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Will The Bronco Hold Its Value? All You Need to Know

The Ford Bronco has a lot of sentimental value to many people because it is one of the few vehicles that has been around for as long as it has. The car has also been through many eras and is an iconic part of American history. Ford Bronco offers one of the best specs. In this article, you’ll find: Will the Bronco hold its value?

Ford bronco would depreciate by over 24% after 4 years and have a 4-year resale value of $36,202. Of course, all these depend upon the car’s condition when it is sold. Still, if we see the depreciation ratio, it is lower than other competitor vehicles.

Go along with the article to know the complete breakdown of reselling values and other essentials of Bronco.

Will The Bronco Hold Its Value?

Let’s take a use case as mentioned below:

  • Vehicle – Ford Bronco
  • Buying Price: $47,440
  • Current Price: $41,524
  • Own It For: 2 Years
  • Miles per Year: 10500

If I go ahead and calculate the approximate re-selling price of this particular vehicle, it looks as below:

Years Old


Residual Value

Resale Value




















































We have created the infographic below that shows whether the Bronco hold its value. (You are welcome to use and share but please credit us if you do so.)

Will The Bronco Hold Its Value

Is the Bronco Selling Well?

The Ford Bronco is considered a direct competitor of the jeep wrangler. However, it was also seen that after the ford bronco was introduced in the market as a direct rival of the wrangler, it could not beat the Jeep Wrangler’s sales ratio. Therefore, if we see as a comparison, the jeep wrangler out beats the Ford Bronco sport in several sales.

If we see the market statistics, it is clear that the ford bronco was introduced in the international market in the year 2021, and within 6 months, the company could sell more than 35000 units to consumers. It is also expected that the sales record for the year 2022 would be more than that of 2021, which is not a wrong number.

Are the Residual Values of the Bronco Terrible?

The residual values of the new bronco sport are not terrible at all. The company issued guidelines to the local automobile dealers, which told that the residual values of the vehicle could make better lease opportunities for the car compared to other auto manufacturer competitors present in the market. Higher residual values typically translate to better leases.

However, there are other factors that can play an essential role in determining if a vehicle is good or bad to lease. These specific factors include the selling price, money factor, the rate of leasing offered by contracting companies, and any leasing discounts.

As for now, the market is not seeing any rebates; however, the current interest rate is visible in the market. Therefore, to develop a verdict, after seeing the current situation of the need, it is safe to say that the ford bronco does not hold a terrible residual value at all, and the market is in favor of the company now.

Is the Bronco High in Demand?

It was seen that the company Ford had been a very prominent eye-catcher in the market over the last couple of years. The reason was that ford produced vehicles that were considered to be a trademark in terms of their reliability, comfort, handling, and other unique features.

Due to this reason, whichever type of vehicle the company used, the manufacturer did hold an important place in the international automobile market. The same is the case with the ford bronco sport. The ford bronco sport was widely accepted by the consumers in the market and had a significant sales number, as discussed above.

Due to its unique rough and rugged appearance, the new bronco sport has gathered the wide attention of people all over the globe and is considered a hot commodity.

If we talk about the number of units sold by the company, they claim that they have sold more than 35000 units in a year, which makes it clear that the vehicle is widely accepted by the consumers and is high in demand without a doubt.

Also, surveys have shown that this vehicle is considered the best-selling SUV in the international market under a budget of 30,000 US Dollars.

Residual Values of Ford Bronco:

The new Bronco Sport is still not launched in the market, but there is a new-issued leasing guide for the dealers. It reveals that the vehicle’s residual values can make it lease better than other competitors. In addition, Bronco Sport will debut with the financing of 0% APR for the ones who are planning to buy it.

In its base form, the Bronco Sport has a 36-month residual value of 50%. The 2020 Jeep Compass Sport is an all-wheel drive having 43% residual value, while the Bronco Sport has a higher residual value than Ford Escape with 47% AWD. These values have an allowance of 15,000 miles in a year.

Higher residual values provide a better lease. Some factors are crucial in determining whether a vehicle is bad or good for leasing. It includes selling price, lease rate, and leasing discounts if available.

Bronco Sport Trim and Model

24-Month Residual

36-Month Residual

Bronco Base



Bronco Big Bend



Bronco Outer banks



Bronco Badlands



Bronco First edition



The Bronco Sport has an introductory lease rate equivalent to 4.6% APR. There is no advertised lease at such moment having current incentives which appear heavily favor buying the lease that gives Bronco sport an offer of 0% financing for up to 48 months. It now has a new option of a further 84-month.

The residual values vary, depending on the trim, assuming an allowance of 15,000 miles in a year. If you want to opt for a shorter lease, expect to observe a high residual value. For example, the Ford typical lease mile per year of 10,500 will boost the figures to 3%.

The Bog Bend trim, one level up from the base version, has a high residual value of 53%. Unfortunately, the limited production of the model Bronco Sport first edition is the worst model having a residual value of just 46%.

Big Bend has a 24-month residual value of 61% and opts for a 10,500-mile-per-year lease. It can raise to the buy of 64% and certainly appears in the middle range that may end up while offering the best value for leasing.

The value of Bronco is set to an excellent level even after a year of its release, but if it is scarce in the market due to a delay in production, then there is an expectation of high prices than it was set a year ago.

