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GPS Not Working on Jeep Grand Cherokee: How to Fix?

GPS is a system that helps a vehicle determine its location. The problem with Jeep Grand Cherokee’s GPS is not new. For some time, owners have been complaining about the GPS not working on their Jeep. The issue has been reported by both customers and dealerships alike.

An error with the GPS can create hindrance for the rider, so how to fix the problems with GPS on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The GPS issue on a Jeep Grand Cherokee can be fixed by the following ways:

  • Fixing the GPS Antenna and protecting it from the shock, twists, and other damage.
  • Managing the date of the GPS software through the settings of the GPS.
  • Updating the UConnect System of your Jeep.
  • Fixing the electrical trouble that hinders the causes the screen to freeze.

Stay along with the article to find the common reported GPS issues and their fixes in a step wise manner.

Working of the GPS on Jeep Grand Cherokee:

GPS (Global positioning system) helps people in daily life through its essential features. Some of these features are:

  • GPS on the Jeep Grand Cherokee uses a network of satellites in the earth’s orbit containing 24 satellites at 20,000 km of altitude. This system of satellites helps a person triangulate the GPS device’s position.
  •  GPS helps in providing the exact information on the position of the Jeep. It is necessary to capture all four satellites to obtain precise information, especially in landlocked or mountainous areas.
  •  GPS is linked with the playback screen and has button controls for interacting and setting up the device in the vehicle.
  •  GPS uses the radio’s antenna, which helps optimize the reception of GPS. This is why the GPS of jeeps and cars is considered more accurate than the GPS of intelligent phones.

Why Does the GPS on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Stop Functioning?

The riders often face the issue with the GPS of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep GPS screen may show a position apart from the actual position. The GPS location tracker may move when you are driving.

Here we will discuss three common problems that hinder the functioning of the GPS on the Jeep Grand Cherokee:

1. GPS is Unable to Pick the Signals:

Users often complain that their vehicle’s GPS cannot capture the signals on the Jeep. The antenna is responsible for taking care of and improving the detection of the GPS in vehicles.

If the Jeep GPS antenna stops working, the entire navigation function will be inoperable on your jeep. It might happen due to an older antenna, poor installation, damage in the antenna cable, or others.

2. GPS Giving the Wrong Navigation Information:

Users also complain that sometimes the GPS of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is showing inaccurate navigation information to them.

In the navigation tab, if you click 'Where Am I', you may notice that the GPS gives the wrong elevation in Latitude/Longitude information. It may happen if the satellite is disconnected from your GPS. (You will observe 0 satellites in this scenario)
GPS Not Working on Jeep Grand Cherokee: How to Fix?

This issue of bad navigation arises due to the mapping problem. The road network is evolved in the navigation system, and sometimes, cartography is not up-to-date.

3. GPS Screen is Frozen:

Users also complained about the issue of the frozen screen of the GPS that stopped working. The issue of the non-responsive screen is due to the electrical problem, or with the operating system of the GPS.

As a rule of thumb, you'll need to check the UConnect first. I will discuss later how to fix this issue of UConnect.

How to Fix the GPS On the Jeep Grand Cherokee:

There are various ways of repairing the buggy GPS of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Here we will discuss the methods of fixing the complications related to GPS:

1. Fixing GPS Signal Reception:

If there are complications with the reception of GPS, they can be fixed easily. The issue of the reception equipment arises with the antenna of the roof.

It is recommended to keep away the antenna from any sort of shock, twist or damage. In case of sudden damage, you can replace it with a new antenna. Check the video below for replacing the antenna.

2. Fixing Wrong GPS Navigation Information:

The mapping issue associated with the GPS provides the wrong information.

You may check whether the Uconnect system needs to be updated.

To check, you need to go to here. Provide your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and check if any update is available.

GPS Not Working on Jeep Grand Cherokee: How to Fix?

The latest software files are available on UConnect website. I recommend checking if this update is available for your vehicle. If so, You can now download the software onto a USB and install it on your Jeep.

