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8 Most Common Odes Dominator 800 Problems- How to Fix

If you’re the proud owner of an Odes Dominator 800, you know it’s a powerful utility vehicle that can handle almost any task you throw its way. However, like any vehicle, it’s not immune to a few problems here and there.

The most common Odes Dominator 800 problems include:

  • Problems with the fuel pump
  • Overheating of engine
  • Problems with the clutch
  • High ambient temperature
  • Leakage issue in tires
  • Squeaking noise production from brakes
  • Problems with wheel bearings
  • Problem with the solenoid

In this article, I’ll review some common problems with the Odes Dominator 800 and provide the solutions to get your vehicle back in tip-top shape. So let’s dive in and get your utility vehicle running smoothly again!

Basic Features of Odes Dominator 800:


Type/ Value



Displacement (cc)


Engine Type

V Twin



Engine Stroke


Carburetion Type

Fuel Injected

Fuel Type


Transmission Type

Continuously Variable (CVT)



Hi / Low Range


Driveline Type

Selectable 4X2 / 4X4

Number of Driveline Modes


Differential Lock



Hydraulic Disc

Rear Tire(s)

27 X 11-14

Now let me move to the associate problems and their fixes for Odes Dominator 800.

1. Problems with the Fuel Pump:

Fuel pump issues are a common problem among Odes Dominator 800 owners. 

Several signs may indicate a fuel pump problem in the Odes Dominator 800. These include:

  • Difficulty starting the engine: If the fuel pump is not functioning correctly, the engine may have trouble starting, or it may take several attempts to start the vehicle.
  • Engine sputtering or stalling: A failing fuel pump may cause the engine to sputter or stall while driving, especially at high speeds or when accelerating.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency: A faulty fuel pump can cause the engine to use more fuel than usual, reducing fuel efficiency.
  • Loud whining noise: A damaged fuel pump may produce a loud, high-pitched whining noise, especially when the engine is running.
8 Most Common Odes Dominator 800 Problems- How to Fix

The cause of fuel pump problems in the Odes Dominator 800 can typically be traced back to a low or dirty fuel level or an electrical issue.

For example, running the UTV on low fuel, using contaminated fuel, or not filtering it well enough can all lead to a fuel pump problem. Furthermore, electrical problems in the UTV can also be to blame.

How to Fix:

If you are experiencing fuel pump problems with your Odes Dominator 800, there are several steps you can take to diagnose and fix the issue.

  • STEP 1: Remove the hose and start the UTV.
  • STEP 2: Observe: If fuel starts to spray out from the hose, it indicates that the fuel pump is in working condition. If fuel does not spray out, it is a sign that the fuel pump is not functioning correctly.
  • STEP 3: If the fuel pump is faulty, you can replace it or repair it. 

Replacing the fuel pump is often the most effective solution, but it can be costly. Repairing the fuel pump is a more affordable option, but it may not be as reliable as a replacement.

Another issue that can cause fuel pump problems is blockage or corrosion. If you suspect this, you can try cleaning the relay to remove dirt or corrosion. 

However, it is essential to exercise caution when doing so, as incorrect cleaning techniques can cause further damage.

If cleaning the relay does not solve the problem, it may be necessary to replace it. Replacement relays can be purchased from authorized Odes Dominator 800 dealers or reputable online retailers.

2. Overheating of Engine:

Odes Dominator 800 is more prone to overheating the engine. Many owners have complained about the frequent overheating of the engine, which can be due to various causes. 

Let me summarise the most common reasons below:

2.1. Broken Temperature Sensor:

The temperature sensor in the Odes Dominator 800 is an essential component that helps regulate the engine’s temperature. If the temperature sensor is broken, it can lead to several issues that compromise the vehicle’s performance and safety.

One of the most common problems associated with a broken temperature sensor is engine overheating. This is because the temperature sensor sends signals to the engine's computer to control the fan's operation.

If the sensor is broken, the fan may stop working, making it challenging to maintain the engine’s temperature, leading to overheating.

Another issue that can occur when the temperature sensor is broken is extreme temperature fluctuations. Sometimes, the sensor and the fan may stop working altogether, leading to significant temperature changes that can damage the engine or other critical components.

