How Much Does an ATV Weigh?

ATV weighs in the range of (dry weights) 220 pounds to 1170 pounds

The term ‘dry weight’ is the measurement most manufacturers use daily. This is the weight of an ATV seen on the show floor without oil, gasoline, or other liquids

Manufacturers use Dry weight, curb weight, wet weight, or ready-to-ride weight to categorize weights:

-Less Than 100cc -200cc -450cc -600cc -700cc

Weight Categories of ATVs with Respect to Engine Capacity:

-Honda TRX 250cc Capacity (360 Pounds) -Yamaha Raptor 350cc Capacity (396 Pounds) -Polaris 450 cc Capacity (701 Pounds)

Arctic 650cc Capacity (635 Pounds)

If you’re looking for the weight of your ATV on a sticker on your car or elsewhere, you will most likely want to tow your ATV

Depending on your mission, you often want to bring in cargo, mainly if you use 4×4 or 6×6 general purpose/recreation equipment