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Jeep Compass Touchscreen Glitch? Swift Solutions Revealed!

Realizing that your Jeep Compass touchscreen isn’t responding can be quite frustrating, halting the enjoyment of your journey. As the hub for modern conveniences in your vehicle, when the touchscreen malfunctions, it’s essential to take immediate action.

You can fix the Jeep Compass touchscreen by examining the calibration status, clearing the dirt, replacing any damaged wirings or fuse, and updating the firmware version of your Uconnect software. In the worst case, you need to replace the entire touchscreen unit.

In this article, I’ll discuss effective solutions to troubleshoot and restore your touchscreen to its responsive glory.

Touchscreen Problems in Jeep Compass:

As much as the Jeep Compass is equipped with a great range of features that make driving an enjoyable experience, touchscreen problems often arise that can significantly impact your journey.

The touchscreen display is a significant component of the Jeep Compass and is used to access features such as web radio, GPS, phone integration, and video streaming.

Unfortunately, the touchscreen display is prone to malfunctions and can go blank without prior warning, leaving drivers in a state of panic.

I have created the infographic below that illustrates the touch screen problems in the Jeep Compass. (You are welcome to use and share, but please credit back if you do so.)

Jeep Compass Touchscreen Not Working

Main Problems and Fixes of Jeep Compass Touchscreen:

There are various problems associated with the touch screen of Jeep Compass, among which of them are mentioned below:

1. Unresponsive Touchscreen:

Jeep Compass Touchscreen Not Working

The first and most common cause is simply a calibration issue. This usually happens when the touch screen needs to be calibrated correctly or if the device has been moved around without recalibrating.

Another possible cause of a touch screen not responding is dirt and debris preventing the screen from correctly sensing your touches. Dust, dirt, and other particles can accumulate on the screen and interfere with its ability to respond.

How to Fix:

  • If the issue is due to the calibration, you will need to calibrate your touch screen by following your vehicle’s manual instructions.
  • You can fix the dirt accumulation issue by cleaning the screen. Use a soft and dry cloth to clean the touchscreen, and wipe in a circular motion. You can also use paper towels to clean the screen, but avoid pressing down on the touchscreen to prevent damaging it.

If you’re still having an unresponsive Jeep Compass touchscreen issue, you may need to take it to a professional to get it fixed. It could be a more complex issue that requires expert attention.

2. Faulty Wiring and Fuse:

The problem is related to the internal wiring of the touchscreen. The wiring is becoming loose due to the intense vibrations of the vehicle.

This loose wiring is causing the touchscreen to malfunction, which could be the root cause of your problem.

If the touchscreen doesn’t turn ON, you may need to check out the power supply side of the touchscreen. In most cases, this will be related to a blown fuse.
Jeep Compass Touchscreen Not Working

How to Fix:

You can replace the wiring and fuse associated with the touchscreen if they are damaged.

The Jeep Compass may be having a touchscreen problem due to the radio fuse being blown.

Jeep Compass Touchscreen Not Working

Fuse Number

Current Specification




Power supply to radio amplifiers



Power supply to radio

  • STEP 1: Pull the radio fuse out.
  • STEP 2: Check whether the fuse is normal or blown.
  • STEP 3: If damaged, replace the fuse with a new one.

Cleaning the fuse and plugging it back in may also do the trick.

3. Physical Damage to Touchscreens:

The Jeep Compass has a robust and reliable touchscreen but is still vulnerable to damage. For example, a hard jolt on a speed bump could cause the screen to crack or break.

In addition, even everyday wear and tear can result in scratches that may interfere with the touchscreen’s performance.

The most severe problem with the Jeep Compass touchscreen is delamination. This is when the top layer of the touchscreen separates from the bottom layer, resulting in bubbles beneath the screen, which can interfere with the touchscreen’s performance.
Jeep Compass Touchscreen Not Working

How to Fix:

There is no alternate way of fixing the damaged or delaminated touchscreens. The only way to avoid the inconvenience is to replace the touchscreen with a new one.

You can contact the dealer to fix the touchscreen if there is a warranty on your Jeep.

However, new screens might sound expensive to some buyers, so you can also use a second-hand touchscreen according to your budget.

4. Software Error in Touchscreens:

The problem is that the software might have a bug, which can cause the touchscreen to malfunction.

The most likely cause is a software issue within your Uconnect software. This software is responsible for the functioning of your touch screen, and it can easily become corrupted or outdated.

How to Fix:

The software error and glitches in the touchscreen of Jeeps can be fixed through soft and hard reset of the Uconnect software:

Soft Reset of Uconnect System:

Soft reset in the touchscreens usually resolves the software issues of the screen, which can be solved in the following steps:

  • STEP 1: Turn the key of the Jeep on to run the ignition in the vehicle.
  • STEP 2: Hold and press the volume and knob buttons to start the vehicle.
  • STEP 3: Hold the knob buttons for 20 seconds and check the flash on the screen of the Jeep.
  • STEP 4: The re-initialization of the system will connect the system to the main screen of the Jeep.

Hard Reset of Uconnect System:

A hard reset in the touchscreens wipes out the saved data and is easy to do in the installation process. You can adopt the following steps below for implementing the hard reset in the touchscreen of the Jeep Compass:

  • STEP 1: The first step involves the removal of the negative terminal of the battery in the vehicle.
  • STEP 2: Wait for 5 minutes.
  • STEP 3: Connect the removed terminal back.
  • STEP 4: U-Connect should be reset now.