How to Fix:

There are a few ways you can fix this temperature sensor issue on your Odes Dominator 800. 

  • Method 1: The first option is to replace the broken temperature sensor, which can be done at any authorized Odes Dominator 800 service center.
  • Method 2: The second option is to bypass the temperature sensor entirely. This option is a bit more complicated and requires some electrical expertise, but it can be done. 

To do this, you’ll need to install a toggle switch on your dash, which will run between the temperature sensor wires and essentially bypass it.

This will allow you to turn on the fan as you please with a flip of the switch. 

8 Most Common Odes Dominator 800 Problems- How to Fix

You can buy a handlebar switch in some 5 bucks in amazon.

  • Method 3: Finally, you can also rig your Odes Dominator 800, so the fan constantly runs when the engine is on. This option requires a bit more work and is usually best left to experienced mechanics who can handle the wiring and installation of the switch.

2.2. Blown Head Gasket:

When your engine experiences overheating, it can put your head gasket at risk of blowing. A blown head gasket can lead to further overheating issues and can cause severe engine damage if not addressed quickly.

Not to mention, a blown head gasket can be costly, making it all the more important to address the issue as soon as possible.

If your Odes Dominator 800 has been running hotter than usual, or if you’ve noticed a leak of coolant from the engine, it could be a sign that the head gasket has blown.

How to Fix:

You can use a head gasket kit to check whether the gasket is working or not. If the gasket is blown away, you can replace it with a new one to avoid overheating the engine.

2.3. Production of Air Bubble in Cooling System:

You may have noticed that your Odes Dominator 800 has been producing air bubbles in the cooling system. This can lead to engine overheating and other associated problems. 

The most common cause of air bubbles in the cooling system is an engine malfunction. This can be due to various reasons, such as an incorrect spark plug gap, a leak in the intake, a faulty fuel pump, or a malfunctioning cooling fan. 
  • An incorrect spark plug gap will cause the engine to run hotter than it should, leading to air bubbles in the cooling system.
  • A leak in the intake will also allow air to enter the system, which will cause air bubbles.
  • A faulty fuel pump can also cause air to enter the system, and a malfunctioning cooling fan will fail to trigger correctly, meaning that the engine will not be able to cool down properly.

How to Fix:

If your engine is showing overheating issues due to air bubble formation, it is better to bleed out the bubbles to avoid the problem.

If there is a blown gasket in your vehicle, it can also create a lot of bubble formation. Therefore, replace the gasket with a new one or get it repaired so that your vehicle can avoid the overheating issue.

3. Problems with the Clutch:

The Odes Dominator 800 UTV is equipped with a wet clutch, known for its longevity but more prone to issues. Common problems include clutch slipping and difficulty shifting gears.

Both issues can be avoided with regular maintenance, but it’s essential to recognize any potential problems before they become serious.

If you see that when initially accelerating the vehicle, it moves slowly before it finally takes off, this is a symptom that there are worn-out clutch shoes and you need to replace the clutch.

This can also happen when already in high gear when revving it, and the speed doesn’t increase as it should.

Using the wrong gears can also cause the clutch to slip, resulting in a loss of power. This is why you must familiarize yourself with the correct gear shifts and pay attention to the engine temperature.

Poor engine oil can also cause the clutch to slip and should be replaced with a high-quality oil.

8 Most Common Odes Dominator 800 Problems- How to Fix

How to Fix:

There are some simple steps you can take to help fix these issues and ensure your clutch remains in good working order for years to come.

The first step to fixing any clutch issue is to use the correct engine oil. For the Dominator 800, it is essential to use oil approved for wet clutches.

This means you should look for oil labeled “JASO” on the back of the bottle. Regular motor oil may be used in other models but will cause premature failure in the Dominator 800.

Another thing to consider is the vehicle's operation when hauling or towing heavy loads. It is important to remember that the machine should continuously be operated in low gear at low speeds, even when hauling or towing. This will decrease the strain on the clutch and help prevent it from prematurely failing.

When all else fails, contacting a licensed mechanic or automobile expert is essential to diagnose, repair, or replace the faulty clutch. This is especially important if the clutch has already failed or shows signs of imminent failure.

