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Unlock Jeep Cherokee with Keys Inside: 7 Proven Methods

Imagine this: You’re ready for a drive in your trusty Jeep Cherokee, only to realize that your keys are frustratingly inaccessible, securely locked inside. It’s a situation that can trigger a momentary panic. I’ve experienced it – that sinking feeling as you gaze through the window at your elusive keychain

7 ways to unlock the Jeep Cherokee with keys inside include:

  • Using sharp equipment
  • Getting in the vehicle through the trunk area
  • Using a slim Jim
  • Getting in the vehicle through the roof region
  • Using an auto-Jiggler key
  • Unlocking by UConnect app
  • Smashing the window of the Jeep

In this article, I’ll explore seven savvy techniques you can use to unlock your Jeep Cherokee with the keys still inside. From using a coat hanger to calling a professional locksmith, you’ll find the right solution for you. So stay along!

How to Unlock the Jeep Cherokee With Keys Inside:

It is not mandatory to rush to the locksmith or dealership if your keys remain inside your Jeep. Your dealer of Jeep will provide you with a new pair of keys, but it will cost you some extra amount, so it is better to try out some other manageable ways to help you unlock the Jeep within no time.

I have created the infographic below that covers several ways to unlock Jeep Cherokee with keys inside. (You are welcome to use and share, but please credit back if you do so.)

7 Ways to Unlock Jeep Cherokee With Keys Inside

Before contacting a local locksmith, here are some ways in which you can try to unlock your Jeep that will help you out in this hour of need:

1. Using Sharp Equipment for Unlocking the Jeep:

You can use some sharp equipment to unlock your Jeep Cherokee if you forget your keys inside the Jeep. You can try out objects like a screwdriver with a flat head or a clothes hanger made of steel.

These pieces are not too sharp and will not damage your Jeep but will help you unlock the vehicle.

One of the easiest methods is to try out a flat-headed screwdriver if the door of your Jeep is jammed. You can also try out a lever to open the Jeep door, and a clothes hanger has also worked out for various vehicles.
7 Ways to Unlock Jeep Cherokee With Keys Inside

2. Getting in the Vehicle through the Trunk Area:

One of the simplest methods you can adopt for unlocking a Jeep Cherokee door without keys is going into the vehicle through the trunk area.

Follow the steps below to into the trunk area of your Jeep:

  • STEP 1: First, remove the license plate.
  • STEP 2: Then, you can use a small screwdriver to open the trunk, which is usually behind the vehicle’s license plate.
  • STEP 3: Next, you should carefully open the latch using a clothes hanger to help you access the door lock.

3. Using a Slim Jim:

You can use a Slim Jim tool to unlock the Jeep Cherokee if you are worried that sharp equipment might result in damaging your vehicle. These tools are easily available in the market and are known as Slim Jims.

You can use the tool to unlock the door of your Jeep if you suddenly forget your keys inside the vehicle.

  • STEP 1: First, insert the deflated tool inside the jammed door and pump air through the attached bladder.
  • STEP 2: Keep pumping in the air until the door opens the vehicle.
  • STEP 3: Then, carefully move the slim jim to unlatch the door lock and deflate the bladder.
7 Ways to Unlock Jeep Cherokee With Keys Inside

These kits are available for unlocking the Jeep and cost around $20. These are user-friendly tools that can be used to unlock the Jeep doors from the upper side.

It is better to pump these airbags when there is a gap of 2 inches and avoid pumping too much air as it might break the glass of the door of your vehicle.

4. Getting into the Vehicle through the Roof Region:

Some Jeeps have a soft roof that can be used for unlocking jammed doors in an emergency. If your Jeep Cherokee has jammed doors or you forget your keys inside the vehicle, you can use this method for unlocking.

  • STEP 1: First, move your hand around the soft roof seam where a gap is available for unlocking.
  • STEP 2: Next, move your arm down through it inside the vehicle and can reach the lock to open the vehicle.

You can also use a clothes hanger or any other reach tool if you cannot reach the door lock through the arm.

You can retrieve your keys from inside after opening the door through the method. However, it is recommended to follow this method carefully so that the soft top is not damaged.

You can make a small space on your Jeep's soft top or sunroof to unlock the door. You can make space in the roof of the Jeep Cherokee using a thin metal spoon or any other equipment and can use a hook to reach for your vehicle's key.

5. Using an Auto-Jiggler Key:

The auto-jiggler key is a key that helps in unlocking vehicles such as Jeeps in special circumstances.

Drivers should keep the auto-jiggler key where they can access them in emergencies. It is recommended to insert the key in the lock and jiggle it to open the door lock with the auto-jiggler key.

After inserting the keys in the door lock, move it in different directions, and within a matter of seconds, the door unlocks.

6. Unlocking by UConnect App:

In new models of Jeep Cherokee, a U-connect app can be connected to your smartphone. It helps connect the vehicle to your smartphone and assists in operating the vehicle’s system.

You can unlock your Jeep using your smartphone if you forget your keys inside the vehicle. You can press the unlock feature on your U-Connect app that will open your Jeep's jammed doors without a key.

In order to use this feature, you must have a Uconnect subscription and access to phone data.

In order to unlock your Jeep Cherokee with your smartphone, follow the steps below:

  • STEP 1: Download and install the Uconnect Access App on your mobile.
  • STEP 2: Log in with your credentials.
  • STEP 3: Tap the ‘open lock’ icon button, and a pop-up requesting your Uconnect Security PIN will appear.
  • STEP 4: Enter the 4-digit code and press “OK”
  • STEP 5: The app will confirm if your command was sent successfully.
  • STEP 6: Tap “OK” to close the pop-up.
  • STEP 7: You will receive a message when your vehicle receives the command.

