Why Do Off-Road Tires Wear Faster?

Generally, off-road tires tend to wear faster than regular tires due to their thicker sidewalls and more aggressive tread pattern.

On paved roads, they can cause the vehicle to hydroplane and lose traction. As a result, they may wear more quickly on paved roads than regular tires.

However, on average off-road tires will last anywhere about 40,000 miles before needing to be replaced.

There are a few standardized tests that you can perform to measure the wear of the off-road tire:

Penny TestThe Quarter TestThe Indicator Bar

While not technically a type of wear, bulges, blisters, bars, and cracks can be a sign that your tires are in danger of failing.

A bulge is a sign of excessive internal pressure in the tire.

A blister is a sign of excessive heat and pressure in the tire. If you notice blisters, do not drive on the tire.

Bars are an indication that the tire has been over-inflated. If you notice bars, reduce the air pressure in the tire to the correct level.

In fact, off-road tires tend to wear faster than their paved road counterparts.