Does North Carolina have ATV Trails?

Slab Pile Trail Slab Pile is famous for the uneven and difficult terrain and challenging obstacles. The trail can be difficult to navigate for new off-roaders

Sawmill Trail Sawmill Trail is one of the most famous off-roading spots in North Carolina. It poses miles of difficult and diverse terrain.

The Rocky Mountain Loop The trail is nearly 70 miles long, and the trail is considered one of the most tricky trails in North Carolina.

The Pisgah National Forest The Pisgah National Forest poses over 400 miles long terrain specifically for ATVs.  All types of terrains including mountains-hills, valleys, water crossings, swamps are major attractions here.

Nantahala National Forest This national Forest offers  nearly 300 miles of off-road trails for ATVs. The trails are marked and range in difficulty from easy to difficult.

The Dicky Bell ATV Trail The trail offers more than 10 miles of ATV trails that go through the forests and hills of central New York 

The Badin Lake OHV These off-road trails are well-marked as per difficulty and well maintained. The trail offers more than 260 miles of single track to explore.

Patriot Mountain Lake Park This trail offers challenging tracks and is recommended for pro off-roaders. The main attraction here is the Forest Terrain ranging up to Hill Top

The Croatan National Forest This forest offers around 53 miles of ATV trails ranging and the tracks are well marked as per difficulty level. .