How Does an Off-Road Snorkel Work?

Off-road snorkels are essential in completing the fuel combustion cycle.

Snorkels allow your vehicle to access more air which in turn makes the vehicle breathe cleaner and cooler air free from contaminants.

The most common misconception regarding snorkels is that they're only used for crossing water.

You don’t have to worry about your airbox getting wet with a snorkel even in the rain.

No matter what the weather, a snorkel offers protection from the elements.

When operating in snowy environments, the opening of the air ram can be reversed to prevent snow from melting into the filter and clogging the snorkel.

Snorkels keep particles like dust and water from entering your engine. Snorkels come in various models and sizes.

A snorkel elevates the air intake, allowing you to draw in cleaner and cooler air than the air drawn in around your engine bay.

There are two kinds of snorkels for vehicles, one with an air ram head and the other with a vortex head.