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Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Problems And Fix

Jeep owners, particularly those with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, may have encountered challenges with the power liftgate. These problems often stem from issues with the liftgate button, key fob, faulty fuse, or a jammed lock mechanism, all of which can be resolved.

The issues with the Jeep Grand Cherokee Power liftgate arise due to the disturbance with the obstruction due to dirt and moisture, broken control and faulty electrical passage, a malfunctioning latch, or a broken button on an instrumental panel.

Here, I will discuss some significant problems associated with the Jeep Grand Cherokee power-lift. Before directly jumping to the issues and solution, let’s understand a liftgate.

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What is Liftgate?

The liftgate is part of the hydraulic system or electric gate on vehicles with trailers. These devices provide various services, such as loading and unloading materials and loading large vehicles into trucks.

These devices also have opening mechanisms that can be both manual and electric. The liftgate is crucial because it enables people to load and unload heavy objects easily, increasing their productivity and efficiency by reducing the number of trips they need to make.

I have created the infographic below that covers the typical Jeep Grand Cherokee power liftgate problems and how to fix them. (You are welcome to use and share but please credit back if you do so.)

Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Problems And Fix

The Possible Reasons for the Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Lift-Gate Problems:

1. Obstructions Due to Dirt and Moisture:

The power liftgate in Jeeps holds a rubber lining around their frames. This rubber lining is helpful for better adjustment of the vehicle. However, this material is vulnerable and cannot withstand dust particles, debris, and moisture.

The water droplets can penetrate the control modules, leading to an electrical surge and an alternative flow for voltage resulting in short circuits and burning of the overall system.

The power liftgate faces problems in opening and closing due to such issues. In addition, the system lacks response toward the input signals of the key fob and manual units.

A person can fix this issue by cleaning rubber sides using a duster or a cleaning agent. It is recommended to avoid the accumulation of rainwater and keep the electrical module of the SUV dry from the inside.

2. Problem due to Broken Controls:

A push button with the key fob of jeeps can open and shut down the liftgates. An owner of the jeep can press them two times within 4-5 seconds, which can easily open the rear gate. A person can also close them within less than five seconds. But sometimes, the same key fob stops working due to battery drainage.

An issue is sometimes detected due to a broken switch resulting from incorrect manual controls and current fluctuations. In addition, a malfunctioning key fob sometimes needs to be fixed to coordinate with the installed sensors of the SUV, creating a problem.

A person facing this issue can check the battery of the key fob and can replace it with the drained battery. They can also check the switch and replace it with another compatible option.

A person facing these issues can also install the control buttons and upgrade the modules, costing around $2200-$8990.

3. Faulty Electrical Passage and Its Intermittent Action:

The power liftgate in the Jeep Grand Cherokee often shows erratic behavior. The liftgate opens after the input signals through push buttons and closes within seconds after this input. It is due to a blown-out fuse, excessive current load, or a modified voltage flow.

The excessive flow from the connected circuit is the main reason behind the malfunction. In addition, the drive in the system connects multiple electronic amenities and increases the current load, which can damage the fuse. This problem can be solved by assessing the instrument panel and fuse box.

Find out the fuse of 15 amperes and test the passage of electric current from it. If the light is absent during this test, it is a sign of malfunctioning, and the fuse will blow out. Remove the older piece and plug in a new fuse in its place.

The liftgate in the Jeep Grand Cherokee malfunctions due to an issue with electric wires. The cords can bend due to higher temperatures. You can take professional help and replace the broken and non-insulated wires to stabilize the system.

4. Malfunctioning Latch of Power Liftgate:

If there is a fault in the latch actuator, there can be a problem with the rear gate. The accumulation of debris in this region can damage the actuator within minutes. The latch actuator holds a specific mechanism for lifting the rear gate using a remote.

There is a lock actuator that mounts on the lower region of the gate. Grease and grime have shown a reduction in the performance of the actuator. The gates are sometimes opened without any input signals from manual controls.

A person can remove the problem by replacing the latch actuator to the remote-controlled gate:

  1. Access the bottom side of the gate and remove the screws.
  2. Remove the broken or worn-out actuator.
  3. Install a new option and connect the control module.

