Side by Side ATV

Common terms used for side by side ATVs:

1. Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) 2. Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) 3. Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle (ROHV) 4. Multipurpose Off-Highway Utility Vehicle (MOHUV)

There are different types of side-by-side ATVs, including utility, sport-utility, and sports or recreational UTVs:

-Can-AM -Polaris -Yamaha -Kawasaki and Honda -CF MOTO and Arctic Cat

The different Brands of side by side ATVS include:

Things To Pay Attention To While Choosing Side By Side Vehicle: -Wheelbase -Tow capacity -Payload Capacity

– Seating for at least two people – Go for the four-wheeler vehicle – Go for the bucket seats and bench seating vehicles – Look for the one having a steering wheel

Features of A Side-By-Side ATV:

1. Hauling gear when hunting, camping or fishing 2. Working on the property or at the job site 3. Travelling through town 4. Trail riding