How Do Mud Tires Perform in Snow?

Lack of traction can cause mud tires to perform poorly or not at all in icy and snowy environments. The situation of the vehicle, weather and tire type may factor into which combination is best suited.

The type of tires you choose also affects your ability to handle the vehicle on snow

Mud tires are unable to gain traction in the muddy terrain. The unique triple-peak design of these snow tires though is perfect for helping you stay safe during snowy weather.

The tread pattern on the mud tires is designed with a wide footprint to keep it from getting stuck in mud. This footprint allows the semi-liquid mud to flow freely through the channels.

The mud is pushed out of the tread pattern according to the direction of the wheels. The snow becomes packed in the grimy terrain as it's solid and reduces traction

Snow chains help to keep your vehicle in control on the snowy surfaces. They are perfect for those who enjoy off-roading during snowy seasons, and they will make sure you perform well.

The large wedges on your mud tires allow them to have more inertia making them difficult to drive on snow.

When the ice is especially soft, mud tires can get dangerously slippery. This will drastically reduce the required traction.