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8 Reasons Why Jeep Key Fob is Not Detected- 6 Tips to Fix

You might have heard about the keyless-entry jeep equipped with a push-button start. This feature has undoubtedly made life easier for the jeep owners, but sometimes jeep key fob can cause problems. The dead key fob can create hindrance, so it is better to replace or fix it.

The Jeep owners face the issue where they drive the vehicle for a bit, and after parking, the Jeeps fail to recognize their fob when they arrive. Any other attempt to unlock the vehicle with physical keys fools the functionality of the SUV and can completely shut down the vehicle.

You can fix this issue by improving the conductivity of contacts. In addition, you can replace the battery and fuse for re-programming the key fob. Other than this, you can also try the jeep key fob receiver.

In this article, I will discuss the reasons behind the key fob issue and the possible fix you can try to solve the problem. So stay along with the article.

What is The Jeep Key Fob Issue?

Sometimes, the jeep owners face the issue that when they drive their vehicle for a bit of time and after parking, the exact vehicle fails to recognize the fob of the vehicle.

If the Jeep key fob is not detected, it is mandatory for the owner to identify the trouble and to determine whether it is better to repair or replace the jeep key fob.

The jeep key fob loses its functionality, and if the owner unlocks it with something else, the SUV thinks that the device is being physically fooled, and theft is attempted. This tends to complete the shutdown of the vehicle.

Most of the jeep owners claimed that the key fob issue is related to software. They said their dealer disconnected the antenna and then tried reconnecting it. The reconnection of the antenna re-established the key fob communication. Another person reported that sometimes the issue is associated with the RF hub module.

Many frustrated owners have had their Grand Cherokees towed to a dealership to be fixed. Others were stranded for hours or had to abandon their vehicles in parking lots.

The radio frequency hub module is a system that communicates with the remote start system of the vehicle along with the theft alarm system.

Some owners claimed that they received multiple theft alerts on the phones linked with the app even when they left their jeeps for repair at the dealerships.

Top 8 Reasons that Lead to No Detection of Jeep Key Fob:

8 Reasons Why Jeep Key Fob is Not Detected- 6 Tips to Fix

1. Key Fob and Its Dead Battery:

The major issue faced by the dead battery is the drainage of the battery. When a key fob is left in the hot car or inside the jeep having an outer cold environment, there are chances of drainage of dead key fob battery.

The battery becomes weak due to the inability to detect the key fob battery. It becomes difficult to start the battery at such a moment.

2. Loose Connection:

Sometimes, the key fob has loose connectivity with the jeep. It can lead to issues of not detecting the problem and involves various reasons. The reason can be the availability of a dirt connection on any part of the key fob.

3. A Wrong Key Fob:

A wrong key fob can disable the ability of not detect the key fob in a jeep. It is seen that the jeep key fob communicates via an RFID chip. Therefore, it is not possible to read the jeep without a key fob, and it will not recognize the key fob.

4. Programming Issue:

The programming issue can also cause significant problems, making detecting the jeep key fob difficult.

For example, if the programming module is damaged and there is the presence of a malfunctioning keyless entry system, the device creates a hindrance in communicating with the jeep.

5. Using Worn-Out Batteries:

The key fob is necessary to start the jeep and is available in small sizes. However, it cannot detect the presence of a worn-out battery. Some issues can lead to the wear out of battery, including the problem of using the jeep only on special occasions.

The battery will only run as long as usual if the jeep is not driven out frequently. This is because the associated electronics in the jeep also cause the battery to wear out quickly.

The presence of excessive USB ports and chargers in the jeep is also responsible for draining the battery. The person, after this situation, ends up purchasing a new battery.

6. Problems With the Door Lock:

Sometimes, the jeep key fob face issue with detecting it due to a fault in the door lock. For example, the jeep key fob cannot detect the issue if the door lock does not work correctly.

Some things can lessen the work of door locks. These include the broken system of wires and damage to the system caused by water.

