Off-Road Trails Near Las Vegas

The National Desert Wildlife Refuge Trail: The National desert wildlife refuge is a great place for off-road trippers looking to get away from it all and experience the beautiful desert scenery.

The Bitter Springs  If you're looking for a scenic drive and want to explore the beautiful Muddy Mountains, the Bitter Springs Backcountry Byway is 40 miles away and it connects 1-15 to North Road around Lake Mead.

Nelson Goldmine Trail The Nelson Goldmine Trail is an up-and-coming trail, with great scenery, and a wide variety of obstacles. The 10.69 miles includes sights like a historic mine.

Rocky Gap The trail is located in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. It can be hard to complete the trail it at certain times of the year and it is 23.1 miles long.

Angle Peak Angle peak is an easy trail for off-roaders. The underlying trails are slow inclines, it is one of the longest in our list that is about 300 miles long

Lucky Strike OHV Trail: Lucky Strike OHV Trail is a great place for those who love off-roading and enjoy a challenge. It offers a variety of trails with different obstacles, scenery and terrain. All in all it's 14 miles long.

Valley of Fire State Park This national park is home to fantastic rock formations and petroglyphs, and provide breathtaking views from high points like Wheeler Peak (elevation 11467 meters). There are 75 miles of trails to explore.

Mojave Desert It's an amazing destination that is perfect for people who love the outdoors. There are a ton of hiking trails and it's impossible to get bored when you're surrounded by such beautiful scenery.

The Devils Peak Trails Devil's Peak hike is 5 miles and starts from a very high altitude (8500 ft) to the top of the summit at 11000 feet.