Why Does My Jeep Shake?

Jeep shakes at or above 40 Mph typically due to poor or unbalanced tires.

The driver will notice a prominent shake in the steering wheel at speeds between 45 and 60 Mph if the tires get out of alignment.

No matter how much we keep our vehicle in a good state of maintenance, there are chances of vibration and shaking.

Primary Reasons include: 1. Tire issues 2. Issue of wheels and brakes 3. Issue of suspension and its components 4. Worn shocks and struts

The issues include the usage of winter tires in an inappropriate way, tire wear and an imbalanced set of tires.

Improperly tightened wheel bolts are a common cause of violent rattling and are dangerous in the case of off-roading

Vibrations at 40 mph are seen when one or more components or suspension fails. Suspensions also wear out like other components.

Another common symptom of imbalance is the increase in fuel consumption and the start consuming more fuel than it usually does regularly.