3. Fixing the Issue of GPS Screen Freezing:

Sometimes the GPS stops responding due to the screen freezing. This issue is due to the electrical troubles associated with the GPS.

Hold down the volume and tuner button simultaneously for 10 seconds. It'll do a soft reset. Check if it works.
If the software fix or reset doesn't work, you must replace the head unit. It will cost in the range of $350-$600 (used).

4. Issue (6th April, 2019) of Buggy GPS Software:

The bug is a well-known issue and almost all the Jeep dealers are aware of it. It is a software problem associated with the management of the date of the software of GPS.

In the older generations of GPS, it arrived on the 6th April, 2019 and GPS stopped functioning after that. One can go to the settings of the GPS and can replace the date of GPS manually to fix this issue.

Reasons Why GPS Malfunctions in Jeep



Displacement of GPS Antenna

Put the GPS antenna at the correct location


GPS is Unable to Pick the Signals

Place the GPS antenna in a protected place


GPS Detects Wromg Location

Update the UConnect System

$149.99 (Yearly to update maps)

Blocking Feature in Settings Issue

Allow navigation options that are blocked


GPS Screen Freezing

SW Reset or replacement of head unit

$350-$600 (In case of replacement)

Issue with Cables and Power

Verify whether GPS antenna cable is correctly installed and Uconnect System

$35 to $175

How Do I Calibrate/Update The GPS On My Jeep?

To calibrate your Jeep GPS, follow as instructed below:

  1. Turn ON the IG (ignition) switch.
  2. Press the ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’ button until you see the Setup (Customer-Programmable Features) menu, then press the ‘SELECT’ button.
  3. Keep pressing the ‘DOWN’ button until the EVIC displays the “Calibrate Compass” option.
  4. Press and release the ‘SELECT’’ button to start the calibration. You can see the “CAL” indicator in the EVIC.
  5. Complete one or more 360–degree turns (in an area where there are no metallic objects or large metal) until the “CAL” indicator is turned off. The compass should function normally now.

How to Remove the GPS Disabler from the Vehicle?

If there is a GPS disabler associated with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can remove it through the following steps:

Step 1: Locating the Device in Vehicle:

The GPS disabler device is located somewhere inside the vehicle, which needs detection. A person can locate the device through the following key factors:

  • A clear shot to the sky is required for the device to receive the GPS signal.
  •  A clear shot is needed to broadcast the status signal through GSM.
  •  The device works through the starter signal after interruption.

It is recommended to look for the device under the dash of the vehicle. Find the new wirings, electrical tapes, and thicker wires and wires that go to the vehicle’s roof.

The GPS disabler device is made of plastic and attached to the two wires that run into the ignition wires. Removing the electrical tape and zip ties with great care is recommended to avoid the breakage of the thin wires linked to the vehicle.
GPS Not Working on Jeep Grand Cherokee: How to Fix?

Step 2: Locating the Components:

Sometimes the device is using five wires. These wires are linked as follows:

  • One of the wires is attached to the antenna of GPS, which requires a clear shot to the sky for attachment at the top of the vehicle. You can remove the top plastic trim from it.
  •  One wire is connected to the red wire near the ignition. It provides power to the device, although there is a battery in the device too.
  •  One of the wires is connected to the vehicle’s ground.
  •  Two relay wires are wired back to the black wire near the ignition. In the activated state, the relay wires break contact with the black wire on the key switch of ignition, and the vehicle cannot start.
GPS Not Working on Jeep Grand Cherokee: How to Fix?

Step 3: Removing the Components:

There is a negative cable with the car battery. It is advisable to remove this cable as it broadcasts that the Jeep owns no battery power.

A tiny rechargeable battery is associated with the device that can last approximately three days. One of the easy ways to remove the components is by disconnecting the antennas from the receiver.

Step 4: Fixing the Ignition:

Once the device is removed, reconnect the ignition wires. The black wires should be connected with each other.

It is advisable to reconnect the battery terminal when everything is in the open state of the vehicle.