The malfunctioning keyless entry system can also create problems with the door lock. You can consult a jeep mechanic after this issue and can fix it easily.

7. Interference With Radio of Jeep:

Sometimes, the nearby availability of radio in the area hinders the ability of the jeep key fob not to detect the key fob.

For example, the excess metal, electrical equipment, and availability of radio towers nearby can cause an issue with the jeep key fob.

8. Broken Wire in the Key Fob of Jeep:

If there is a broken wire in the jeep key fob, it can also create a hindrance in working the jeep key fob. The mechanic or automobile operator can replace the whole system of the key fob to fix it.

6 Ways to Fix the Jeep Key Fob Not Detected Issue:

Different things are associated with the jeep key fob, which is not detected. One of the issues is with the battery; it has died, due to which the jeep key fob is not detected.

If, after charging the battery, the key fob still not works, then there must be an issue with the key fob receiver, which needs replacement.

In some exceptional cases, there are chances that someone might steal the battery and replace it with their old one, which can create trouble for you.

Here are six tips that can be used to fix the problem with the key fob:

1. Improving the Conductivity of Contacts:

If there is an issue with the contacts of the key fob, it can be fixed easily. For example, the issue might be due to a dirty key fob or a key fob that might lose its conductivity.

Here are some tips that can help improve the conductivity of the contacts related to the key fob.




You can clean the contacts of vehicle using a rubbing alcohol or a micro-fiber cloth.


You can replace your corroded or worn out contacts with the new ones.

Electrical damage

It is advisable to check the electrical damage associated with the circuits of key fobs. These damages can be the cause of poor conductivity.

Removing the debris

Sometimes, the debris in the between the contacts and case of the key fob can cause problems. You can remove them using the small needle-like pliers.


You can also repair the key fob if it is not working properly or can replace it with the receiver.

Of course, there is much more to cleaning cars than cleaning only contacts. If you want to learn more about car detailing, check out ‘

2. Replacing the Battery of Key Fob:

If the issue of the key fob is not detected, a person can replace the key fob’s battery. Sometimes, the issue is not detected, which indicates that there is a problem with the battery and following tips can be used to replace the battery.




You can disconnect the key fob attached with the electrical system of your vehicle.


You can remove the four screws from the key fob. These screws are responsible for holding the cover of the key fob receiver.

Removing the battery

You can remove the receiver’s cover and can also remove the battery for replacing the battery of the key fob.


You can reinstall the cover and screws of the key fob or can replace your worn out battery with the new one.

Connecting and testing

You can connect and test the key fob function by connecting the electrical system.

3. Replacing the Fuse of Key Fob:

You can replace the fuse box if the key knob stops working. Then, finally, you can try to reset it, which can be done by pressing and holding the lock button of the key knob for about ten seconds.

4. Reprogramming the Key Fob of the Vehicle:

You can reprogram the key fob if it is different from the security system of the jeep. You can try to run your key fob with a proper program, and if still, it fails to work, you can consult a mechanic for this.

5. Unblocking the Signal:

The jeep owners should ensure that nothing blocks the signal from reaching the key fob.

If there are huge metal objects nearby, they can hinder the signal pathways to reach the key fob. You can try again by removing the metal objects that block the signals.

6. Changing the Receiver of Jeep Key Fob:

You can replace the key fob if it is damaged and you think there might be a problem. You can follow the user’s manual instructions but ensure not to damage the jeep.

How to Repair the Jeep Key Fob?

Here we will mention some steps which you can follow to repair the jeep key fob:

Step 1:

The first step is to open the key fob, which can be done by loosening the screw on the back of the key fob. You can also open it using a flathead screwdriver or a seam in the middle of the key fob.

Take the battery out and if there is any debris on it, clean it thoroughly. You can use canned air spray to remove loose debris and dust. In the end, replace the battery.

