What Are Mud Tires Good For?

Mud tires are often used in off-road racing and they have a deep tread pattern that can provide traction on soft surfaces such as mud, snow, or sand.

A mud tire operates through adhesion rather than rolling. When a mud tire vehicle loses traction, it has to back up and try to get traction again.

These tires are designed with a standard truck and SUV in mind, but also with some extra off-road capabilities.

The best tires are those that have thicker sidewalls. They provide protection to the tire's interior, which will increase its durability and life.

The size of the tires should be matched to those of the wheels. Larger tires are better because they provide more traction with the ground.

It is recommended not to use mud tires in the rain because they pose a higher risk of aquaplaning or hydroplaning.

Mud tires can be noisy on pavement

The mud tires' layer of durable compounds resists punctures that would normally only happen off-road.