Why Do Jeeps Have 7 Slot Grille?

The 7 slot grille design for Jeep helped make the brand refuse to blend in with others.

Ford’s grille is a 9-slot design. Jeeps also came up with their own version of a 7-slot grille to avoid any potential copyright conflicts.

Jeep grilles have been around for decades and have evolved to what they are today. Early World War 2 jeeps had 9 slots on their grille portion

Some allege that these holes were in place to grill hamburgers and also to hold the jeep's front region together.

No one really knows the origin of Jeep's grille and headlights design, but it has been around since at least 1949.

Willys first made the Jeep for military purposes. But during World War II civilians used it and so did the government.

Jeep has evolved from its original design to create more versatile vehicles. These variations are used for both military and civilian purposes

The Jeep Wrangler, released in 1987, proved to be a great car with the best off-road and rugged capabilities.