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How to Copy Jeep Key- All You Need to Know

If you’ve lost your Jeep key or need a spare one, getting a copy made is essential. Understanding the step-by-step process for duplicating Jeep keys will save you time, money, and potential frustration.

You can copy your Jeep key by identifying the key type. For standard keys, duplicate at a hardware store or locksmith without reprogramming. Transponder keys need a dealership or locksmith; reprogramming is required. Key fobs also need a dealership or locksmith; reprogramming is necessary.

In this article, I will explore all the necessary details for duplicating different types of Jeep keys. I’ll walk you through the step-by-step procedures, available options, and important considerations to ensure a smooth and hassle-free key duplication process. Let’s get started and have you back on the road with your duplicated Jeep key in no time!

When Do You Need a New Key for Your Jeep and How to Copy It?

Here below, I will look at the scenarios, which will explain the criteria when you require a new key for your Jeep and, in case of their loss, how these keys can be reprogrammed, replaced, and copied.

Options for Replacing the Jeep Keys:

There are three options available for replacing the Jeep keys including:

  • Non-transponder keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Fob keys

1. Non-Transponder Keys:

How to Copy Jeep Key- All You Need to Know

These keys are just like our basic household keys and lack electronics. These keys do not require reprogramming for working in a vehicle. Some of these keys have an in-built vehicle anti-theft system (VATS), a new feature introduced in the early 2000s in the market.

There is a resistor in these keys, which prevents the Jeep from immediately starting. The vehicle will start when the resistor matches the required value according to the microprocessor.

Replacement Cost for Non-Transponder Keys:

Just like household keys, these keys are not expensive and are easy to replace. You can easily replace it after purchasing a blank key and getting it cut according to the existing key. There is no need to reprogram these keys for its work.

The average cost of the non-transponder keys' replacement is about $10, but you can also purchase these keys online if you have access to the dealership. This purchase can cost you about $40 for a single non-transponder key. 

The non-transponder keys with VAT are expensive as compared to the basic keys. The average cost of VAT-based keys falls in the $20-$30 category and does not require a reprogramming program for their work.

2. Transponder Keys:

How to Copy Jeep Key- All You Need to Know

These keys were introduced in the early 2000s and are the most common type of automotive keys available in the market today. These transponder keys have a computer chip in their upper portion, requiring specific reprogramming.

This can be done by a locksmith or dealer, after which you can start your Jeep easily. The vehicle and key must be present during the time of programming. It has been observed that there is a keyless entry for the transponders, which is remotely integrated in nature with the help of a key.

This portion of the keyless remote is another portion and can be reprogrammed according to the vehicle. When the battery is replaced in the keyless remote, it becomes necessary to replace it.

Replacement Costs for the Transponder Key:

Purchasing this kind of key is not expensive, but it has a con that it can be reprogrammed only through a dealership or a locksmith. This key costs around $60-$100, and both the keys and vehicle can be reprogrammed at the same location.

You can also ask your locksmith to come to your place when you need to tow the vehicle or when you have lost the key.

There is a need for a certain code for operating the transponder key. It is necessary to have an additional copy of this key which will help save the additional cost required for programming later.

3. Fob Keys:

How to Copy Jeep Key- All You Need to Know

Fob keys for Jeep are the kind of keys that lack the metal portion that is required for the ignition. But some of the fob keys have the metal portion, too, if the fob cannot operate your Jeep due to the battery issues.

The Fob key is more like a remote in which you do not require it to be inserted in the ignition to operate it. These keys are the easiest to detect in case of their loss but are the most expensive ones for replacing or making a copy.

Replacement Costs for the Fob Key:

The average cost of the fob key is around $100-$400, and it is the most expensive key option for replacement. These keys require help from a locksmith or a dealer for reprogramming to operate well on the vehicle. The fob key and the vehicle must be available during reprogramming.

If you have lost your key and do not have a spare one, you can ask the locksmith to come to your location to tow the vehicle. It is highly recommended to get an additional key for emergency purposes. The average cost for duplicating this key is around $100, which is less than the reprogramming as it costs around $180.

