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Top 5 Best GPS for Off-Roading: Detailed Analysis

Off-roading is a vast activity that is not limited to a certain region; there are chances of getting lost; so, you must use the best GPS, which will keep you on track. What is the best GPS for Off-Roading?

The best GPS systems which guide your off-road journey are :

  1. Magellan TRX7 CS PRO
  2. Garmin Oregon 750t
  3. Garmin Overlander
  4. Lowrance HDS-7 Live Chart Plotter
  5. Trail Tech Voyager Pro

The GPS systems will save you from getting lost in strange areas. It is always recommended to use any of the GPS in your off-road vehicle for your safety.

Off-road enthusiasts always wanted to go on a long journey in search of secret places. They wanted to surpass their peers during their journey, and in doing so, they end up their journey in far-away unknown places where they find themselves alone.

The GPS helps them to be on track and to achieve their destined aim; otherwise, they can put themselves in trouble. There are many reasons to use GPS as it saves your data about routes, and you can trace them back at any time. This feature of GPS helps many off-road enthusiasts to find their lost locations.

You can never go wrong with one of these GPS systems as they are extremely accurate in their functioning; they can point out the exact location and save you from any mishap during your journey. This GPS imparts you a sense of security, and you feel much more relaxed during your journey.

Top 5 Best GPS for Off-Roading:

When you are relaxed, then you can enjoy your journey. This article will analyze the top GPS and elaborate their pros and cons so that you can select one of the best GPS systems without wasting much time.

If you want to maintain fun and joy during your whole journey, you must know about the working of this GPS. This chapter will analyze the working of GPS; you must skim this section to get a better idea about GPS working.

Principle of The Off-Road Global Positioning System:

Best GPS for Off-Roading

The global positioning system is comprised of 30 satellites that keep on orbiting the earth. One of the best features of this GPS is that it is user-friendly. You don’t need to do a separate course for this GPS as you can easily comprehend this system within few days.

The functioning of GPS is like that; where ever you are roaming on the planet, your GPS device is always under the range of four GPS satellites. These satellites send a signal that your device receives, and in this way, the given distance is calculated accurately. The process called Trilateration is used to point out your exact location.

Nowadays, this GPS is much more accurate with the advancement in technology. The accuracy of these available GPS systems is increased due to the increase in software strength. 

Use of GPS During Off-Roading:

Best GPS for Off-Roading

GPS will help you to stay on track throughout your journey. There are many uses of this technology; with the help of this technology, you can find new trails. This system will be of great benefit when you plan your journey with your buddies. The best GPS will help you to stay in touch with your buddies.

There are no chances of getting lost by using this system, so you must use the best GPS to stay safe. Your life is much more important than a few dollars, so you must spend some money to get the best GPS. You must go with this system as it saves you from getting lost.

Use of GPS systemAdvantages
Keep on trackIf you are using one of the best GPS systems, then you are safe. You can prolong your journey and can proceed to many unknown places with confidence. GPS will track your location and guide you properly. You will remain on track with the help of this system.
Grant predictionWith the help of this advanced technology, you will attain knowledge about every route. After having a good idea about the locations of the road, you can pre-plan your trip and select the most appropriate route for your journey.
CommunicationWith the advancement in technology, now there is no way to get lost. You can get in touch even if you are far away from the cities. Even in low signal areas, you can get in touch with your buddies.

Types of Off-Roading GPS:

Before using this modern technology, you must know the types of off-roading GPS. Following are the types of off-roading GPS.

Type 1- In-Dash Type:

This type of system remains fixed to the vehicle, and you can not take them on the hiking trip. One of the major disadvantages of this type is that you can not download new maps as they are locked to a provider. Built-in GPS devices are often attached to new vehicles.

Type 2- Smart Device Type:

Navigation apps are easily available on many phones and tablets; they are not expensive. The most important feature that attracts a buyer is downloading multiple map sources and geo-tag photos. Proper cell coverage is required for this system, and it depends heavily on battery life to work properly.

Type 3- Portable Type:

You can keep these portable units within your pockets and can take them anywhere. These units don’t have a wide display. One of the best portable GPS devices’ main features is that they are tough and have decent battery life for a long journey. Some of the models also hold features such as a compass, altimeter, and a few more.

Best Available GPS Systems for Off-Roading:

This section will elaborate on the main features of the best available GPS as per our regressive research and hands-on experience. After going through this section, you will be able to select the best GPS to go off-roading.

