much better than the two-wheel-drive counterpart.

In 2019, sedans or saloons were the second most preferred body type among consumers of passenger cars. Their sales totalled 18.85 million units, equating to one in four of the units sold for passenger cars.