Is Ford Explorer Really 4 Wheel Drive?

Basic Ford Explorers come with a primary 2WD type, and a large chunk of Ford Explorers are 4WD. It can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

Some of the Explorers can be revamped to intelligent 4WD, a high-tech feature that supersedes AWD in its control options, such as the Hill Descent Control.

The High mode is advised only to be used in off-road or slippery winter conditions like snow and shallow sand.

While on the other hand is the 4-Low mode, which gives you extra power at a reduced speed for climbing steep terrains, going through deep sand, rock, or towing.

For the F-150 4X4 system, you can shift between 2-High and 4-High or 4-Automatic at a standstill or speed.

For example, if you have shifted into 4-High, you will see 4H illuminated. And if it is 4-Auto, you will see 4A illuminated. And if it is 2-High you shifted to, 2H will be temporarily illuminated.

When shifting to and from 4-Low, you will need to bring the vehicle to a stop. You will see a “4X4 Shift in Progress” message when you do.

With the Ford Explorers, issues arise with the throttle body, which is crucial as the safety measures are compromised. It does not want to go when you step on the gas pedal.