Step 2:

You can snap the key fob and try it on the car to test if a problem exists with the battery. Then, re-open the key fob if there is a problem.

There are little golden pieces on the circuit board that can be cleaned by spraying small amounts of isopropyl alcohol. First, rub it with a cotton swab and clean the surface. Then, place the cover back on it and try the key fob again.

Step 3:

In this step, check the contacts located on the circuitry board. Renew them if they are in a worn-out situation. Next, you can put a small amount of conductivity paint over their surface.

Replace the battery by allowing them to dry on a dry surface. Give a try to the key fob after snapping the cover on, and use a pencil to re-establish the contact. You can do so by gently rubbing the lead on the surface.

Step 4:

In this step, you can take your remote to a nearby locksmith. That person can repair the fob, which is cheaper than the cost of the new key fob.

You can look for online professional services from the locksmith too.

Programming the Jeep Key Fob:

Jeeps are mostly equipped with keyless entry remotes that can be used to program the lock and help unlock the doors. The process behind this programming is simple and should be done correctly.

Steps for Programming a Jeep Key Fob:

  • Step 1: The first step is to sit in the seat of the driver and close all the doors.
  • Step 2: Turn on the ignition by inserting the key and turning the ‘on’ position. Do not start the engine directly after this.
  • Step 3: Hold and release the lock button located on the key fob.
  • Step 4: Press and hold the unlock button within five seconds.
  • Step 5: Release the button and turn off the ignition. Remove the key from the ignition.
  • Step 6: Lock and unlock the doors with the key fob. If they are not unlocked properly, repeat the same steps.

How Can You Start a Jeep with a Dead Key Fob?

It’s frustrating when your key fob stays non-responsive, and you can’t drive your car. But let me tell you that there is no need to panic.

It’s a little-known secret that you can get your Jeep back on the road in no time using one simple trick. The first step is to unlock your car by putting a conventional key in the driver’s side door. Unlike most newer vehicles with keyless entry, Jeep key fobs have a regular old car key.

There's a small sliding button on the back of your key fob. Slide or press it with your finger to take off the cover. Then, use your fingernails and some force to release the key. You need a key slot on the handle cover to use the mechanical key to open your door. If you do not see one, check for one behind your handle cover by popping it off and using the key.

Now that you’re inside your car, here’s how you can start it with the dead key fob:

  • Close the key fob after you reinstall the mechanical key.
  • While pressing the brake pedal, press your Jeep’s start/stop button with the tip of your dead key fob instead of your finger.

That’s all you need to know to start your Jeep! You are now good to go in case the key fob is dead.

Final Thought:

So, now you are familiar with the methods to deal with a Jeep’s key fob that is not detected. Besides this, you can also use Jeep’s Android and iOS apps to unlock your car remotely when it is locked.

You must ensure your phone’s app is set up with your car before your key fob dies.

If you are stuck with the unavailability of both, you can always seek the help of a professional and expect to pay around 200$-300$ for their service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can a person fix the issue of not detecting the jeep key fob?

If anyone faces the issue of not detecting the jeep key fob, they can solve it by improving the conductivity of contacts; A person can also replace the battery and fuse for further reprogramming of the key fob. The jeep key fob receiver can also be tried.

How can a person replace the battery of the key fob?

A person can replace the battery of the key fob by following the steps:

  • Disconnecting the key fob attached to the electrical system
  • Removing the four screws from the key fob
  • Removing the battery to replace the battery of the key fob
  • Reinstalling the screws and cover of the key fob
  • Connecting and testing the key fob function by connecting it with the electrical system

How can a person improve the conductivity of the contacts?

A person can improve the conductivity of the contacts through the following steps:

  • Cleaning the contacts of the vehicle through a rubbing alcohol
  • Replacing the corroded or worn-out contacts
  • Checking the electrical damage with circuits of the key fob
  • Removing the debris from the case and contacts of the key fob using small-needle pliers
  • Repairing the key fob by replacing it with the receiver