5. Damaged Motor of Power Liftgate:

The high-performance motor of 12 volts supplies steady power to the liftgate. A person can open and close the motor with constant torque. It has some electrical control units. This motor is small and vulnerable in size and can withstand the level of standard voltage.

It can malfunction due to excess current load and stops supporting the remote-controlled movement of the rear gate. The issue of hatch brakes can arise due to sudden changes in power. It becomes difficult for the person to use the broken 12-volt motor.

A person can replace the motor with mechanical help, which is effective in stabilizing the current flow.

6. Broken Button of Power Lift-Gate:

If there is a broken button on the power liftgate, a person can regulate it by pushing the center console button on the instrument panel. These buttons, when pressed manually, can send digital signals via computerized programs.

7. The Damaged Motor of the Power Lift-Gate:

The high-performance motor holds a 12-volt supply of steady power to the liftgate of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

These push buttons have built-in switches that use electric power to regulate the system. Sometimes, the switches break due to incorrect and excessive usage.

8. Malfunctioned Sensors of Power Lift-Gate:

The electronically controlled system has a built-in sensor, a track, and a controlled module. The track of this electronically controlled system is explicitly designed and can be attached directly to the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The sensors in the liftgate hold the ability to identify the signals and have specific requirements for moving the gate. Unfortunately, the excessive heat of the jeep can damage the sensors as they cannot withstand the signals.

When these sensors are used frequently, it can lead to high internal temperatures generating excess heat. It then becomes necessary to remove malfunctioning sensors to stabilize the system.

If you want the correct performance, adjusting the sensors in a specific network is better. If you want to improve the strength to withstand the electrical surge and excess heat, it is advised to improve the stability. A person can also take assistance from experts to achieve non-problematic results.

Check the Cherokee Liftgate Manual

How to Check the Power Lift-Gate Problems?

Here we will mention some steps that help check the power liftgate problems:

Step 1. Testing the Power Lift-Gate Button:

If you want to test the power liftgate button on a key fob, press the other buttons. You can unlock the buttons to confirm the presence of any issue with the remote key.

Step 2.Confirm the Position of the Automatic Liftgate Switch:

The next step is to confirm that either the automatic liftgate switch is turned off or not. This is because the automatic liftgate switches are usually in one position, and objects like coffee can accidentally switch off this one.

Step 3. Scanning the Lift-Gate Module Using the Advanced Scanning Tool:

It is recommended to use the scan tool before opening and inspecting the liftgate parts. An advanced scanning tool is helpful in reading the modules, like the liftgate module.

You can scan them for the associated codes. This scan tool shows the history of failure of the liftgate. Some commands, like the last open fail data, can reveal sensitive information about the module failing in detection.

These problems can occur on the power liftgate if the module is located in a different vehicle area, including the transmission.

Step 4. Opening the Liftgate Manually:

As a next step, you can put the seats down to remove the cargo. It can create space for opening the hatch. You can remove the trim plug from the interior panel of the liftgate using a flat-blade screwdriver.

You can also use a boroscope to detect the area of release. When pressing the screwdriver to open the liftgate, press the release to open the liftgate manually.

Step 5. Checking the Fuse:

Now, you can check the fuse box under the instrument panel of the passenger seat. Look for the DSPLY fuse and read the key on the instrument panel. Then, connect the test light near the fuse box for testing the fuse.

You can create a hole on each side of the fuse by pressing the test light’s probe. The illuminated light on both sides indicates the good condition of the fuse.

Check out the internal wires of the fuse after removing them. The broken wires indicate the blown-out fuse.

How to Remove the Lift-Gate Panel (Step Wise):



STEP 1: Prying up the push clips

You can remove the push clips that are attached on the latch of lift-gate using a flat-blade screwdriver.

STEP 2: Removing the lift-gate handle

You can use a plastic trim tool to pry the lift-gate handle in downwards position.

