Why Does Jeep Have Two Batteries?

The two batteries installed in the Jeep Wrangler will provide a longer service backup. It helps to enhance the performance of electrical components

The load does not shift to single battery. Two deep-cycle batteries in Jeep allow to run all the accessories longer without being recharged.

The jeeps have two batteries present inside their hood. The two batteries are connected to the car by all means but serve differently.

One of the two batteries is the primary battery. This battery serves the purpose of cranking the truck.

The second battery is known as the secondary one. It is the auxiliary battery and is used to provide power to the electrical components present in the car.

The two batteries and their association provide an extended time to run the vehicle even when the engine turns off.

The smart isolator can disconnect the batteries when the batteries drain out. It prevents the cranking battery from draining as accessories connect with it.

The Aux battery keeps accessories and computers alive when the ESS stops the engine. Aux battery cannot alone fulfill the current demands to start the motor.