Standard Procedure to Copy Your Jeep Key:

Here let me explore the Jeep key copy procedure in detail:

  • STEP 1- Visit a Hardware Store or Locksmith: Find a reputable hardware store or locksmith that offers key duplication services.
  • STEP 2- Provide Original Key: Present the original key to the hardware store or locksmith to create an accurate duplicate.
  • STEP 3- Verify Ownership: Be prepared to show identification and proof of ownership to ensure the key is duplicated for the rightful owner.
  • STEP 4- Pay for the Duplicate: Cover the cost of key duplication.

How to Copy a Jeep Key Using the Two Working Programmed Keys:

Before you start, ensure that you have the new keys already cut.

  • Step 1 Prepare Original Keys:

Ensure you have 2 working programmed or original keys for your Jeep. These keys must be in good condition and capable of starting the vehicle.

  • Step 2 Insert the Original Key:

Insert the original programmed key into the ignition and turn the ignition switch ON. Wait approximately 3 seconds, then turn the ignition to OFF and remove the key.

  • Step 3 Insert New Programmed Key: 

Within 15 seconds of removing the original key, insert the new programmed key into the ignition and turn the ignition switch to the ON position. Wait for approximately 10 seconds. 

During this time, you will notice a warning lamp of the immobilizer illuminate on the dashboard and hear a chime. Turn the ignition OFF and remove the key.

  • Step 4 Insert the New Unprogrammed Key: 

Insert the second unprogrammed key into the ignition within 50 seconds of removing the original key. 

Turn the ignition switch ON. After around 12 seconds, you should hear a chime, and the immobilizer lamp will remain lighted for 3 seconds. This indicates that the programming process is completed.

  • Step 5 Test the New Key:

Test the new key by turning the ignition to the ON position and ensuring the engine starts without issues.

  • Step 6 Repeat for Additional Keys:

If you need to copy additional keys, repeat the entire procedure starting from Step 1. Insert each programmed key one after the other and then the new unprogrammed key to program each new key successfully.

Note: If your Jeep has PUSH BUTTON ignition, this key programming procedure will not work, and you may need to visit an authorized Jeep dealership or a qualified automotive locksmith for key duplication and programming services.

Avoiding the High Costs for Jeep Key:

The costs of replacing or copying the Jeep keys can be exceptionally high. You can keep a few things in consideration to avoid these high Jeep key replacement costs:



Having spare key fob

It is an expensive approach to replacing the old keys from a totally scratch.

It is better to have a fob and duplicate key with you to avoid the costly option of replacing or copying the key. It is better to have a spare key and fob to save you time and money.

Contacting various dealers

It is recommended to contact various dealers, online stores, locksmiths, automotive dealers, and hardware stores before making a final deal with the dealer.

It is an expensive option for copying the key, so it is better to know the market rates of all people. You can choose the best suitable match according to your budget.

Avoiding some inappropriate steps

It is recommended to never buy the two keys from the same dealer.

It is better to get only one key from a dealer and your second or third one from any other dealer. This will save the high paying cost of the spare key.

Types of Keys for Your Jeep:

It is better to think beforehand about the type of key you require for your Jeep. This will help you in the future if you need a replacement or a copy of that key.

Traditional keys can be copied through the help of a locksmith, but for technological keys, it is mandatory to tow a dealer for their replacement.

1. Traditional Keys for Jeeps: 

Traditional keys are specified for vehicles which are made before the 90s. They lack the special features which are seen in the modern keys.

You can simply place them in their ignition, and the key will start the vehicle. A locksmith can easily make a copy of this kind of key within no short time.

2. Key Fob for Jeeps:

Key fobs are the type of keys for Jeep that can allow keyless entry into the vehicle. These keys have plastic casings that are oval or rectangular and have battery-operated buttons. These buttons can lock and unlock the vehicle and set off the alarm.

But still, you require a traditional key as these keys cannot turn on the vehicle. You can purchase the key fob from online sources and can program it. Ordering the key fob directly from the dealership is recommended, as some of the models are incompatible.