STEP 3: Removing the screws from handle of lift-gate

You can remove the bolts of 7mm size located on the hatch handle

STEP 4: Disconnection of electrical connectors

Pull down the lower panel to remove it and retain the clips. You can disconnect the connectors for removing the panel

STEP 5: Installing the lower panel

You can connect the electrical connectors to the lift-gate panel.

Lower the panel for retaining the clips on the lift-gate that is underneath the window. Press the panel to the liftgate to connect the retaining pins.

STEP 6: Tightening the screws

It is mandatory to tighten the bolts of 7mm size to the handle of lift-gate

STEP 7: Attaching the handle trim of lift-gate

Press the handle trim and attach it to lift-gate panel

STEP 8: Re-installation of push clips

You can at last, attach the push clips for lowering the panel and can re-install the push clips

How to Test the Electrical Connectors (Step by Step):

If you want to test the electrical connectors of the power liftgate, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: You can disconnect the power buttons of the liftgate latch of the electrical connector.
  • Step 2: You can test the thick wires that activate the liftgate actuator. It is used to test the electric current in a test light.
  • Step 3: You can press the test light attached to the wire. Press the defective upper or lower switch for testing.
  • Step 4: You should replace the switch if it does not illuminate the test light.

How to Fix the problems of Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Lift-Gate?

It is better to know which parts are causing the problems before you touch and inspect the vehicle parts. You can follow the following steps below to detect the problems associated with the power liftgate.

You can see such problems using an advanced scan tool.

  • A scanner tool is mandatory to detect the problem. You can check out and use the advanced scan tool if you need to own scanning tools.
  • This scanning tool can be used for reading the liftgate module. You can scan the modules for the related codes. These tools are also helpful in detecting the reason for the failure of the liftgate and the solutions for solving these issues.
  • You can use the last open fail data command to detect the information related to the module failing.

1. Fixing the Lift-Gate Button on the Key Fob:

Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Liftgate Problems And Fix

Step 1:

Check whether the other buttons of the key fob are working or not. Press the different buttons like car locks and try to unlock the button.

If all the other buttons are working, but there is still an issue with the liftgate, you can follow the next steps.

Step 2:

Sometimes, the issue of switching off the buttons is caused due to a simple coffee mug or a handbag. For example, you sometimes turn off the switch accidentally when you put your coffee in the cup or the small purse over it.

You can check the issue with your Grand Cherokee by turning the switch on. If there is an issue with the actual automatic liftgate switch, then this indicates the problem is not resolved. You can replace the button if you find a fault in it.

You can also use a multimeter to check the issue in the liftgate. It provides a decimal number if there is no problem. If the results are the opposite, you should change the switch.

2. Fixing the Faulty Fuse:

The blown-out fuse in the power liftgate sometimes creates the issue in its opening and closing. You can follow the instructions below to determine whether the associated problems arise from the blown-out fuse or some other point.

Step 1:

There is a fuse box on the passenger side. You can find the fuse box located under the instrument panel. In addition, there is a labeled DSPLY on the instrument panel having a 15 amp.

Step 2:

In the next step, you can use a test light to check the fuse. You can connect the test light to the ground near the fuse box. If you want to check for the power in the fuse, you can press it down on one side using a probe to test the electric current.

If the fuse is in good condition, it will illuminate the light. You can check the internal wire if there is no light. The fuse will need replacement when the wire is broken.

Step 3:

There is another 30 amp liftgate fuse under the hood. You can check out the fuse to see if it is not very accurate or not. You can replace the fuse if it does not work correctly so that you can solve the issue.

3. Fixing the Issue When the Mechanism of the Lock is Stuck:

If you want to fix this issue, the problem which is noticed is that the hatch creates hindrance in closing. The hatch is opened in some cases when there is a problem, but in such a situation, the lock mechanism remains stuck in a closed position.

You can use a screwdriver to fix the issue. Next, you can push-lock the mechanism in a slightly downwards position. Finally, you can reset it to solve the problem.

If still, after these steps, there is an issue, you can consult a professional mechanic to solve this issue.