4. High Ambient Temperature:

The Odes Dominator 800 is known to produce excess heat, which is released through the engine situated beneath the vehicle seats.

During the summer season, the heat emitted from the radiator vents permeates into the cab, creating an unpleasantly hot and stuffy environment for the passengers inside the vehicle.

Furthermore, as the Dominator is an enclosed vehicle, the excess heat generated tends to get trapped inside, resulting in an uncomfortable and unbearable situation for some drivers.

While it is common for UTVs to overheat, the excessive heat produced by the Dominator 800 can pose a significant challenge for those using the vehicle in hot weather conditions.

How to Fix:

You could try these hacks for lowering the heat in your Dominator:

  • Option 1: Remove the outer doors of the vehicle for heat dispersal.
  • Option 2: Install the fans under the seats to blow some cool air into your vehicle
  • Option 3: Use heat shields in your vehicle

These are some temporary fixes for keeping the vehicle cool during the summer. If you want to permanently fix this issue, getting a UTV with an in-built air conditioner or an open cab is recommended.

5. Leakage Issue in Tires:

The Odes Dominator 800 has been observed to suffer from tire leakage issues, primarily caused by rusted or loose bolts.

Excessive pressure on the tires, such as overloading or driving at high speeds, can also contribute to the development of cracks or bulges, resulting in premature wear and tear of the tires.

The factors above can compromise the structural integrity of the tires, leading to air leakage and, ultimately, tire failure.

As such, Dominator owners must ensure regular maintenance of their vehicle’s tires, including the routine inspection of bolts and monitoring tire pressure levels to prevent potential tire leakage issues.

How to Fix:

To address the issue of tire leakage in the Odes Dominator 800, it is advisable to regularly inspect and tighten the bolts and screws of the vehicle before driving.

Additionally, it is crucial to avoid applying excessive pressure on the tires, such as overloading or driving at high speeds, to prevent potential tire leakage.

If the tire leakage issue persists despite these measures, replacing the worn-out tires with new ones is recommended. This would not only eliminate the problem of tire leakage but also ensure the safety of the vehicle's occupants while driving.

Engaging a qualified technician to undertake the tire replacement process is imperative to guarantee proper installation and prevent any potential complications.

6. Squeaking Noise from Brakes:

Squeaking brakes on your Odes Dominator 800 can be a real frustration. It can make driving your vehicle uncomfortable and prevent you from enjoying the full driving experience.

This problem has several common causes, from a lack of lubrication to worn-out or un-lubricated brake pads.

  • Without the proper lubrication, the brakes may produce a squeaking noise when applied. This noise can be loud enough to be irritating and indicate a problem with the brakes that must be addressed.
  • Furthermore, excessive resistance in the vehicle can also be a cause of squeaking brakes. This resistance can be caused by the brake pads being overly worn or the brake system not being adequately lubricated. When this happens, the brakes may squeak when applied, often accompanied by a grinding noise.
8 Most Common Odes Dominator 800 Problems- How to Fix

How to Fix:

The most crucial step is ensuring your brake system is properly lubricated. This can be done using a lubricant designed explicitly for brakes, such as a high-temperature silicone-based lubricant.

Applying a small amount of lubricant to the brake pads and rotors can help reduce resistance and eliminate the squeaking noise.

In addition, regularly inspecting your brakes for damage or wear can help identify any problems before they become an issue.

If you notice any wear or damage to the brake pads, it’s essential to replace them as soon as possible.

7. Problems with Wheel Bearings:

The Odes Dominator 800 has been reported to encounter issues with wheel bearings, which is a common problem faced by the owners of this vehicle.

The root cause of this issue can be worn-out tires or faulty axle holes, which can cause excessive wear and tear on the wheel bearings.

The wheel bearings in the Dominator 800 play a critical role in ensuring the smooth rotation of the wheels while driving.

As such, any issues with the bearings can lead to a compromised driving experience, reduced vehicle performance, and safety concerns for the occupants.

How to Fix:

There are a few signs to look out for when it comes to wheel bearing failure.  

