How Does Off-Road Wheelchair Work?

The off-road wheelchair is a mobility assistance device made for special persons to go off-road.

The wheelchair is equipped with all-terrain tires to help get traction over loose surfaces of trails.

All-terrain wheelchairs provide a level of mobility that would otherwise be impossible to achieve without assistance.

Sand & beach wheelchairs are made of massive wheels that help the wheelchair to remain on top of the sand rather than burrowing into the ground as a tiny wheel and caster would generally do in a similar situation

Fortunately, there is an all-terrain wheelchair that allows them to move almost anywhere and over any surface without danger of being trapped or toppling over and harming themselves.

The frame is light yet sturdy, allowing you to move quickly without fear of injury.

There's also the cushioned chair, which absorbs even more of the off-road terrain's undulations.

There are several companies that are working globally and making all-terrain wheelchairs. These companies include Enigma, Mountain Trike, Outlander etc.