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How to Fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep- All You Need to Know

Are you driving your Jeep when suddenly you’ve noticed the dreaded ESP BAS light on your dashboard and are unsure what to do? Don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place!

You can fix the ESP BAS light on your Jeep by properly maintaining and repairing the steering angle sensors, speed sensors, and brake switch. You may also need to verify the electrical connections and the brake pads to fix this problem.

In this article, I’ll discuss how to recognize this warning light, what it means, and how to fix the ESP BAS light on Jeep Liberty. I’ll also provide some tips to keep your Jeep running smoothly. So if your ESP BAS light has been giving you trouble, read on to learn how to get back on the road!

What is ESP BAS Light?

How to Fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep- All You Need to Know

Before discussing the root causes and their solutions related to ESP BAS light on Jeep, let’s discuss what ESP BAS light means. ESP BAS Light is like the other standard indicator lights installed on vehicles’ dashboards.

ESP BAS light is a warning light that flashes when a problem is detected by the vehicle. Sometimes, the ESP BAS light reamins ON and doesn't switch off until the issue is not fixed.

These issues include the vehicle’s faulty Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Brake Assist System(BAS).

Reasons Why ESP BAS Light Stays ‘ON’ in Jeep And Fixes:

There are various reasons why ESP BAS light shows up in the Jeep. Let me explain the most common causes along with their fixes below:

1. Fault in the Steering Angle Sensor:

A common reason for the ESP BAS light to show up is a defective SAS (steering angle sensor).

The steering angle sensor is essential to your vehicle’s stability control system. It helps ensure that the car’s wheels are moving in the correct direction.

The SAS is responsible for keeping the steering wheel in line with the car's wheels, and it sends signals to the car's computer about the direction and angle of the wheels.

If there is a problem with the steering angle sensor, it can cause the ESP BAS light to come up on your dashboard. For example, the sensor could have failed or lost contact due to a poor connection.

A malfunctioning SAS can also lead to issues with your vehicle’s stability control system, which can be dangerous while driving.

How to Fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep- All You Need to Know

How to Fix:

The good news is that you can realign the steering angle sensor, which may help solve the problem. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Park the Jeep and turn the engine on. 
  • Step 2: Turn the steering wheel to full lock to the left. 
  • Step 3: Turn the steering wheel to full lock to the right. 
  • Step 4: Center the steering wheel (Wheels straight). 
  • Step 5: Turn the engine off and then restart it.
  • Step 6: Drive the Jeep in second gear, and the ESP BAS light should go off. 

If it does not, then repeat the steps above.

Realigning the steering angle sensor is a straightforward process you can do yourself without any special tools or equipment. 

Following the steps above, you can ensure that your Jeep’s steering angle sensor is correctly aligned and that the ESP BAS light should no longer be an issue. 

However, if the light continues to come on, it is advisable to have the vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic.

If the steering angle sensor doesn’t align after repeatedly following the above steps, the issue may be due to a bad steering wheel sensor. You can use an OBD-2 scanning tool to check the error code.

I am using the “AlfaOBD” app and my OBDLink MX+ reader to diagnose this problem. The “AlfaOBD” app can be found in the Play Store, and the OBDLink MX+ can be purchased on Amazon.

How to Fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep- All You Need to Know
It is also recommended to check the health of your steering angle sensor by using an OHM meter. The good reading of the OHM meter indicates that the sensor is working fine, and you can fix the minor issue by resetting it. 

The indicator light usually goes away when the sensor is reset. You can reset it by turning the wheels on the left and right positions twice and driving the vehicle without any disturbance now.

2. Fault in the Wheel Speed Sensor:

The ESP BAS light in your Jeep could indicate a fault in the wheel speed sensor, which is responsible for monitoring the speed of all four wheels of your vehicle.

This sensor (mainly part of ABS) is essential to the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Brake Assist System (BAS) in your Jeep.

