What do I Need for Off-Roading?

Off-roading kit can be categorized into 4 different parts: -Safety and Storage Kit -Recovery Kit -Camping Equipment -Additional Kit to Carry

Recovery Kit It is equipped with all the necessary tools,  essentials that  keep the vehicle running. 

Safety and Storage Kit We will list them that are needed for the rider's safety and the vehicle's safety.

Additional Kit: This may not be a must have for off roading. However,  they could be be useful and life-saving

Camping Equipment: Roof Rack .Food and Water .Licenses Off-roaders may need to stay for sometime in the terrains

Roof Rack: It is the equipment that you may want to include while off-roading. The roof rack implies a portable roof that you can install anywhere.

Food and Water: Off roading does also demand the survival skills. It is because it is executed mainly in remote areas and the journey is typically long.

Licenses It is recommended to carry valid driving license with you.