4. Fixing the Sensor Issue of Lift-Gate:

You can solve the sensor issue of the liftgate by using the WD-40 and a duster. The moisture build-up in the sensor is due to the water entrance. Spray some WD-40 in a tiny amount which can remove the water.

You can also use a screwdriver or a knife to pull up the mechanism. Then, you can spray the WD-40 in more openings for spraying. You can pour the duster, too, to solve this issue.

How to Reset Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Liftgate (Step Wise Guide):

Here is the process you’ll need to follow to reset your Grand Cherokee’s liftgate successfully:

  1. Remove the Jeep key from the ignition and wait for 15 seconds
  2. Press and hold the liftgate release button located on the driver’s side of the liftgate while you insert your key into the ignition.
  3. Pull up on the liftgate handle to open it, then pull down and back to close it again, ensuring that all of its latches are clicked into place before closing it entirely.

When you’ve got your hands full, the optional Hands-Free Liftgate lets you open your vehicle without reaching for your keys or the door handle.

The feature can be turned on or off in your Uconnect Settings. In addition, you’ll find the liftgate activation zone below the rear license plate.

  1. With the transmission in Park and the key fob within 5 feet, or 1.5 meters, of the vehicle, move your foot under the bumper in a straight, gentle, in-and-out kicking motion. Do not use a side-to-side or sweeping motion.
  2. The hazard lights will flash, and the liftgate will power open after about 1 second. To close the gate, repeat the same kicking motion. The hazard lights will flash again, and the gate will close after about 3 seconds.

If anything obstructs the Hands-Free Liftgate while opening or closing, it will automatically reverse to the closed or open position.

And, if an object blocks the hands-free sensors, it could disrupt activation. You can also close the liftgate manually by pushing the liftgate close button on the left side trim panel inside the cargo area.

The maximum opening height of the liftgate can be adjusted and saved. To set the desired height, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Open the liftgate fully, then manually pull it down to the desired height.
  • Step 2: Next, push and hold the liftgate close button for three seconds.
  • Step 3: An audible chime will let you know the height has been saved.
  • Step 4: To set a new saved height setting, open the liftgate, then manually push it upward to its fully open position.
  • Step 5: Manually pull the liftgate down to the new desired height.
  • Step 6: Again hold the liftgate close button for three seconds until the audible chime is heard.

Find the Official User Manual Here

Jeep Grand Cherokee Liftgate Pulldown Motor Replacement Cost:

The average liftgate pull-down motor replacement cost is around $381.50. The labor charge is typically between $81 and $102. It would take an hour or two at an auto body shop.

Final Thought:

The Jeep Grand Cherokee allows safe opening and closing of the power liftgate using just the touch of a button. It’s the perfect answer for drivers who need to load heavy cargo or want to avoid back pain.

However, if it stops working or does not open properly, you can find yourself in a situation where you must contact a tow truck service.

So, if your jeep Grand Cherokee power liftgate is acting up with any of the problems above, the above guide will help you solve it. Or you can contact your local dealer and ask for a recall or something to solve the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do the issues with the Jeep Grand Cherokee lift arise?

The problems in the Jeep Grand Cherokee power lift arise due to disturbance with obstruction due to dirt and moisture. In addition, the broken control and faulty electrical passage malfunctioned latch or a broken button on an instrumental panel also cause some issues.

How can the problems with the Jeep Grand Cherokee be fixed?

You can fix the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s problems by fixing the liftgate button on the key fob. You can also fix the faulty fuse and the lock mechanism, which is poorly stuck.

How can you remove and install the lower liftgate panel?

You can remove and install the lower liftgate panel by following the steps:

  • There are some typical steps in removing the liftgate panel. These include the removal of clips and trim pieces like pull handles which have screws and can pry off the liftgate panel using a trim tool.
  • Removing and installing the lower liftgate panel
  • The first step is to pry up the push clips and remove the liftgate handle.
  • After that, you can remove the screws from the handle of the liftgate.
  • Disconnect the electrical connectors and install the lower panel.
  • Next, tighten the screws and attach the handle trim of the liftgate.
  • At last, re-install the push clips.