Each wheel speed sensor reports data to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). If one of these sensors goes bad, the ESP BAS light will turn ON, indicating an issue with the system. The wiring can also be a problem if there is a bad connection causing the same symptoms as a bad sensor.
How to Fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep- All You Need to Know

The wheel speed sensors ensure that all wheels rotate at the same rate (I have demonstrated below), preventing any tire from getting out of alignment. In the event of misalignment, these sensors work automatically to assist the driver in controlling the vehicle better.

How to Fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep- All You Need to Know

However, when the speed sensor malfunctions, the ABS and the ESP BAS indicator lights pop up in the instrument cluster.

How to Fix:

If your Jeep’s ESP BAS light is on due to a faulty wheel speed sensor, the only solution is to replace it. Replacing a speed sensor is a straightforward process that does not require advanced mechanical skills.

The speed sensors are not expensive, and most basic mechanics can perform the replacement without any problem. In most cases, the replacement process involves removing the faulty sensor and installing a new one.

You can grab your speed sensor from amazon easily.




Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor


Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor


Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor


Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor

3. Fault in the Brake Switch:

A faulty brake switch is another common culprit for the ESP BAS light appearing in the Jeep instrument cluster.

Although the brake switch comes with a lifetime warranty, some users worldwide have reported malfunctions with this vehicle component.

The brake switch is an essential electrical component that detects when the brake pedal is pressed. If the switch is faulty, it can cause the ESP BAS light to appear in the instrument cluster, and worse, it can put you and your passengers in danger.
How to Fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep- All You Need to Know

How to Fix:

Taking the car for regular maintenance is essential to avoid any inconvenience.

Also, if the light shows up due to a bad brake switch, it should be detected first by using an OBD scanner, and if the switch is faulty, it should simply be replaced with a new one. You can get your new brake switch on Amazon.

How to Fix ESP BAS Light on Jeep- All You Need to Know

4. Issue due to Bad Wiring:

Different sorts of wires exist between the sensors and the ABS control module. For example, some wires connect the vehicle’s ABS wheel speed sensor and wheels.

In some cases, this pair of wires get damaged, creating an issue for the rider. A wiring issue is not common, but it becomes inconvenient to detect the wiring issue in a vehicle after a fault.

How to Fix:

It is difficult to detect the real wiring issue in your Jeep if you are not experienced. In such a case, you can seek help from a mechanic.

Often the wires are protected with a protective casing which prevents them from damage, but in case of damage, you can replace or repair the broken wires.

5. Issue due to Electric Fault or Bad Calipers:

Brake pads are responsible for holding the wheels, but if there is a bad or faulty set of brake calipers, it cannot supply enough pressure to the brake pads creating a problem.

This issue can affect the braking systems of the Jeep and turn ON the ESP BAS light.

How to Fix:

It is not easy to repair electrical faults and bad calipers without the help of an expert. Therefore, if your ESP BAS light is on due to an electrical fault, it is better to seek help from an experienced mechanic to fix this error.

6. Poor Traction Control in Jeep:

If the ESP system is not functioning correctly, it may be unable to assist you in maintaining control of your Jeep during these low-traction situations.

This can increase your risk of losing control of your vehicle, leading to a sudden and potentially dangerous accident.

How to Fix:

Here are some possible steps that they might take to fix the problem:

  • STEP 1- Diagnose the issue: The mechanic will use diagnostic tools to determine the cause of the ESP BAS light. This could involve checking the sensors and wiring in the traction control system and the ABS, which is closely related to the ESP BAS system.
  • STEP 2- Replace faulty components: Depending on the diagnosis, the mechanic may need to replace one or more components in the traction control system. This could include the ABS module, wheel speed sensors, or the ESP control module.
  • STEP 3- Reset the system: The mechanic must reset the traction control system once any faulty components have been replaced. This will clear any stored fault codes and allow the system to recalibrate itself to the new components.
  • STEP 4- Test the system: After repairing and resetting the system, the mechanic will test the Jeep to ensure that the ESP BAS light no longer appears and that the traction control system is functioning correctly.

