Why Does Jeep Smell Like Anti-Freeze?

The Jeep Wrangler smells like antifreeze, mainly due to the car’s coolant that starts to leak. It is absorbed in the interior of the car’s vents and produces an odor of antifreeze.

Also, a loose serpentine belt may become the reason to smell like antifreeze by rising the engine temperature.

The loose belt will not turn the water pump enough RPMs, which would eventually cause the engine temp to rise, and the person would smell the overheated antifreeze through the reservoir hose/cap.

You may notice the abnormal sounds of squealing and noising from under the hood and a burning rubber smell.

A Clutch is a mechanical device in a manual transmission that transfers the rotational power from the engine to the wheels.

There might be an issue with the accessories associated with the serpentine belt like an air pump, A/C compressor, or clutch.

 The Clutch is responsible for the speed of the car and slowing down of engine without turning it off.

The burning smell of plastic in the car usually occurs when the heater or fan is turned on.