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Why is Jeep So Unreliable? All You Need to Know

The reliability of Jeeps has always been a topic to discuss since its inception. Here, I’ll discuss in detail why the jeep is so unreliable. Jeeps are equipped with all the features needed for the off-roading vehicle, but still, few think that jeeps are unreliable. The question arises: Why is the jeep so unreliable?

The often reported beeping and shaking issues impact negatively on Jeep’s reliability. Jeep has been reported for having a big and bulky chassis made of Chrysler that makes it ineffective. It comes with a higher annual repair cost. Jeep gets a reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5 by RepairPal.

Off-road enthusiasts demand a vehicle that can provide them with the best adventure and off-roading experience. Jeeps are one such vehicle that can fulfil all demands more efficiently. Let’s dig deep.

Reliability Score and Position of Jeep:

32 brands were ranked by Consumer Reports based on the average of the scores of tested models. The brand report card scores are derived from evaluations including road tests, reliability, owner satisfaction, safety features and crash-test results if available. source






















































































Alfa Romeo



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Why is Jeep So Unreliable?

Jeeps were earlier designed for a useful purpose and were built on reliability. But people using jeeps in today’s era are suffering from more issues that hinder their reliability. These vehicles were built for single use during World War days, but their expectations and requirements are now increasing.

Thus, the reliability of the jeep has dropped down over the years. Jeeps fall in the category of 173 reliability score (evaluated only based on reliability), which is much below the industry average and is not great.

There were mixed reports related to jeep reliability in which it was noted that the 3-year-old models performed well, and less than 25% of their owners reported the issues with their vehicles.

These issues were minor and were fixed early. The customer’s report claims that jeeps are the less reliable brands and the worst SUV. Several issues were reported with new models of the jeep brands, so it is recommended to investigate jeeps before purchasing a new one.

Reasons that Make Jeeps Unreliable:

Jeeps fared so badly due to a few reasons. The major one is their slow infotainment system and glitches that are not seen in the competitor vehicles of the same class. Other reasons are the poor handling and limited comfort of the vehicle. Jeep Wrangler has a low dependability rating, and owners buy this car with an idyllic view. But in the end, it is just an off-road SUV.

There are problems associated with it: they are noisy and have problems with the suspension and transmission. Here we will discuss in detail a few of the reasons why jeeps are less dependable than other SUVs and 4WD vehicles:

1. The Wrangler’s Poor Gas Mileage:

The Jeep Wrangler has issues with gas usage per mile brings into the question of being too costly. Jeep Wrangler costs 77 cents a mile to drive, making it too pricy. Consumers reports refer that Wranglers are the hard-riding, uncomfortable and unreliable vehicles compared to other vehicles.

Wrangler does not have a high operating cost, but it has also taken out some unimpressive test scores. Wrangler is placed on the low end of the value index with poor fuel economy and overpriced selling prices.

2. Wrangler’s Chassis and Electronics:

The drivers have reported that the chassis of the Jeep Wrangler is big and bulky, which is ineffective, and it lacks electronics. Wrangler could offer much better electronic features, exterior body, and structural integrity. All such things have made the jeep wrangler an unreliable vehicle.

3. Long-term Issues Starting Early:

Jeeps are a teasing concept and worsening problem for some people. It is a problematic experience for people older to report some minor and major issues. The jeep wrangler models under the three-year-old give a reliable and solid performance with some minor issues.

The models between 3 and 8 years old report the issues of tire pressure sensor failure, windshield wipers freezing, dashboard displays, and braking systems not performing well.

These all issues are in addition to the aforementioned electrical issues and electronics and axles. There is also the issue of death wobble in which tires become unbalanced to throw the axle around.

4. Smells Like Anti-Freeze:

Oftentimes, jeeps smell like anti-freeze due to the leakage of the vehicle’s coolant. It is absorbed by the car’s vent and produces a smell like anti-freeze.

Check this article for details: Why Does My Jeep Wrangler Smell Like Antifreeze?

5. Shaking at 40 mph – 60 mph Speed Range:

Jeep shakes at or over 40 Mph typically because of poor tires. One more justification for shaking is the inappropriate arrangement of the tires.

Check this article for a detailed discussion: Why Does My Jeep Shake At 40 MPH? All You Need to Know

6. Random Beeping of Jeeps:

The jeep wrangler continues beeping due to open doorways, decrease coolant tiers, etc. The beeping sound is usually associated with the navigation and speed settings.

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Common Jeep Problems and Their Complaints

Here we will list down some jeep problems and complaints associated with them:

  • Death wobble
  • Exhaust leakage
  • Clogging of fuel injectors
  • Failure of the throttle position sensor
  • Water leaks
  • Failure of transfer case
  • Recalling the ignition switch
  • Electronic malfunctioning

Jeep Death Wobble:

Death wobble is a serious issue associated with vehicles in which the vehicle’s front axle oscillates violently. It causes the car to shake or wobble, making it difficult to control it. There are a few reasons for experiencing the death wobble, including:

  • Poor alignment of the vehicle
  • Loose steering and stabilizer bar
  • Worn out ball joints
  • Unbalance tires

The Reason Behind the Death Wobble:

There are many isolated reasons behind the experience of death wobble. The main reason is that they are coil-sprung with a track bar setup. It can throw the suspension out of equilibrium, and jeeps might experience the death wobble.

