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Honda 300EX Top Speed, Features, Pros & Cons- Overview

The Honda 300EX is a classic in the off-roading world and has earned its reputation as one of the most reliable and capable ATVs ever made. With its powerful engine, advanced suspension, and loaded features, the 300EX is an ATV that can take on almost anything.

The Honda 300EX has a 282 CC engine that produces 17-20 horsepower and has top speed of ~53 mph. It’s well-equipped with a reliable engine, balanced brakes, strong tires, and added comfort. It also has an electronic push start option making it a top choice in its category with the latest technology.

In this article, I’ll take a look at the Honda 300EX’s top speed, specs, and features. I’ll also explore how these features make the 300EX such a powerful and reliable ATV and how it has stood the test of time. So buckle up and get ready to ride on one of the most sought-after sports ATVs!

Honda 300EX Features:

Honda 300EX Top Speed, Specs and Features
In 2009, it all came to a sudden end when Honda unexpectedly discontinued the 300EX and replaced it with the TRX300X. This was a shock to the ATV community, leaving many enthusiasts wondering what would happen to the beloved 300EX.

Thankfully, Honda listened to their fans and brought the 300EX back in 2021 — albeit with a new name. The 2021 Honda TRX300X is the modern version of the 300EX, and it has all the same features, plus some exciting new updates.

The features and specifications of the ATV are described below in detail:

1. Engine:

The Honda TRX 300EX is an ATV that has been around for a while and is still one of the most popular ATVs on the market.

  • It has an air-cooled SOHC 282cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, the first of its kind in the ATV industry at the time.
  • This engine comes with a cylinder bore of 2.9 inches diameter and a 2.6 inches long-stroke piston.
  • The induction system uses a piston-valve carburetor with an accelerator pump and a 1.3-inch diameter.
  • This engine is highly efficient at converting fuel energy into mechanical energy and is known for its durability and longevity.

The Honda designers and engineers have ensured that the TRX 300EX can be reliable over the years, and one of the ways to ensure it is running optimally is to reset the valve clearances around every 100 hours of riding. Keeping up with regular oil changes is also a must for optimum performance and longevity.

The TRX 300EX features a capacitor discharge ignition system and a five-speed manual transmission with a final chain drive. This is an excellent combination for anyone who wants a smooth, reliable ride. 

The TRX 300EX has also stood the test of time, as plenty of 1993 models are still zipping around in the tumultuous years later.

Honda 300EX Engine Feature


Engine Type

OHC single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled


74mm (2.9in)

Valve Train

Overhead camshaft - chain drive

Compression Ratio



281.7cc (17.2ci)

Engine Dry Weight

42.8kg (94.4lb)

Starter Type


Cylinder Arrangement

Single cylinder inclined 20 degrees


65.5mm (2.6in)

Oil Capacity - Oil Change

1.6L (1.7USqt; 1.4Imp qt)

Cylinder Compression

1275kPa (185psi)


21.3PS (21hp)

Oil Capacity - Total

2L (2.1USqt; 1.8Imp qt)

2. Drivetrain and Transmission:

The 300EX is an all-terrain vehicle equipped with a single-drive line mode and a 4x2 or 2WD drive mode. This ATV is powered by a lightweight O-ring chain (small O-Rings built into it) and is equipped with a manual clutch, allowing riders to switch between five gears while traveling.
Honda 300EX Top Speed, Specs and Features
  • To further enhance the performance of the ATV, the Honda 300EX is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox featuring reverse gear. This helps ensure smooth transmission of energy to the wheels, allowing the ATV to move forward or backward easily.
  • The Reverse setting also makes it much easier for riders to navigate tight trails and helps them get out of a sticky situation if they get stuck in the mud.

The Honda 300EX ATV is designed to deliver maximum power and performance, making it an ideal option for experienced riders. Its lightweight construction helps to improve its handling and maneuverability, while its advanced features ensure an exciting ride.