3. Switchblade Key for Jeeps:

Switchblade keys are associated with the key fob and have all its elements. They also have an extra key that can tuck itself into the fob. The spec of these types of keys is that you can insert the key in the ignition and tuck it back in its casing when not used.

This key style is more compact than the key fob and traditional keys for Jeep. A person requires replacement when they lose the key fob and key. It is recommended to contact the dealership directly when you need a replacement for your key fob and switchblade key.

You can order the separate key fob later from your automotive locksmith after getting your replacement key.

4. Transponder Key for Jeeps:

These types of keys have a wireless feature that connects the key to the vehicle. The engine starts when the key establishes a connection with the ignition, which is a similar feature to a traditional key.

This key feature is considered safe and protects the vehicle from theft, but it becomes difficult for the automotive locksmith to make its copy. You will have to tow the vehicle to its dealership to make a replacement of it.

5. Smart Key for Jeeps:

Smart keys are the modern kind of keys that are used highly nowadays by Jeep enthusiasts. These keys activate the proximity sensor in the vehicle and can allow keyless entry and ignition.

Smart keys are convenient, but it creates a problem when a person loses them. It is not easy to make its replacement, and it is only done with the help of a dealership.

How You Can Approach to Make a Copy of the Jeep Key:

  • It is expensive to reprogram the modern keys of their dealers and locksmiths. It is recommended to consult various dealerships and locksmiths to know about varying prices.
  • You can then select the best affordable price for you and reprogram the key for your Jeep. This process will help you to save money too.
  • When you contact them for reprogramming, the dealers or locksmiths ask about the VIN. It is also recommended to have a pair of replacement keys beforehand.
  • Purchasing the keys online can reduce the overall price of the key, but it can create problems, too, as some of the replacement keys are not well-structured and can create issues with the keyless entry.

Final Thought:

Duplicating your Jeep key is a straightforward process, but choosing the right service provider and providing the necessary proof of ownership is essential to avoid security concerns.

Always opt for authorized dealerships or reputable automotive locksmiths to ensure the highest quality key duplication for your Jeep.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it possible to copy the Jeep key?

Yes, it is possible to copy the Jeep key. It requires various requirements such as the current address, VIN, the current address of your residence, and proof which can ensure that you are the fixed owner of the Jeep.

These requirements would be enough for the locksmith to provide a solid replacement for the keys.

Which steps are recommended to follow if the Jeep key is lost?

A locksmith can copy your traditional key, acting as a replacement key. This replacement key can work efficiently in the absence of the original one.

How can a person find the key code of Jeep?

There are vehicle key codes inscribed on the invoice of the original vehicle. There are coded tags of white bars imprinted on the new vehicles on which the key code is also written.

It is recommended that the dealerships compare the key code numbers imprinted on tags with the key codes listed on the vehicle’s invoice.

Is it possible to duplicate the car keys?

Yes, it is possible to duplicate the car keys by seeking help from a dealership, locksmith, or any hardware store.

Laser-cut keys are difficult to copy and are more expensive than the basic keys. Other than this, smart keys are considered the most expensive and difficult to replace and get a copy of.

What is the material of Jeep keys?

Jeep keys hold material of nickel-plated brass of premium quality. This product detail is seen in the jeep door and ignition key and can last longer than usual.

Is it easy to track the Jeep keys?

No, it is not easy to track the keys. There is no way to track the FOB of keys, but some steps can be followed to avoid losing keys in the daily routine.

Is it possible to make a clone of a car key?

Cloning of keys is a new approach with various upsides, but this is not appropriate for each type of situation. Cloning keys is a fast and affordable method for the locksmith and customers.

There is no need to connect the tools to the vehicle as there are programmed chips with the advanced keys.

How can a person activate the Jeep key?

Jeep keys can be activated by inserting the key and pressing the unlock button. Making the key to the run position on the ignition mode is recommended.

Press the unlock button from the side door of the driver’s position. If you want to unlock the vehicle, simultaneously hold down the unlock and panic buttons on the key fob. The doors will unlock and lock with the buttons and the same steps.