Fixing the Jeep Death Wobble:

It is recommended to take the jeep to the garage if you think it is suffering from death wobble. If you plan to purchase a second-hand jeep, it is vital to inquire about the death wobble. In case of purchasing the new jeep, don’t be scared of the issue of death wobble. It will take many years to show such an issue. It is a worthwhile investment.

Issues to Inspect Before Purchasing Jeep Wrangler:



Check out the rust

  • Check out the rust on the Jeep Wrangler before purchasing it, as rust spreads and can create a cosmetic issue for the vehicle. Rust can threaten the structural integrity of the vehicle so suspect the jeep before purchasing the one.

  • Check out the main body panels along with the exterior of the vehicle. Check the doors and hoods and the hinges for the rust as moisture gets trapped in such areas. Check out the floor liners and carpets.

Inspect the undercarriage

  • If you are purchasing the second-hand jeep wrangler, check out the undercarriage, as it will tell you a lot about the previous owner.

  • There are many skid plates and heavy steel plates that protect the vehicle's undercarriage. These protect the vehicles from rocks, stumps and other hazards. Inspect the damage at such places.

Inspect the tires

  • Tires are the main item of any vehicle and are replaceable. Look around the edges of the treads and alloy wheels. These can indicate the issue of alignment and can be fixed with money.

Check out the leaks

  • Inspect the jeep at the undercarriage using a small backlight. You can shine out the light under the hood of the jeep. Backlight helps in detecting the signs of leaking fluid.

Least Reliable Jeep Wrangler Models:

1. Jeep Wrangler JK 2007:

Why is Jeep So Unreliable

The 2007 Jeep Wrangler indicated more than 10 issues and was considered the least reliable jeep wrangler. It included airbags issues and odd issues with brakes. One of the issues was the braking system that delayed the braking.

The other was the electrical issues that led the engine to stall at speed. Jeep wrangler exaggerated the death wobble issue resulting from the solid front axle leading the jeep to wobble. These problems were fixed later on.

2. Jeep Wrangler JK 2008:

Why is Jeep So Unreliable

2008 Jeep Wrangler JK also showed the issue of death wobble at high speeds and added reliability issues. There was a huge issue with an integrated power module that caused issues for the entire vehicle.

Owners reported the possessed act of vehicle with unlocking and locking of doors, horns automatically going off. The worst case was the dying of the fuel pump and the airbag going off. These were dangerous and expensive issues and need an immediate fix. There were a lot of reports on the car report sites and the jeep wrangler was later fixed.   

3. Jeep Wrangler JK 2012:

Why is Jeep So Unreliable

After the issues faced in the 2007 and 2008 Jeep Wrangler, a few years passed with ease without any complaint. The 2012 Jeep Wrangler JK manifold the problem of the engine. It cracked the issue of total engine replacement which was fixed later. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are jeeps unreliable vehicles?

Jeeps have been given a reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5.0. It means they own the ranking of 15th out of 32 in all the brands. It has been estimated that the annual cost of repair of the jeep is $634 having, above the average ownership costs.

Why are jeep wranglers not a reliable vehicle?

Jeep Wranglers have ineffective and bulky chassis and lack electronics. They have received a low-reliability rating for in-car electronics.

Are the engines of jeeps a reliable product?

Jeep engines are well-received and appreciated products in the market and are reliable. They provide a good amount of torque and are simple.

Are the jeep Cherokees an unreliable vehicle?

Jeep Cherokee is more reliable than Wrangler and is rated as 4 out of 5. Their average annual repair cost is $520, which means they have lower ownership costs.

Is 2021 Jeep wrangler a reliable product?

The 2021 Jeep Wrangler has a reliability score of 83 out of 100. They have the best power-predicted reliability score of 91 and are a reliable vehicle.

Why do jeeps break down in most of their cases?

Jeeps are fared down because of their slow infotainment system and glitches that are not seen in competitor vehicles of the same class.

Are jeeps a reliable vehicle after 100k miles?

Jeeps can be trade-in and can be used over 100k miles. They are expected to last for many years and hold their value and durability. These are the most significant advantages to consider and have the ability to overcome the off-road rigours effortlessly.

What do you mean by jeep death wobble?

When the steering wheel rotates rapidly and causes the steering wheel to move rapidly from side to side, it results in a jeep death wobble. At this stage, the vehicle feels about falling apart whenever you try to hold onto the steering wheel.

What are the most reliable 4-by-4 SUVs?

 Here we will list down the most reliable 4-by-4 SUVs, including:

  • Honda CR-V
  • Nissan X-Trail
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Kia Sportage
  • Subaru Forester
  • Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin
  • Kia Sorento
  • Land Rover Freelander

Which jeep is considered the most reliable?

Gladiator has an excellent reliability score and is the most reliable one. Grand Cherokee comes second with an average rating.

What kind of person can drive the Jeep Wrangler?

An active and younger crowd is the main demographic target who can drive the Jeep Wrangler. This vehicle is for those who enjoy the thrill on the roadway as well as on the off-road.

How long does Jeep wrangler last?

Jeep wranglers can generally breeze through five years and perform well around 15 years. They can typically reach 280,000 miles before the occurrence of significant problems.