  • If you hear any grinding or grinding noises from the wheels, it could be a sign that the bearing is starting to fail. 
  • Additionally, if you feel any vibration from the wheels, that could be a sign of bearing failure.

Fixing the issue is relatively easy and doesn’t require a major repair. You can follow the steps below:

  • STEP 1: The first step is to remove the tire from the vehicle
  • STEP 2: Now, you can access the axle hole to remove the damaged bearings
  • STEP 3: Once the bearings are removed, you can replace them with new ones. This can be done by taking the old bearings to a local auto parts store or ordering them online. 

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can always take it to a local shop to replace the bearings.

Once the new bearings are in place, you should be able to put the tire back on the vehicle and get back to enjoying your Odes Dominator 800.

Just keep an eye out for any signs that your bearings are starting to fail, and replace them as soon as possible.

8. Problem with the Solenoid:

The starter solenoid in an Odes Dominator 800 is an essential component that facilitates the starting process of the vehicle. 

The solenoid acts as a relay switch, receiving an electrical signal from the ignition system and then transmitting that signal to the starter motor, which then cranks the engine.

When the starter solenoid malfunctions, it can lead to various issues that hinder the starting process of the Dominator 800. Some of the common problems associated with a faulty starter solenoid include:

  • Clicking sound: When attempting to start the vehicle, a clicking sound may be heard from the solenoid, indicating that it is not engaging the starter motor correctly.
  • No crank: Another problem that could occur is the engine not cranking at all. This could be due to a failed solenoid preventing the starter motor from receiving the necessary electrical signal.
  • Intermittent starting: A faulty starter solenoid may also cause the engine to start intermittently, which is frustrating and unpredictable for the user.
  • Burning smell: In some cases, a malfunctioning starter solenoid can produce a burning smell, which could indicate that the solenoid is overheating or short-circuiting.

How to Fix:

It is essential to promptly address any issues with the starter solenoid to prevent further damage to the vehicle.

A qualified mechanic should diagnose the issue and recommend the appropriate course of action, including replacing the solenoid or repairing any damaged components.

Pros and Cons of Odes Dominator 800:



Odes Dominator 800 has a long wheelbase. It makes it easy for the driver to travel on rough terrains due to the vehicle's stability.

Odes Dominator 800 is not an excellent choice for heavy loaded vehicles.

The specs of this vehicle make it easy for the drivers to enjoy their ride even in narrow places like backyards.

There is no system of air conditioner in this vehicle.

The low center of gravity of the vehicle provides stability and balance to the rider.

Odes Dominator 800 is considered a loud-utility vehicle.

This vehicle requires less maintenance and more power to work.

The vehicle has a rear steering system that allows a rider to get a turning radius. It has an incredible suspension system equipped in it.

Is It Worth to Buy Odes Dominator 800?

The Odes Dominator 800 is a well-regarded utility vehicle that offers excellent value for the money. However, as with any vehicle, proper care and maintenance are crucial to ensuring it performs at its best.

It is important to note that the Odes Dominator 800 may experience issues with excessive heating and problems with the brakes, clutch, and engine. These issues should be reported promptly to avoid inconvenience and potential safety hazards.

Minor issues can often be resolved by consulting the user’s manual and following the appropriate steps. However, more significant issues may require the assistance of a licensed mechanic.

When considering whether to purchase the Odes Dominator 800, it is essential to weigh the vehicle’s features and capabilities against your specific needs and intended use.

It can be an excellent investment if the Dominator 800 meets your requirements and you are willing to invest in proper care and maintenance.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase the Odes Dominator 800 should be based on careful consideration of your circumstances and preferences and an understanding of the vehicle’s strengths and potential limitations.

Odes Dominator 800 Users’ Feedback/Review:

When it comes to utility vehicles, the Odes Dominator 800 is a popular choice among consumers.

To get a better understanding of what makes this vehicle so popular, I have collected and summarised some user feedback and reviews from individuals who have used the Odes Dominator 800.

Off-Road Capability:

Many users praise the Dominator 800 for its excellent off-road capabilities with a top speed of 63MPH.

In addition, the vehicle’s four-wheel drive system, high ground clearance, and durable suspension system make it capable of tackling even the most challenging terrain.