Honda 300EX Top Speed, Specs and Features

Honda 300EX Drive Train and Transmission Feature


Clutch Type


Transmission Type

5 Speed with reverse



Gear Shift Pattern

R/1 - N - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Primary Reduction


1st Gear


2nd Gear


3rd  Gear


4th  Gear


5th Gear


Reverse Gear


Final Reduction


Drive Chain (Size/Links)


3. Push Start Feature:

If we talk about the vehicle’s ignition switch, the Honda 300EX does not have the traditional switch like other ATVs. Instead, the vehicle is equipped with a modern technology ignition switch, which does not require a key to start the vehicle.

The Honda 300EX is equipped with an electric starting technology that is convenient, user-friendly, and incredibly reliable. Thanks to its CD ignition system, which works as a pulse transfer, the vehicle can start quickly without maintenance.

Honda 300EX Ignition Feature


Ignition Type


CDI Identification Mark

CI632 (HM3)

Spark Plug Gap Max

0.6-0.7mm (0.024-0.028in)

Spark Plug

X24ESR-U (Denso)


Ignition Coil Secondary w/ Cap

2500-3500 ohm

Pulse Generator Peak Voltage

0.7 V minimum

Lighting Coil

0.2-0.6 ohm

Ignition Coil Primary

0.1-0.3 ohm

Primary Coil Peak Voltage

100 V minimum

Pulse Generator

300-500 ohm

Full Advance Ignition Timing

33.0 degree BTDC

Ignition Coil Secondary w/o Cap

7000-9000 ohm

Initial Ignition Timing

17.0 degree BTDC

4. Tires:

Regarding ATV tires, we often hear about manufacturers needing to improve on size or quality. But this is different when it comes to the Honda 300EX. This ATV comes factory-equipped with 22×7 sized tires and a 10-inch rim diameter, so you know you’re getting a quality tire with optimal performance.

The high-grade rubber compound of the 300EX tires offers superior grip and traction on all surfaces. This ensures you get a smooth and safe ride while exploring off-road terrains. In addition, the 22×7 tires also deliver excellent shock-absorbing capabilities to keep you comfortable even on the roughest of trails.

The 10-inch rim diameter of the Honda 300EX is designed to provide a stable ride. The wider wheelbase also helps to distribute the load evenly across all four tires, which makes it easier to control even in challenging situations.

The Honda 300EX also features an advanced tread pattern that offers superior grip on wet terrains. This ensures that you don’t lose traction or skid out while exploring.

Honda 300EX Tire Feature


Composition of wheels in Honda 300ex


Diameter of front tire

22 inches

Diameter of rear tire

22 inches

Width of rear tire

10 inches

Diameter of rear wheel

9 inches

Diameter of front wheel

10 inches

Width of front tire

7 inches

5. Traction:

The Honda 300EX ATV boasts some of the best traction in its class. Its specially-designed tires provide superior grip on various surfaces due to its tread pattern, allowing you to tackle even the trickiest of terrain without slipping.

On top of that, the 300EX ATV also features a unique torque system that delivers a smooth ride even on the roughest of terrains.

Of course, even the best traction has its limits. While the 300EX ATV is designed to provide a smooth ride and superior cornering, sometimes the tires can hook up on good dirt, resulting in some two-wheeling action. This can be a fun experience, but it’s important to remember to exercise caution when taking sharp turns.

6. Brakes:

The front brake of the Honda 300EX is a Dual Hydraulic Disc, which provides superior stopping power and more precise braking control. This dual disc system uses two 174mm discs with single-piston floating calipers.

The rear brake of the Honda 300EX is also a hydraulic disc, but with a larger disc than the front. The rear disc is 220mm wide with a single-piston floating caliper.

This setup provides excellent braking control and plenty of stopping power when riding off-road. The larger disc also helps to dissipate heat faster, which is essential when riding in extreme conditions.

Honda 300EX Brake Feature


Front Brake Type

Dual hydraulic disc

Front Disc Length


Rear Brake Type

Hydraulic disc

Front Disc Length


7. Suspension:

The Honda 300EX’s suspension system is the cornerstone of this machine, offering an incredibly smooth ride with an adjustable preload system, making it easy to customize for any terrain.

