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How Much Does It Cost to Lift A Jeep Liberty?

Often times people choose to modify their jeeps and lift their heights by changing a couple of specific components in them to enhance the ground clearance of their jeep so that they can be taken to off-road terrains easily. This article will explain how a Jeep Liberty can be lifted from its standard height to a specific height and how much it would cost. How much does it cost to lift a Jeep Liberty?

To lift jeep liberty, on average, it would cost between $1000 and $20,000, depending upon what components to upgrade. For example, if a person decides to upgrade all the components of the Liberty, starting from body kits to all the suspension parts, the cost of this upgrade might exceed $10,000.

As mentioned above, the price range varies from type to type. For example, the cost would be minimal if someone decides to lift the vehicle for just 2 inches.

Lift Kits for Jeep Liberty:

While a person decides to go for heavier upgrades, which include all the exterior body kit upgrades and all the suspension components upgrades, then the cost would increase to a considerable sum. Regarding the cost of lifting the jeep liberty, it should be kept in mind that this is not an inexpensive hobby.

The reason is that in the vehicle modification market, different types of equipment are being offered; for example, the lift kits offered for consumers range from 2 inches to 6 inches. Again, the higher the lift the consumer chooses, the more money would be.

There are several choices, some of which are explained below, making it very easy for a consumer to choose which type of lift would be best suitable for their jeep liberty.

The most important thing to consider is that while going for a jeep lift, it is essential to consult a good mechanic who can recommend to you which type of lift would go best for the jeep.

The reason is that there are several different models of this jeep in the market, and the specifications of the jeeps vary from model to model.

The main deciding factor when choosing a lift kit is the tire size of the jeep and what is the intended use of the consumer. Once these two main things are made clear, it becomes easy for the person to choose from the wide number of lift kits offered.

Some of the lift kits used in jeep liberty are discussed below:

1. Supreme Suspension Liberty Lift Kit:

The most admirable factor about the lift kit manufactured by supreme suspension is that this kit can be used in any liberty jeep that is manufactured from the year 2002 till the year 2012, irrespective of the fact that the jeep is a 2WD type or a 4WD type, also it doesn’t have any concern with the tire size of the jeep.

The lift kit made by supreme suspension lifts the jeep by 2.5 inches and can be used with any tire size. Also, it is essential to note that this kit has a strut spacer kit which can be installed easily by any person within 2-3 hours.

2. 3-inch Lift Kit by Rough Country:

The lift kit produced by the company named rough country provides an uplift of up to 3 inches to the jeep. However, this kit has one drawback.

The drawback is that it is only designed for the models manufactured between 2003-2006 and cannot be fitted into any models manufactured after the year 2006.

Also, it is essential to note that the kit is very affordable, so the cost to uplift the jeep with this kit is not as high as other brands, including new coils and shocks.

It is also important to remember that this specific lift kit is for the front suspension of the jeep; however, there are many other modifications manufactured by the same company which can be installed in the rear end to pair with the front suspension.

Are Rough Country Lift Kits Good? What You Need to Know

3. BDS Suspension Lift Kit:

If a person wants to go for an affordable and durable lift kit to install in the jeep liberty, they should go straight away for the lift kit produced by the BDS company.

This kit lifts the vehicle's front suspension at the height of 2 inches and lifts the rear suspension at the height of 1.5 inches. Also, it is essential to note that the complete lift kit holds various items, including springs, coils, shocks, and struts.

Most importantly, the exciting part about this kit is that the company offers a lifetime warranty for the kit components, which makes this kit very durable compared to other products in the market.

Problems Associated with Lifting the Jeep Liberty:

Everything has its pros and cons. If a person feels that they more often go for off-road adventures and the stock height of the jeep does not provide enough ground clearance to the vehicle, only then should jeep liberty be uplifted.

It is important to note that uplifting jeep liberty does not cause significant problems; however, as said above, everything has its pros and cons; there are some downsides of uplifting jeep liberty, which can be noted as some negative aspects of it.

Some of them are discussed below:



Uplifting tends to make the jeep hard to steer

  • Since the uplift kit changes with the vehicle's center of gravity, the driver must always ensure they have proper vehicle control. For example, if the center of gravity of a vehicle is altered, it may cause roll down of the vehicle at sharp curves or high speeds.

  • Experts have devised a way to overcome this problem; they say that when a person uplifts a jeep, it is essential that they adopt their driving patterns slowly, on roads with less traffic so that they can get familiar with handling the jeep.

