How Does Off-Road Exhaust Work?

Off-road exhaust is a special type of exhaust where the muffler is relocated under the driver’s door to the rear.

Due to its higher ground clearance, the muffler has less chance of being damaged by rocks.

Rock crawler models are bent up and over the back axle to prevent boulders and other hazards from hitting your pipes.

Whether you drive on the street or off-road, picking up the best straight-through muffler is a good decision.

As restrictions in the exhaust line can reduce the engine’s power, they can remove horsepower restrictions

The first step is to match your emissions system with your riding style. Snorkel exhausts are not necessary if you’ll never go near a river.

Off-road exhausts can be plated or galvanized, but these coatings will eventually wear down.

Inhaling exhaust fumes is not recommended. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas.

Poor welding can cause exhaust leaks or rust. Unlike popular belief, muffler deletion does not increase horsepower