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Why Jeep Shuts Off While Driving and Won’t Start- How to Fix

If you’re puzzled about why your Jeep shuts off while driving, you’re not alone. Numerous factors can cause Jeeps to randomly shut off while in motion. In this explanation, I’ll delve into the reasons behind this issue and provide potential solutions. So, why does your Jeep shut off while driving and refuse to start?

The Jeep shuts off while driving and won’t start due to a bad fuel pump, damaged position sensor, bad wiring, faulty MAF sensor, or ECT sensor. You can fix them by checking the fuel pressure and fuel tank and fixing the issue of the tachometer, alternator, ignition coil, and sensor data.

I’ll first take you through the common reasons for the shutdown of Jeeps, followed by the fixes. So stay along with the article.

6 Common Reasons for the Shutdown of Jeeps:

I have created the infographic below explaining why your Jeep shuts off while driving and won’t start. (You are welcome to use and share, but please credit back if you do so.)

Why Jeep Shuts Off While Driving and Won’t Start- How to Fix

Now let me discuss the most common causes due to which jeeps shut off during driving:

1. Fault in the Crankshaft Position Sensor of the Jeep:

The modern Jeeps have a crankshaft position sensor. It measures the crankshaft’s position and rotational speed and transmits the data to the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Having a faulty crankshaft sensor could be really difficult and even dangerous. This leads to stopping the Jeep and not starting back.

Why Jeep Shuts Off While Driving and Won’t Start- How to Fix

How to Detect a Failed Crankshaft Sensor in Jeep?

  1. Issue while starting the Jeep
  2. Vehicle Stalling
  3. The engine Light is turned ON.
  4. Engine Misfire
  5. Random acceleration
  6. Jep idling issue
  7. Poor gas mileage


Diagnosis Code/ Symptom

Ignition System

Poor Idle Quality

Ignition System

Engine Misfire

Ignition System

Hard Starting

Ignition System

No Spark

Scan Tool

No RPM Present During Cranking

Scan Tool

P0335 To P0349

Fuel System

Poor Power

Fuel System


Fuel System

No Fuel Injector Pulse

Fuel System

Poor Fuel Economy

2. Faulty Fuel Pump:

Jeep’s fuel pump supplies the correct fuel to the fuel rails. The engine’s motor shuts off when the right amount of fuel is not provided, and you are left stranded on their way.

A fuel pump goes bad due to clogging in the fuel filter, which hinders fueling capacity. There is a fuel filter in vehicles that helps clean the fuel which enters the engine of the jeep.

However, the clogged fuel filter is a hindrance for the fuel entering the engine, due to which it shuts down. Also NO engine light will illuminate in this case.

It is better to replace the fuel filter as most fuel pumps are inside the fuel tank. If the vehicle starts with a kick after shutting down, then the issue might be with the fuel pump.

But be careful in doing so, as fuel tanks are made of plastic which breaks down easily.

Why Jeep Shuts Off While Driving and Won’t Start- How to Fix

How to Detect a Faulty Fuel Pump?

  1. Engine loses swiftness
  2. Engine gets overheated
  3. The Jeep stops abruptly
  4. Poor Gas Mileage
  5. The engine fails at high speed

3. The Empty Fuel Tank:

This is conncted to the point above. An empty fuel tank can severely damage the fuel pump.

A sufficient level of fuel is necessary for a perfect drive. But if the fuel gauge does not show the right fuel level in your vehicle, this indicates a problem.

You can monitor whether the Jeep’s fuel light is illuminated. If so, it indicates a low or empty fuel tank.

4. Problems with an Alternator:

An alternator is a part of the Jeep that manages the electrical supply given to the vehicle. So if your Jeep stops suddenly during driving, the issue might be due to a lousy alternator.

A lousy alternator cuts off the power supply and leads to lights and power issues. The red battery light also gets ON during this time.

If the vehicle is adequately supplied with electrical power and still the vehicle shuts off, then this indicates some other problem.

Why Jeep Shuts Off While Driving and Won’t Start- How to Fix

How to Detect a Bad Alternator?

  1. Very bright/Dim lights in the Jeep
  2. Malfunctioning electronic equipment
  3. Jeep stops suddenly
  4. Unusual noise
  5. Random stalling
  6. The warning light is turned ON.
  7. The smell of burnt rubber

5. Faulty Ignition Switch:

The fault with the ignition switch also leads to the shutting down of the vehicle during driving.

There are tiny plates of metal in the switch, which are prone to rust and corrosion. The ignition switches down when these plates lose connection with the vehicle.

This leads to the immediate shutdown of the engine in the vehicle. You can keep a check on the dashboard and ignition lights. If these lights also shut off, it is a big sign of a faulty ignition switch.

6. Faulty MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor:

The faulty MAF sensor, a part of Jeep's electronic fuel injection system, is one of the most common reasons for Jeep engines to run poorly or not run at all.

The MAF sensor is in charge of measuring the density of air. This info is transmitted to the ECU.

This data is required for ECU to determine the amount of fuel that needs to be delivered to the combustion chamber.

Why Jeep Shuts Off While Driving and Won’t Start- How to Fix

How to Detect a Faulty MAF Sensor?

  1. Abrupt jerking in the Jeep
  2. Fuel Ration becomes too high or too low

7. Wiring Issues:

There are many reports in this aspect that the Jeeps stopped working after driving 50000-60000 miles.

The car owners said that the TIPM (Total Integrated Power Module) had caused the entire electrical system to go down.

Due to the TIPM, no electric commands were sent to all of our car’s components. This included the air-conditioners, windshield wipers, and lights/radio.