  • Once they get acquainted with the handling, the jeep is good to go on all off-road terrains.

Slows the acceleration of the jeep

  • It is a fact that uplift makes the acceleration of a jeep much slower, especially in cases when the kit is equipped with larger tire size.

  • While going on off-road terrains, fast acceleration is not required. Still, on the other hand, in everyday driving, slowed acceleration could turn out to be dangerous. Especially while merging on a freeway, the vehicle would take longer than usual to reach the desired speed limit to get connected to the traffic

Places bad impact on the fuel efficiency

  • Since increasing the height of a vehicle affects the aerodynamic principles of the vehicle, it results in poor fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

  • It is important to note that having the vehicle more than the stock height will cause it to be held back by more drag, and it will require more fuel to get up to speed and to travel longer distances, especially on the freeway.

Can You Lift A Jeep Yourself?

It is essential to ensure that if a person has all the necessary tools and instruments, including hydraulic jacks and jack stands, then it is evident that they can uplift a jeep by themselves.

However, mechanical and technical skills are needed of extreme level to do this job properly because if an improper lift kit installation is made, it will cause severe damage to the vehicle.

It is recommended to get your lift kits installed by a professional person who can help you to prevent the damage that is caused due to improper installation. The professional who deals with fitting the lift kit in Jeep Liberty knows much information about the exact design of the vehicle and can guide you well on how to handle the vehicle.

How to Install Lift Kits in Jeep Liberty Without Any Damage?

How Much Does It Cost to Lift A Jeep Liberty

Lit kits do not harm the Jeeps and their working, but their improper installation and setup harm the vehicle.

Additionally, the unsuitable fitting of the lift kit can damage the Jeep’s frame along with the suspension, tires, and body of the Jeep Liberty.

The professionals are proficient in their work and know how to handle the vehicle and adjust the lift kit in it according to the height of the vehicle. It helps to maximize the handling without any sacrifice, and a person can ride their vehicles easily in any driving situation.

The technician can clear their queries by asking about the vehicle’s condition, the off-roading areas’ condition, and the intended use of the Jeep. It will help them to suggest that either a 2-inch lift is perfect for your vehicle or a 6-inch lift kit.

These professionals know which maximum height is considered optimal for the lift kit. In addition, they know about the vehicle’s adjustment areas after the lift kit’s installation and can handle the lift kit to maximum level.

The rise of the lift kit depends on the vehicle and the driving situation of the person owning that vehicle. The Jeep technician will willingly ask questions about the intended use of your vehicle, the off-roading tracks on which you will drive it, and the conditions you might face during your off-roading journey.

The installation of a lift kit can change the handles, steers, and brakes of the vehicle and the way of handling the overall vehicle. If you feel you can handle the installation process easier, it would be an excellent move for you.

After installation, inspect the whole Jeep and its working to determine whether the vehicle and lift kit function normally or not. Inspect the vehicle’s torque after installing the kit to ensure that the vehicle and lift kit are secured during off-roading.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is lifting jeep liberty worth it?

Lifting jeep liberty enhances the stock power of the vehicle, giving it more power to tackle the off-road terrains and even providing essential power to the vehicle in the most challenging terrains. So if a person is looking to enhance the vehicle’s off-road capabilities, undoubtedly, uplifting the jeep liberty is a good option and worth it.

Is jeep liberty good off-road?

The jeep liberty is considered a credible off-road vehicle; it can handle itself even in the most challenging terrains without any problem. Therefore, it is ideal for people who love to go on adventurous terrains.

Does lifting a jeep affects the gas mileage?

Since the lift kits alter the aerodynamic principles of the vehicle, raising the Jeep impacts the gas mileage. Moreover, the gas mileage decreases when a person uses larger tires, heavy kits, and similar stuff.

Will a 2-inch lift affect the gas mileage of the jeep liberty?

A 2-inch lift would not have much impact on the gas mileage of the jeep liberty. However, larger tire sizes, and bold body kits, which are heavier in size, if installed then they would cause an impact on the gas mileage, causing it to decrease.

How long do lift kits last?

Usually, the super lift kits have a life of more than 10 years, but it all depends upon the driving habits and whether the vehicle is going through proper periodic maintenance. If the driving habits are good and the Jeep goes through appropriate routine maintenance, the lift kits would last more than 10 years.