What is a UTV vs ATV?

Deciding between an all-terrain and utility terrain vehicle

What is an ATV? ATV is an all-terrain vehicle having a straddle seating position, handlebar steering

Majority of ATVs share three main features : -Wheels and Tires -Steering Passenger Capacity

When to use All-Terrain Vehicle? 1. You Need to Be Nimble: When you need to make quick turns 2. You’re in a Race: It is used for sports 3. You’re On a Budget: It is Cheaper

What is a UTV? UTVs (called Utility Terrain Vehicles) are used more for work rather than just for recreation purposes

Features of UTVs: -Wheels and Tires -Steering -Seating Capacity -Speed and handling -Braking and Acceleration -Safety Equipment -Cost of UTV

ATVS are used widely in Agriculture and Transportation. Uses of UTVs: Hauling Specialized Work Hunting or Fishing