How to Read ATV Tire Size?

Tires hold great importance whenever we talk about ATVs

By Surya

February 28, 2020

in this example, the tire will be mounted on a 12″ wheel/rim, and its shape cannot fit any other wheel size

25 full heights of the tire installed and inflated.The total width of the tire when inflated at 8.00.12 The diameter of the wheel on which this tire will be mounted

25 × 8.0012

Metric always has three numbers and a letter. – Tire width in millimeters. – Aspect ratio (%) – A letter to designate the construction type – Wheel diameter (inches)

Firstly, make sure that you deal with standard or metric ATV tire sizes. Three numbers are used: – Tire Diameter inches – Tire width in inches – Wheel diameter in inches

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Understanding how to read this tire size is just an initial phase. You also need to understand how to use them. Are 24 inches being suitable diameter for your quad?