7. Smashing the Window of the Jeep:

This method is considered the last option if you forget the keys inside the Jeep and if any of the above methods are not working for you.

In that case, you can opt for this method and smash your Jeep window to get the keys for unlocking the door.

This method is not secure as you will put yourself in danger of getting an injury from the broken glass of your window.

Tips for Avoiding the Locking Problem (With Key Inside) in Jeep Cherokee:

You can keep a few tips in mind to avoid the issue of locking the doors of the Jeep Cherokee. It is recommended to always keep a spare pair of keys with you for emergencies.

Here I will elaborate on some tips to avoid the problem of forgetting keys in Jeep Cherokee:

1. Cross-Checking the Pockets:

It is advised to double-check your pockets or purse before exiting your Jeep Cherokee.

Few drivers are in the habit of picking up keys by hand, so keep an eye on whether to hold the keys or place them in a safe and accessible place like a purse or pockets of your attire. 

2. Using the Fobs for Unlocking Jeep Doors:

It is better to lock the doors of Jeep Cherokee using a fob instead of a key. The key fob makes it easy for the built-in locking mechanism.

You can use the buttons on the fob to lock and unlock the door of your Jeep.  

3. Replacing the Batteries of the Fob:

If you are in the habit of using a Jeep key fob, you might have faced the issue that key fobs stop working due to an issue with batteries. 

The dead key fob batteries stop the working key fob, so it is better to check the batteries often to avoid such issues. You can replace the batteries, easily available at various auto spare parts shops.

I explained why Jeep key fob is not detected in another article.

Types of Jeep Keys:

Gone are the days when the Jeeps and other vehicles were locked and unlocked using a hard key. With advancements in vehicles and technology, jeeps can be unlocked easily.

Other than this, the keyless mode is becoming common in Jeeps, which has eased the life for riders. There are different types of jeep keys, among which some of them are as follows:

1. Ignition Key for Jeeps:

The ignition keys made for the Jeeps are used to unlock the doors and start the Jeep manually.

No anti-theft technology is associated with the ignition key, and these keys are easy to replace in case of loss. In addition, these keys are less expensive than other types of keys and are used by many riders. 

2. Remote Key Fob for Jeeps:

The remote key fob is confined to Jeeps and helps connect the vehicle with Jeeps’ programming system.

You can lock and unlock the vehicle by touching the remote key fob button even without inserting the key in the door.

3. Transponder Chip Key for Jeeps:

Transponder chip keys are the keyless entry with a push-start button for Jeeps. These keys have a unique serial number mode that emits low-level signals and can read RFID receivers.

The transponder chip key works when the Jeep recognizes the serial number, and ignition in the vehicle starts after this recognition. 

The transponder chip key requires reprogramming in case of its sudden loss. The keyless entry has gained a lot of popularity in the new Jeep models and is replacing the key mode in vehicles. 

Circumstances Behind the Locking of Key Inside Jeep Cherokee:

Besides leaving the key inside the Jeep, some circumstances can also arise that can lead to the locking of the key inside the Jeep. Some of these circumstances are:



Dying battery of Jeep key fob

The Jeep sensors are unable to communicate effectively when the battery of the Jeep key fob lacks enough power. The key might get locked inside the Jeep due to the battery's low voltage.

Flat battery of Jeep

The Jeep's dead battery cannot provide enough power to sensors. The key does not receive the signal due to a flat battery and gets locked inside the Jeep.

Programming issues with Jeep

The anti-theft technology in the Jeep sometimes stops working due to an issue with the key programming. This can result in the lock-up of the key inside the Jeep.

Issues with the door sensor

The door sensors provide a feature of keyless entry. However, the fault with these sensors disables the keys from working correctly in Jeep, making it difficult for a person to pull out the keys.

Final Thought:

To conclude, locking your Jeep Cherokee with the keys inside can be a stressful experience. However, you can easily escape this situation with some preparation and the right tools and knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can a person unlock the Jeep Cherokee with the keys stuck inside?

It is easy to get access inside the Jeep Cherokee if the vehicle has a soft top. First, a person can check the seams on the vehicle’s soft top to detect an opening. After detection, the person can reach inside the car and unlock it from the inner side.

What ways to unlock the Jeep Cherokee when the keys are locked inside?

There are various ways to unlock the Jeep Cherokee when the keys are locked inside. Some of them are as follows:

  • Getting a spare key for the vehicle
  • Loading up the app
  • Unlocking the manual locks using string
  • Unlocking with clothes hanger
  • Unlocking with an inflatable pump wedge
  • Unlocking with a strip of plastic
  • Seeking help from a locksmith or police

Is it possible to unlock the Jeep Cherokee using the phone?

Jeep Cherokee can be unlocked easily if the vehicle is switched with a U-connect access smartphone app. This app allows you to lock and unlock it remotely and can start the engine. It can also activate the horns and lights virtually.

What are some of the easy ways of unlocking the vehicle when the key remains inside?

There are many easy ways to get back inside the vehicle when keys are left inside. Some of the methods for unlocking are:

  • Using a bobby pin
  • Using a screwdriver and knife
  • Using a lock picker
  • Using a credit card
  • Using a bump key
  • Removing the hinges

How can a person unlock the vehicle without power locks?

A person can unlock the vehicle using a wooden wedge, air wedge, or a rod for unlocking the vehicle. A person can grab the wooden wedge and slide it through the door’s top part. You can also use a cover around the edge of the vehicle to prevent damage or scratching of paint.