8. Faulty Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor:

The ECT sensor measures the coolant temperature. The Jeep computer can use this info to control the spark timing and fuel mixture. In case the sensor fails to deliver the temperature information to ECU, the vehicle will start malfunctioning and may shut off completely.
Why Jeep Shuts Off While Driving and Won’t Start- How to Fix

How to Detect a Bad ECT Sensor?

  1. Engine overheat
  2. Poor mileage
  3. Warning light gets illuminated
  4. Black smoke from the exhaust

9. Bad Coil Packs in Jeep:

The issue with the coil packs or coils is not a common cause due to which the Jeep shuts off during driving. But still, this matter is considerable due to a bad connection.

If the coil pack has a bad connection with the ignition module of the vehicle, it can cause the Jeep to shut off during driving. This problem arises due to a bad fuel pump creating hindrances in starting the engine. 

How to Fix the Issues of Shutting of Jeeps Off During Driving:

Check the engine control modules to detect error codes and sensor data if you plan to fix the issue. Also, check the fuel in the tank and determine whether the alternator is charging.

Here below, I will explain some details about fixing the problem of the vehicle which shuts off during driving:

1. Checking the Issue with Trouble Codes:

In older versions of Jeeps, the issues with the engine and vehicle were detected with a multimeter. But with the advancement in technology and engineering, vehicles’ problems are now detected with cars’ built-in diagnostic software or engine sensors.

An OBD2 scanner is required for reading the fault codes. These are readily available at a repair shop, or you can purchase them. 

If you detect any information using a diagnostic scanner and detect a trouble code, you can check the wiring on the sensor and can replace it.

2. Checking the Voltage of the Alternator:

You can try this method if you face trouble detecting the Jeep shut-off problem using an OBD2 scanner.

Check out the alternator voltage when the engine is in running mode.

First, start the engine and measure the voltage of your vehicle's battery using a multimeter. If the reading on the multimeter is below 12 volts, this indicates a problem with the alternator.

3. Fuel Tank:

Sometimes, the fuel tank might be low on fuel in different scenarios, and you might not be aware of this situation.

It can cause the engine to stall at high speeds. The air will suck up inside the fuel pump instead of fuel which will cause the Jeep to shut down during driving.

Sometimes the issue with the fuel gauge sensor indicates a low fuel level, even when the gauge is full. You can check the fuel gauge and fuel tank to avoid this problem. 

4. Checking the Problem of Fuel Pressure:

The issue of low fuel pressure can cause the Jeep to shut off during driving. Therefore, it is needed to check the fuel pressure in the Jeep and the best way to do so is to check the manual pressure gauge by connecting it to the fuel line.

You can use a diagnostic scanner to measure the fuel pressure from the pressure sensor of the vehicle.

You can check the fuel pressure specifications in your vehicle, and if the fuel pressure is low, there is a problem with the fuel filter, pump, and pressure regulator.

5. Checking the Tachometer:

You can use a tachometer, also called an RPM meter, to detect the problems with the crankshaft position sensors of the vehicle.

The problem with this part of the Jeep also causes it to shut off during driving. The tachometer is responsible for receiving the information from the position sensor in jeeps.

If the tachometer is not working, the Jeep might shut down, and the engine will not start. This can create a problem with the crankshaft position sensor too.

6. Checking the Dashboard of the Vehicle:

The issues with the lights on the dashboard can also cause the Jeep to shut off during driving. You can check the lights on the dashboard when the vehicle shuts down.

The problem with the ignition switch is responsible for shutting down the vehicle.

The problems with the dashboard also indicate the issue of low battery voltage and a lousy alternator. You can inspect both these parts to check the issues in the dashboard. 

7. Checking the Sensor Data:

After checking all parts of the engine and vehicle, if no error code is still detected in the engine control module and the Jeep shuts off during driving, you can check the data from the engine sensors.

A diagnostic tool is needed to check the data, like the engine control module. It is better to read the repair manual or specifications of the vehicle before fixing this issue. 

Final Thought:

It is advisable to check the pressure of fuel and fuel regulator if your Jeep shuts off during driving. It is best to replace the fuel pump if there is a fault with its connections. Likewise, you can check the CMP sensor if the Jeep shuts down and cranks over.

This indicates the sign of replacing the sensor. You can seek help from a mechanic and can get your vehicle for proper diagnosis of parts to be replaced.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why does the Jeep die during driving?

 There are various reasons why Jeep dies during driving. Some of these reasons include the fault in the fuel injectors, bad fuel pumps, and dirty sensors. These factors can disrupt the air and fuel mixture.

What are the reasons behind the shut-off and losing power in the vehicle during driving?

The reason behind the shut-off and losing power in the vehicle during driving could be an issue with the alternator or the battery. You can check the connectors, electrical system, and terminals if you face such an issue. 

Why did the Jeep Wrangler turn off during driving?

The Jeep Wrangler face the issue of turning off during driving due to low fuel pressure and defect in the fuel injectors. The issue can be due to a broken fuel pump. The fuel pump is an essential component that transfers the fuel from the tank to the engine.

What are the reasons why the vehicle shuts off during driving?

There are various reasons why vehicle shuts off. These reasons include the bad position sensor and issues with the fuel system. The problem can also arise due to a bad ignition switch, an empty fuel tank, or issues with the engine sensor.

Which kind of sensors hinders the starting issue of the vehicle?

Different sensors can interfere with the starting issue of a vehicle. These sensors include the camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, MAF sensor, MAP sensor, and throttle position sensor.

What are the different signs that indicate the alternator failure?

 Various signs indicate the alternator failure, including:

  • Dim lights
  • Dead battery
  • Malfunctioning accessories of the vehicle
  • Trouble in starting
  • Whining noise of the vehicle
  • The smell of burning wires or rubber
  • Battery warning light