  • The double wishbone suspension in the front and swing-arm suspension in the rear offer 7.1 inches of travel in the front and 7.9 inches in the back, allowing for a comfortable ride even over the most challenging terrain.
  • The high-tensile steel frames are designed for strength and lightness, making the 300EX an excellent choice for any rider.
  • The EX front suspension has dual hydraulic shocks that travel 6.7 inches and is independent of the suspension.
  • The shocks are 5-point adjustable, which offers the rider flexible comfort and control.

Honda 300EX Suspension Feature


Type of front suspension

Independent double wishbone

Size of front travel

6.7 inches (170 mm)

Presence of front central suspension strut


Presence of steering damper in vehicle


Presence of front stabilizer bar


Type of rear suspension

Swing arm

8. Fuel Average:

The Honda 300EX is considered an economical ATV, which means it is not a gas guzzler and provides good fuel economy.

As claimed by the company, the vehicle gives a fuel average of 20 miles per gallon, which can be increased by proper and timely maintenance. With a full tank of fuel, you could go all day or about 5 hours of hard riding.

9. Handling and Comfort:

As discussed above, the vehicle has a strong frame that is light in weight so that the driver can easily maneuver the vehicle. Also, since we know that the company has equipped the vehicle with 5-way adjustable spring shocks, the comfort level has been enhanced well.

The vehicle has a broad frame, making it easy for the driver to handle it at top speed in muddy, sandy, or rocky terrains.

10. Additional Features:

If we talk about the additional features of the Honda 300EX, the ATV comes in with an extended warranty of around 6 months offered by the dealership. This means that the buyer can claim any problem free of cost from the dealership for an additional six months.

The vehicle has a helmet holder, a washable air filter, and a handlebar cover. All these are considered accessories that are supposed to be brought and installed by the buyer as aftermarket accessories, but they come from the factory with the vehicle.

Top Speed of Honda 300EX:

The company claims that the vehicle can obtain a top speed of around 53-55 miles per hour, considered an excellent top speed if it is pushed to its maximum.

This is the highest speed attainable with the standard engine configuration of the vehicle. However, it is also claimed that the vehicle’s top speed can be enhanced by putting in different aftermarket modifications.

In addition to modifications, the type of terrain the vehicle is being driven makes a significant difference in the top end of the ATV.

For instance, if the vehicle is being driven on rough terrain, the maximum speed might be limited to 40-45 miles, but in ideal road conditions, and with good tires, a top-end speed of the Honda 300 ex, 55 miles per hour, has also been recorded.

On a flat stretch of pavement, the 300EX reached approximately 54 miles per hour in a test drive. Additionally, the speed dropped by 5 to 8 miles per hour on a dirt road. It is important to note that driving at speeds higher than 54 miles per hour may be uncomfortable and even result in negative repercussions.

Increasing the Speed of Honda 300ex:

1. Replacing the Spark Plugs:

If you want to increase the top speed of your Honda 300ex, you can replace the spark plugs with new ones. It is an excellent initiative to check the fault in the spark plugs and to replace them whenever the need arises to avoid inconvenience.

2. Upgrading the Air Filters:

The engine requires maximum airflow to deliver power to the vehicle. The air filter in the vehicle helps provide more air to the engine and enhances its performance.

If there is a fault with the air filters, you can upgrade them to ensure that the engine works properly, which can also increase horsepower.

3. Using High-Quality Fuel:

High-quality fuels in the vehicle provide many benefits to users. High-quality fuel in Honda 300ex helps to reduce the damage to the fuel system and is beneficial for increasing the mileage. Good-quality fuel keeps the engine in smooth working and prevents clogging in it.

A good engine is responsible for reaching the top speed in the vehicle, so it is better to use good-quality fuel for your 300EX.

4. Reducing the Weight:

It is recommended to modify the weight of your Honda 300EX to reach its top speed. One of the easiest ways is to replace the exhaust system with the best quality parts. These significantly reduce a vehicle's overall weight and help increase the efficiency of the off-roading machine. 

Besides this, you can also replace the other heavy parts of the Honda 300EX, such as tires, wheels, and components that can weigh down the vehicle. It is an effective way to minimize drag and enhance the car’s top speed.

5. Upgradeing the Engine:

There are various critical components inside the engine of Honda 300EX, such as the piston, cylinder, and crankshaft. These components help to boost the effectiveness of the vehicle. The issue with these components can disrupt the working of the overall engine.