5. Touchscreen Hang Due to No Storage in Memory:

Many drivers have reported that when they attempt to connect their USB to their touchscreen, the touchscreen becomes unresponsive, and U-Connect stops processing.

The issue is due to overloading flash drives with unlimited music files or other data.

How to Fix:

To ensure that the touchscreen and U-Connect are running smoothly, it’s essential to leave around 50% blank space in the flash drive when using it in the Jeep Compass.

For example, if you're using a 16GB flash drive, you should avoid filling it up to its total capacity and keep at least 8GB of free space. If you do so, it can cause the touchscreen and U-Connect to malfunction.

If you have already filled up your flash drive to its maximum, you’ll need to remove it from the computer and then delete some of the data from the drive.

Once you have done this, you can reinsert the drive into the USB port of the Jeep Compass and restart the vehicle. This should resolve the touchscreen issue.

6. Fixing the Touchscreen by Resetting:

There is another simple method of fixing the touchscreen issue of your Jeep Compass. When the screen is off, users sometimes face difficulty connecting to U-Connect settings in their Jeep.

The Bluetooth of the user’s smartphone is paired with the touchscreen. Therefore, users can follow these simple steps to fix the screen issue:

  • STEP 1: When the Jeep Compass engine is running, try to use any iOS or Android device to call on any number.
  • STEP 2: The black touchscreen will start blinking for about 30 seconds.
  • STEP 3: Tap the icon of the ‘Vehicle Settings’ seen at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • STEP 4: Tap on the ‘Reset’ option seen under the ‘Settings’ option.
  • STEP 5: Tap on the ‘Reset’ option, where a list of options is present in a list form.
  • STEP 6: Tap on the ‘Restore Settings to Default’ and select the ‘Yes’ option to confirm your selection.
Jeep Compass Touchscreen Not Working
  • STEP 7: Tap on the option of ‘Clear Personal Data’ and tap on the ‘Yes’ button.
Jeep Compass Touchscreen Not Working

STEP 8: Turn the engine off and start it again for a minute. After this, the issue with the touchscreen of the Jeep Compass will be resolved.

You can choose the factory reset option to resolve the touchscreen problem if there is no personal data.

How to Diagnose the Fault Code in Jeep Compass?

Diagnosing a problem with your Jeep Compass requires connecting a diagnostic tool to the car’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) port, typically located beneath the dashboard.

With the ignition on and the engine not running, you can provide the diagnostic tool with information about your vehicle, such as the engine and vehicle ID number, car brand, and model.

Once you have entered this information accurately, the tool can begin searching for the cause of the problem.

Cost to Fix the Jeep Compass Touchscreen:

If you take your Jeep to the dealership and there is any damage found in the system, you need to pay for that unless your Jeep is under warranty. Depending on the severity of the issue, most repairs can range anywhere from $600 to $1600.

If you take your Jeep to a third-party repair shop, the cost to fix the touchscreen may be less than what the dealership charges. However, keep in mind that the quality of the repair may also be lower than what you would receive from a dealership.

Final Thought:

Overall, the Jeep Compass’ touch screen is a great feature that adds convenience and efficiency to the driving experience. However, there may be times when the touch screen does not work as expected.

There are ways to troubleshoot and resolve the issues, ensuring you can get the most out of your vehicle. You can get your Jeep Compass back in proper working order with the right knowledge and tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can a person reset the touchscreen on a Jeep Compass?

It is easy to reset the touchscreen on a Jeep Compass through the following means:

  • Park the vehicle in a Run mode nearby.
  • Hold the volume and turn the knob button on the car.
  • Keep on holding the knobs for about 10-20 seconds.
  • The touchscreen will flash the name of the brand of car and will go to dark mode again.

Why does the touchscreen of the Jeep Compass not work correctly?

There are different causes for which the touchscreen on the Jeep Compass does not work. The causes include software glitches, screen damage, and short circuits. These causes can be easily fixed through soft and hard reset and screen replacement.

How can a person clean and reset the touchscreen in a vehicle?

The touchscreen in a car can be cleaned and fixed through the following steps:

  • The first step involves cleaning the screen.
  • Reboot the screen after cleaning and turn it off and on.
  • Recalibrate the settings on the net from the menu.
  • Perform an overall factory reset for the touchscreen.

What are some of the common problems associated With the Jeep compass?

Some of the common problems related to the Jeep Compass are:

  • Issues with suspension
  • Failure to start the vehicle
  • Overheating of transmission
  • Failure in wheel bearing
  • Leakage in cabin water
  • Failure in engine

Why does the touchscreen in vehicles stop working suddenly?

The touchscreen in the Jeep Compass stops working suddenly due to various reasons. These reasons include damage due to water, debris, glitches, and virus in the software.

Why does the touch panel stops working in the vehicle?

The touch panel of the touch screen stops working due to various reasons. You can restart the screen and can check out for updates. Update the security and windows in the settings option.

Can the factory reset in the Jeep Compass fix the touchscreen's problems?

A factory reset can sometimes resolve the touchscreen issues in the Jeep Compass. You can remove the SD card and boot your screen safely. You can also run an anti-virus scan to diagnose the display of your touchscreen.

Is it expensive to fix the touchscreen of the Jeep Compass?

Unfortunately, it is expensive to fix the touchscreen of the Jeep Compass. It costs about $10,000 to maintain and repair the screen during the first ten years of service of the vehicle.