Off-Road Diesel 101

Off-road diesel is chemically identical to regular diesel fuel

Difference Between On-Road and Off-Road Diesel: On-road diesel and off-road diesel are the two kinds of diesel fuel

Government Approval: On-road diesel, as the name implies, is authorized for use in automobiles on the road

Dyed: Off-road diesel is not taxed since it is not used in vehicles driven on roads. Hence it is less expensive than on-road diesel

What is the Legal Status of Off-Road Diesel? Rebated off-road diesel is essentially the government’s approach of providing incentives to enterprises requiring diesel fuel

Where can I get Off-Road Diesel or Dyed Diesel? This gasoline is only available at a few remote petrol stations

Does Off-Road Diesel Smoke More? No, off-road diesel does not smoke more. The only difference with regular on-road diesel is the addition of dye in off-road diesel