If there is an issue with your vehicle’s engine, it is better to purchase a new one. The problems can arise due to low maintenance or over-usage of vehicles, so it is better to get a new one to avoid inconvenience.

6. Maintaining the ATV:

Honda 300ex requires special maintenance so that it can work in a better way. Just like off-roading bikes, the Jeeps and other vehicles need high care to endure for a longer duration.

It is recommended to check the vehicle’s oil and change it when the need arises or it becomes contaminated. Also, keep an eye on the vehicle’s air filter so that the engine can work properly.

7. Drive Ratio of Sprocket:

The sprockets on the 300ex vehicle help reach the top speed if they work correctly. Sprockets are also called chain wheels and have various teeth in them. If you want to adjust the drive ratio of your vehicle, you need to change the diameter of the rear and front sprockets.

The 300EX's standard top speed is around 50 mph, but it can be increased to 72 mph-75 mph by upgrading the front sprocket's teeth to 15 and the rear sprocket's teeth to 36. The recommended ideal ratio for the Honda 300EX is 7/17.

Pros and Cons of Honda 300EX:



Due to its lightweight parts and superior quality, the 300EX requires minimal maintenance. Therefore, minimal lubrication is necessary to maintain its excellent quality.

It would be desirable if the 300EX had more speed. However, the top speed can be increased.

The Hinda 300EX engine is highly reliable.

Riding in sandy terrain may present challenges for the 300EX due to its traction and power output.

A 300EX ATV, new or a few years old, can deliver an average of 20 miles per gallon.

Due to the 300EX's small fuel tank, frequent refueling is a common issue, despite its good gas mileage.

This 300EX is spacious enough to accommodate a mid-sized adult rider.

The 300EX Tires can be vulnerable to "sticking" in soft ground when accelerating quickly, resulting in unexpected mini-wheelies.

With the 300EX, you have plenty of possibilities for upgrades. A wide selection of repair parts is available so that you can modify them for better performance or increased speed.

Final Thought:

The Honda 300EX is an excellent mid-size ATV for TV fans. It is built to handle dirt roads and has proven reliable and durable. Although it may not be the fastest ATV on the market, it is still an excellent choice for those looking for an all-around ATV.

With the proper modifications and a few safety precautions, the Honda 300EX can be a great ATV for both beginner and experienced riders.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How many gears are present in a Honda 300EX?

Honda 300EX holds a five-speed manual clutch having a reverse it. This vehicle offers a ground clearance of 4.9 inches with a turning radius of 10-by-2, and clearance is provided at the rear skid plate of the vehicle.

How much horsepower is produced by the 300EX?

The Honda 300EX produces a standard horsepower of 17 point level, but it can produce more horsepower when handled with special care.

How much is the size of the gas tank of the Honda 300EX?

For example, a Clark fuel tank in the Honda 300EX has a capacity of 2.7 gallons.

What are the parameters of the Honda 300EX?

The parameter of the Honda 300EX makes it the best one, including a length of 67.7, a width of 43.5, and a height of 42.7. The seat height of the Honda 300EX is 30.3 inches, with a fuel capacity of 2.2 gallons. There are dual A-arms in the vehicle on the front side.

What is the worth of the Honda 300EX?

The base price of the Honda 300EX is $4000, with an average retail of $700.

Is the Honda 300EX vehicle considered a 4-by-4 vehicle?

Honda 300EX is a 4-by-4 vehicle that offers a ground-breaking performance. There are 282-cc-four stroke engines in the vehicle having remarkable towing capacities. It provides an average top speed of 45 mph with 20 horsepower.

Which type of oil can be used in the 300EX vehicle?

300EX uses the 4-stroke motorcycle oil with a capacity of 2 quarts.

Which model was the last one produced by the Honda 300EX?

The previous model was built in 2000 and is part of the FourTrax-300 series. It includes both the 2WD and 4WD series of vehicles and has a combination of 530,000 units.

When was the first Honda 300 manufactured?

The first Honda-300 was manufactured in 1988 and launched the models FourTrax-300 and Four-Trax 300-four-by-four vehicle. These models became the most versatile models of their ATV journey in that era.