Profit After Reselling the Bronco Immediately After Purchase:

Will The Bronco Hold Its Value

There are higher levels of chance that Ford Bronco will provide profit even after reselling it immediately in the market after its purchase.

Ford Bronco demands a high price in the market, so if a person has purchased it for $40,000, there are chances of a $5,000 profit if sold right away in the market.

There are many chances of profit as various buyers can willingly purchase the vehicle at an even price higher than the original price.

Is Bronco Sport Good Off-Road? All You Need to Know

Color Choice Affecting the Value of Ford Bronco:

Ford Bronco offers some excellent bold color choices that emphasize the long-term value of Bronco. However, the reports have declared that the yellow color has the highest retention value.

SUV Depreciation by Color

Average price new

Average price used

3-year % Depreciation





























Yellow is not a widely used color, but many people desire the yellow color, and it is ordered highly with new cars. So, it is estimated that yellow is the desirable color being called.

Yellow is the color having the lowest vehicle share in the market and is widely used for sports cars holding a relatively healthy value. However, the flashy and less common colors carry more weight than the traditional ones in the case of SUVs, including the shades of velocity blue and cyber orange.

The low depreciation of yellow, green, and orange reflects the imbalance between the people who demand these colors and want to buy these colors. Moreover, these colors are associated with the fast car options like sports cars and make SUVs less boring.

The favorite colors like grayscale colors of white, gray, and silver depreciate slightly faster than the average, and iconic silver has a longer value. As a result, such paints are abundant in the market, balancing demand and supply.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does the Bronco Sport vehicle hold a specific value?

Bronco Sport holds a feather in the cap of Bronco vehicles. It has been revealed for the J.D. Power 2022 US residual value award.

Does Bronco Sport hold some value in 2021?

In its base form, Bronco sport was listed as having a 36-month residual value of 50%.

Will the Bronco Sport hold a good resale value?

Bronco Sport, in an overall way, will hold a decent resale value with the beginning of 2022MY. 2021MY is considered the top issue of MIC, among other vehicles and things.

Is Bronco Sport doing well in terms of sales in the market?

Ford Bronco Sport continued to sell quickly and was kept on sale for the whole year in 2021. Around 6000 sales were seen in December, and the two famous Bronco models sold about 143,000 units.

Is the Bronco Sport vehicle high in demand in the market?

Ford Bronco vehicle has attained the most attention over the past years. It is one of the hot commodities and has racked up many awards. According to a Consumer report, it is considered the best SUV in the market at $30K.

Which sort of colors are considered the best among customers of Bronco Sport?

The Ford Bronco is ranked in colors by customers as follows:

  • Area 51 is ranked as the most popular option
  • Cactus gray is classified as the second most popular option
  • Antimatter blue metallic is classed as a third popular option
  • Cyber orange metallic Tri-coat is rated as the fourth most popular opinion
  • Carbonized gray is ranked as the fifth most popular option

Will Ford Bronco depreciate after years?

It is said that the Ford Bronco depreciates in their value after five years to about a range of $16,000. It is challenging to avoid depreciation, and it can be managed. Depreciation is said as the difference between the original sale price and the worth of the vehicle in the future.

Why is Ford Bronco considered an expensive choice?

Ford Bronco is considered an expensive choice due to its scarcity, creating its resale in the market. However, it has made the vehicle price skyrocket and the most costly SUV ever.

Why are Ford Bronco vehicles more expensive?

These vehicles are more expensive now because of their scarcity, as their supply is low while their demand is high in the market.

Why do people prefer to sell Bronco now?

The main reason people are selling their Broncos is that customers having this vehicle are looking to buck flip this vehicle in the used car market quickly.

Which Bronco is considered the most popular one?

Edmunds, the most popular Ford Bronco trim in 2022, is the Black Diamond model. People prefer to purchase the cheapest option among the eight choices available in the market.

Is Ford Bronco considered a reliable option?

The reliability score of Ford Bronco in 2022 is poor, falling in the category of 30 out of 100. As a result, it is put behind the Toyota 4Runner, which has a reliability score of 71 out of 100 in 2022.

How many times did the Ford Bronco was sold out in 2021?

In 2021, Ford Bronco was sold out about 108 169 times. While in 2022, now, it is sold out approximately 58,549 times.

Has Ford considered an AWD vehicle of a 4-by-4 vehicle?

Ford Bronco Sport is considered a crossover SUV that has 5-door and has a layout of all-wheel drive.

How long does a Ford Bronco last?

Ford Bronco is a new SUV in the market, having a starting price of $28000. It is one of the most attractive options for buyers but has shown some known problems. However, it can last for about 200,000 miles if maintained properly.

Are the Bronco Sport vehicles challenging to find?

The Big Bronco vehicle is hard to find, although it is more capable as an off-roading vehicle. However, it costs more and has a starting price of $29,300.

Does the Ford Bronco offer excellent gas mileage?

Ford Bronco is a three-cylinder vehicle offering 25 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. In addition, it provides good gas mileage.

Which Bronco trim is considered the most popular one?

The most popular Bronco trim is The Badlands which represents 41% of all orders and is a clear winner. It is a mixture of on and off-road vehicles and includes a Sasquatch package.

Do the Ford vehicles hold value?

The Ford vehicle holds a value of 69.37% after a 5-year resale and is ranked 13 among other competitors. Compared to this, the GMC brand has a resale value of 70.38% after five years and is ranked 11.