1. Magellan TRX7 CS PRO:

Best GPS for Off-Roading

Magellan is one of the best available systems for off-roading. If you are planning a trip, then you must consider this wonderful system. Magellan TRX CS PRO is mainly cased in the waterproof and shock-resistant cover that is the additional point of this system. The manifestation of the display is based on a high resolution of a 7-inch touch screen. You can use this device for your daily use as well because it offers street navigation as well. 

Magellan TRX7 CS PROUse
Display of high resolutionMagellan offers a high resolution of the 7-inch touch screen display.
Access to several preloaded routesThis system provides access to several preloaded routed over more than 160,000.
Provision of the satellite map viewThe provision of satellite map view makes the navigation done so quickly.

Another main feature of this system is the attachment of the camera with this device. 8MP camera is attached to this system, which can automatically record the trails automatically, and these recordings can prove beneficial to other users. If you want to trace routes back, you can also do this with this feature.

During your journey, it is possible that you can face problems due to minor glitches, but these issues can easily be overcome by proper rectification, so you must not be worried. Every system has two sides. One is positive and the other negative.

This article will elaborate pros and cons of this system. After understanding all these features, you will be able to take the final decision to pursue the selection of GPS.

Land properties can be identifiedDifficulty in Navigation
Provision of preloaded destinationsLack of custom support
Provision of all required accessoriesGlitches can happen

2. Garmin Oregon 750t:

Best GPS for Off-Roading

This GPS is available in a more portable form, and this system is much easier to use. This article will analyze the main features of this system along with its pros and cons. After skimming through this article, you will be able to select or reject this GPS. The main feature of this system is the view of the screen.

The screen of this GPS is easily readable during the sunlight. This GPS is mainly preloaded with TOPO U.S 100K topographic maps. Another important feature of this system is that you can share data with the online community. As far as its performance is concerned, then this system is best and accurate. Previous models were not loaded with maps, but this model is preoccupied with maps.

This system has a great balance between size and quality. The provision of the touch screen is the added benefit that is associated with this system. We can sum up this system as one of the best operating systems available in the market. If you are in search of a user-friendly GPS, then you must go for this GPS. Other features of this system are as follows:

  • Expanded wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth-enabled smart notifications
  • Axis compass with accelerometer and
  • Barometric altimeter sensors
  • Flashlight, and IPX7 water rating
Provision of touch screenBattery issues 
Preloaded mapsExpensiveGarmin
8MP camera for geotaggingThe inability of the touchscreen when wet 

3. Lowrance HDS-7 Live Chart Plotter:

Best GPS for Off-Roading

It is one of the best available GPS as far as performance is concerned. If you are an off-road enthusiast, then you equipped your vehicle with the best available equipment. If you want to maintain fun during the whole journey, then you must take all precautionary measures before proceeding with the trip.

This device will boost your confidence and imparts a sense of safety in you. Nothing is more important than life, so you must go for this system irrespective of its price. This chapter will elaborate on the features of this system, and after checking this article, you will feel at ease to take the final decision to pursue your final selection.

As far as the screen dimension of this device is concerned, HDS is preoccupied with a 7-inch screen that is easier to navigate. This system is equipped with a high-speed processor that can process the data faster. Because of the high-speed processor, this system is used by desert racers of the country.

You can easily get the view of the screen during sunlight because it is very bright and well presented. Among the added features of this device, the most important added feature is the display of smartphone notifications. If you want to process your journey with this system, you feel free to proceed as it is one of the best systems available.

Lowrance HDS-7 Live Chart PlotterKey Specs
Physical dimensions5.73″ x 9.21″ x 3.06″
145.6 x 234.01 x 77.7 mm
Water ratingIPX7 with card door closed
Weight3.04lbs (1.38kg)
Display resolution1024 x 600 pixels
Power consumption2.9A at 13.8 V DC -Full backlight | sonar on

4. Garmin Overlander:

Best GPS for Off-Roading

Garmin has produced high-quality off-road GPS units over some time. Garmin overlander is one of the best units that Garmin produces. As an off-road enthusiast, it must be included in your list. This section will analyze the performance of this GPS and explicitly the main features of this system.

After checking this sample, you will be able to understand the dynamics of this GPS. The internal storage of this system is 64GB, and the topographical map mainly covers North and South America. This is one of the most accurate devices among its competitors. It comprises a 7-inch colour touchscreen display, and it can be connected to four BC backup cameras.