It’s important to note that attempting to diagnose and repair the traction control system yourself can be dangerous and may lead to further damage or malfunction.

Always trust a professional mechanic to diagnose and repair any issues with your vehicle’s systems.

Turning Off the ESP BAS Light:

It is not a difficult task to fix the ESP Bas light, and it is a cost-effective process too. You first need to detect why lights are on and fix those faults instead of wasting time on other components.

Here is a common guideline for turning the ESP BAS light off.





Using a code scanner

It is recommended to use a code scanner to pull the codes from your Jeep's main computer. If you are unaware of your scanner, you can seek help from your mechanic.


Detect the issues

The next step is to detect all the vehicle's issues due to which the ESP Bas light is on.



The last step is to fix these faults, which lead to the illumination of ESP Bas light.

Is It Safe to Drive with Your Jeep’s ESP BAS Light ON?

If you’ve noticed the ESP BAS light on your Jeep’s dashboard, you may wonder if it’s safe to continue driving. While you won’t be stranded on the side of the road if you choose to drive with the light on, it’s not the safest option.

The ESP BAS system is designed to help you maintain control of your Jeep during low-traction situations, such as driving on icy or wet roads.

If the system is not functioning correctly, you may have difficulty maintaining control of your vehicle during these situations. This can increase your risk of losing control and getting into an accident.

While you can technically drive with the ESP BAS light on, it's not recommended. Instead, you should have the issue diagnosed and repaired by a professional mechanic as soon as possible to ensure your safety on the road. Remember, your vehicle's safety systems help keep you safe, so it's essential to ensure they function correctly.

Final Thought:

It is important to note that the ESP BAS light on your Jeep can signify various issues, from simple to complex. Diagnosing the problem correctly is essential to fix it promptly and avoid further complications.

As long as you keep a close eye on the ESP BAS light and address any potential issues as they arise, you should be able to keep your Jeep running smoothly and safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What do you mean by ESP on the Jeep?

ESP (Electronic Stability Program) is a selective braking system that prevents the wheel from spinning. The traction portion of ESP has a similar effect to LSD and does not interfere with the off-roading.

Is it considered a safe act to drive the vehicle when the ESP light is ON?

You can drive the vehicle when the ESP light is ON. But it is not recommended to do so. This is because the ON position of the ESP light indicates a fault in the system which could interfere with the vehicle’s spinning.

How can you reset the sound system of their Jeep?

You can reset the sound system of their Jeep by resetting the U-Connect.

You can follow these steps to do so:

  • Place the Jeep in the park and ensure it is in RUN mode.
  •  Press the volume and turner knob buttons.
  •  Hold the knob buttons for about 10-20 seconds.
  •  The screen will flash with the name of your vehicle and will again go to dark mode. This indicates that the vehicle is reset now.

Is ESP fault considered a serious fault in a vehicle?

The failure of the ESP system is dangerous in bad driving conditions and can lead to severe accidents. This is because the ESP system tells the engine to reduce power during vigorous steering. It also affects the power supplied to the vehicle’s individual set of wheels.

Are the faulty brake pads a known cause for the ESP light to remain ON?

A fault in the brake pads is a known cause that lets the ESP light remain ON. Brake pads cause the brake fluid to go low in the reservoir. As a result, it causes the light to come on.

Is it possible to turn the ESP lights off?

Yes, you can turn the ESP lights off by pressing the button and holding it for about 6 seconds. This method depends on the model of the vehicle holding the ESP light.

Where is the reset button of the ESP light located in a vehicle?

The ESP reset button is located in the steering column, which is behind the steering wheel in the vehicle. ESP helps calculate the steering wheel angle. The control module of ESP uses the input from the steering angle sensor. The ESP mostly requires calibration and rarely fails in a vehicle.