GPS Not Working on Jeep Grand Cherokee: How to Fix?

Step 5: Assembling the Vehicle:

Now you can put all the trim pieces together.

How to Reset the Navigation System on the Jeep Grand Cherokee:

It is better to reset the navigation system on the Jeep Grand Cherokee after detecting an issue.

  • Step 1: You need to hold the center and volume keys for about 25 seconds. It will provide a soft reboot to the touchscreen of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  • Step 2: The screen flashes after the elapsing of this period of 25 seconds, and the device starts to operate normally.
  • Step 3: In order to reset the GPS system, at the sane same time, you need to press and hold the turner knob buttons of the device for 10-20 seconds.

The name of the brand of the vehicle appears on the screen and then goes dark during this holding up of knobs. However, you can follow the steps below if the Jeep GPS is still unable to locate the accurate location.

  • Select the option of ‘Favorites’ from the drop-down menu
  • Select your live location
  •  You can select the menu icon if you want to return to the default position.
  •  Press the ‘Delete’ button and tap the ‘Yes’ option from the pop-up menu

Updating the GPS in the Jeep Grand Cherokee:

You can follow these steps to update the GPS of the Jeep Grand Cherokee:

  • Locate the recent version of the software of your GPS. You can use the drop-down menu and discover the map update according to the model and year of the vehicle.
  •  There is detailed information related to the features of new products and their statistics on the product’s website.
  •  You can go to the checkout page and pay for the map update orders using the secure online payment systems.
  •  Allow the automatic updates system, which is possible to get through some GPS units.
  •  You can invest in the current map discs published for the navigation system.
  •  Input the map discs in the GPS of the device.
  •  You can use the Open Street Map project to keep your GPS up-to-date for the free version. You can download and transfer the maps through it. There is a variety of navigation systems that use downloaded maps.

Cost Required for Updating the U-Connect Navigation:

There is only a one-time payment for the activation of navigation. Otherwise, it is free of cost. The charges for updating the maps are $149 per year or $14.99 per month.

Final Thought:

A navigation system is vital for drivers of off-road vehicles like Jeeps. They take driver comfort to another level and make the journey more relaxing.

Thank you for reading this article on your Jeep Cherokee GPS problems. I hope that I have been able to help you resolve the issues you’ve been having with your navigation system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can a person reset the unconnected GPS in the vehicle?

A person can reset the unconnected GPS in the car through the following steps: Pressing the coup up and down buttons for at least five seconds.

Scroll down, and a pop-up will appear. Next, select the choice that prompts you to reset the factory defaults. After selecting this option, wait for at least 30 seconds till the system reboots.

How can a person update the GPS in the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It is easy to update the GPS in the Jeep Grand Cherokee through the following steps:

  1. Insert the USB into the navigation device and save the navigation data.
  2. Follow the steps of scrolling to the navigation icon, settings, map update, and then to the option of downloading system information to USB.
  3. A screen will appear with the system information download complete option.

How can a person easily reset the Jeep grand Cherokee?

Turn the ignition of the vehicle to the ON position. Locate the button on the car labeled as the STEP, and press it. A menu screen will appear indicating the miles covered and left until the service. Press and hold the reset button on the vehicle.

How can a person update the unconnected GPS?

First, it is recommended to find the update entered according to the model of the vehicle and year to find the map update.

Check out the new product page that offers details on the new road data, features of products, and much more. Then, proceed towards the option of Checkout, complete the map update order, and can use the secure payment process.

What can a person do if the Uconnect does not work on the vehicle?

If the Uconnect does not work on the car, a person can go for the following steps:

  1. Restart the device and delete the pairing history of the U-connect from the settings of the phone.
  2. Set the phone to the discoverable option and check the software update.
  3. Reset the U-connect and check out if the U-connect is connected to the other devices.

Can a person connect the U-connect itself with the vehicle?

It is easy to connect the U-connect to the vehicle by requesting the USB drive, which is pre-loaded with the software. Then, someone can install it themselves or take the device to a trusted dealership.