You can also carry out the synchronization of data when in the range of wifi connection. Using this device, you will not require a cell signal to chart your route to a campsite. Public land and private land are often separated from each other, so you can not go wrong. This chapter will also analyze the specifications of this system as follows:

Garmin OverlanderKey specs
Physical dimensions7.84″ W x 4.79″ H x 0.93″ D (19.9 x 12.2 x 2.4 cm)
Display resolution
1024 x 600 pixels
Display size
6.0″ W x 3.5″ H (15.2 x 8.9 cm); 6.95″ (17.7 cm)
Display type
Multi-touch, glass, WSVGA colour TFT with white backlight

5. Trail Tech Voyage Pro:

Best GPS for Off-Roading

Trail tech voyage pro is a system that is designed for power sports users. Power sport users love to take this advice as its features are compatible with their requirements. Its buddy tracking feature makes it more special. This chapter will analyze the main features of this system. If you are planning to go off-roading, then you must go through this section to get an idea to pursue your final selection.

The Buddy tracking system is a special feature of this system. Off-roading with buddies is all about fun, and to maintain this fun; you must remain in touch with each other throughout the journey; otherwise, you can put yourself in trouble. Through the buddy tracking feature of this system, you can remain in touch with your buddies.

Buddy trackers use a radio system to track the location of up to 20 riders. As far as screen display is concerned, then this system can provide the 4-inch touch screen display. This whole unit is cased in a waterproof, dust-proof case. Other features that add to this system’s importance are a 4-inch colour touch screen, IP67 water rating, and topographic maps.

Trail tech voyage pro can also track the speed by the use of wheel senor. You can check the speed of your vehicle with this system, and it will help you adjust the ideal speech to avoid unwanted incidents. The trail voyage pro checks the speed in mph. This system can also display the temperature and distance travelled. You can decide to select this system or reject this system. This chart will also analyze the specifications of this system as follows:

Trail tech voyage Pro Key specs Value
 internal memoryUp to 32GB
 external memoryUp to 64GB
Physical dimension144 X 90 X 47MM
Screen size480X272PX 101MM DIAGONAL 50.5MM X 89.2MM


This article has analyzed the main features of some of the best available GPS systems for off-roading. After skimming through this article, you will be able to compare these systems and select the best out of them. You must not proceed with your journey without selecting the best GPS.

The best system will protect you from getting lost and protect your life. The decision of final selection is totally up to you. If you are willing to have a great trip, you must not care about spending more on the best GPS as it saves you from many troubles.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

What is the best 4WD GPS?

There are many high-quality GPS systems. It isn’t easy to crown any one of them as the best available GPS. These GPS systems are of great importance as they save you from getting lost and keep you on track; otherwise, you can put yourself in trouble without using these GPS systems.

But which GPS is the best of all. There is no fixed answer to this query; we select the most appropriate GPS based on certain factors. The best 4WD GPS is the Hema Navigator HX-1. The major quality of this system is that it comes pre-loaded, and you must understand the importance of this system; it is the only system that comes pre-loaded otherwise, there is no other system that comes pre-loaded.

Due to this feature, Hema Navigator is prioritized over other GPS systems. You must know that this comes pre-loaded with more than 110 4WD and touring maps. This system is the best in use; this will save you time because you can use this system immediately after unpacking this. The mapping system of this is incredible as they are working on it for many years. The mapping system of Hema covers almost all of Australia, state, regions, and national park maps. 

Can you use Google maps for off-roading?

Off-roading is a broad activity that is not limited to any specific area or region. You can use Google Maps to track out your location. Off-roading is all about remote areas, and in those areas, it is deemed necessary for you to have a location checker; otherwise, you will find yourself in deep trouble.

But you acknowledge that it is not the best system to track your location. You can not completely rely on this system, but it is one of the useful apps to hold during off-roading. You can also use this system offline, but you first have to download the maps; otherwise, it will not show the maps. So, it is clear that you can use google maps for off-roading but in a limited way. Before proceeding to your journey with this system, you must understand both the positive and negative features of this app. 

How to find out the failure of GPS?

If you are trying to find out the problems associated with your GPS, you must have to gain the basic knowledge of this system for better analysis of the system’s functioning. The main purpose of this system is to find out the exact location of a rider and help him be on track.

During off-roading, if GPS is not responding properly and imparting false information, then it must be subjected to malfunctioning, and you need to address this situation. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover. If you ignore this glitch and keep on proceeding, it can be dangerous for you. You can find yourself nowhere.

It could be bad for your vehicle as well; you will not seek any help as you are unaware of the location. This problem occurred when this system did not update timely. This problem is serious; failure to navigate properly can put your life in trouble; if you want to avoid any unwanted incidents, you must sort out this problem. You must use the best available system as there are fewer chances of malfunctioning the best available systems. 

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