Which Wheels Are Better for Off-Roading?

The most common off-road rim size varies between is 16 inches and 17 inches.

Wheels that have small circumference offers a bigger sidewall and that protect the rim from a any impact.

KMC KM 708 Bully Off-Road Wheel is one of the best rims that can give you that comfort during journey.

Method Race 701 Wheels offer various sizes ranging between 15 inches and18 inches in diameter.

Pro Comp Steel Series 51 Wheel is known for its budget friendliness and robustness. It can tolerate the nasty off-road conditions.

American Racing Baja Wheel is famous for mud terrains and hill tops. It comes with various widths.

Helo HE878 Wheels offer 6-lug configuration and high load capacity. These are made of durable aluminum.

Few parameters need to be evaluated before making a purchase decision: -Size, -Bolt Pattern, -Load Rating, -Finish, Material, etc.