Users also appreciate the Dominator 800’s powerful engine, which provides ample torque and horsepower for hauling heavy loads.


Regarding comfort, the Dominator 800 also receives high marks from users. The spacious cabin, comfortable seating, and adjustable steering wheel make driving a pleasure, even on long trips.

Users also appreciate the Dominator 800’s ample storage space, which allows them to carry all the gear they need for their work or recreational activities.

Overheat Tendancy:

One common complaint among users is the vehicle’s tendency to overheat, particularly in hot weather or when operating at high speeds for extended periods.

However, many users report that this issue can be mitigated by performing regular maintenance and ensuring proper airflow to the engine.

Overall, the Odes Dominator 800 is a well-regarded vehicle that has won the approval of many users. However, it is essential to carefully consider your individual needs and priorities when purchasing a utility vehicle to ensure you make the best choice.

Final Thought:

The Odes Dominator 800 is a fantastic utility vehicle perfect for anyone looking to make heavy-duty tasks easier. While some problems may arise, they are easily fixable and do not hinder the vehicle’s performance. In addition, its reliability and efficiency have earned it high praise from users and experts.

So if you’re in the market for a reliable, hard-working utility vehicle, the Odes Dominator 800 is worth considering!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which kind of engine is used in the Odes Dominator 800?

Odes Dominator 800 uses a 4-stroke twin EFI engine which offers 60 hp. This vehicle offers power even on a mud and challenging trail full of hay bales.

Where is the Odes engine manufactured?

The Odes engines are manufactured in the United States of America. These engines are manufactured using the latest models of industrial robots.

How fast can the Odes Dominator 800 work?

Odes Dominator 800 can work at the speed of 63 mph. This vehicle offers a maximum torque of 53 feet lbs. It is a 4-by-4 capable vehicle with a limited slip and has a 4-by-4 differential lock mode.

How much does the Odes dominator 800 cost on average?

The average base price of the odes dominator 800 is around $14,600. While it’s, the total price is also around $14,000.

Who are the manufacturers behind the Odes Dominator?

Odes Dominator is manufactured by the concept of the desert situated in California. They offer a long traveling suspension to your vehicle with extra 14 inches of a smooth ride.

What do you mean by Odes UTV?

Odes UTV is a side-by-side utility vehicle. It is an all-purpose vehicle where a person sits and is often designed for almost 2-6 people.

In which countries Odes UTV vehicles are manufactured?

Odes UTV vehicles are manufactured in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Asia, Japan, and Taiwan. The manufacturers of these states try their best to meet their consumers’ demands and deliver the best products.

Which are the top five best UTVs in the world?

The top five best UTVS are as follows:

  • Polaris Ranger 1000 XP
  • Can-Am Defender 2022 model
  • Kawasaki Mule Pro 2022 model
  • Honda Pioneer 700 model
  • John Deere Gator 2022 model

Which model of UTV is considered the number-one-selling vehicle in the world?

The number one selling model of UTV is Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000. It holds top-notch quality specs and features, making it stand out among others.

Which brand of UTVs are considered the most reliable ones?

The most reliable brands of UTV vehicles are as follows:

  • Kawasaki Teryx 1000
  • Honda Pioneer 1000
  • Honda Talon 1000
  • Polaris RZR Pro XP
  • Yamaha RMAX2 1000

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Based on your description, a short circuit or a faulty fuel pump could indeed be the cause of the issue. In this case, inspecting the grounding connections is crucial, as poor grounds can also lead to electrical issues.

Here are some additional steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem:

Continuity test: Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the wires leading to the fuel pump. This will help identify if there is a break or a short circuit in the wiring.

Ground connections: Ensure that all ground connections related to the fuel pump and electrical system are clean, tight, and free of corrosion. Poor grounding can disrupt the electrical flow and prevent the fuel pump from receiving power.

Fuel pump relay: Test the fuel pump relay by swapping it with a known working relay of the same type. If the fuel pump activates with the swapped relay, the original relay may be faulty and should be replaced.

Voltage drop test: Perform a voltage drop test on the power supply wires to the fuel pump. This will help determine if there are any voltage losses along the wiring path that could be affecting the fuel pump's operation.

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